Gambling act

Many beginner players are wondering if gambling in Australia is legal. This issue is very important because players can be severely punished for illegal activities. Fortunately, the answer to this question is quite bright, and everything is accurately described by the Act on gambling. If you don't know yet, we can tell you that this is a special legal document that describes how the gambling and bookmaking market should look in Australia. It is written in everything that is legal and illegal.

Online gambling in Australia and everything that is related to it is closely related to this act. It must be completely subordinated to it, otherwise a person who does not apply to the law can be punished. The situations described in the Act relate not only to casinos and stationary bookmakers, but also online. Even if you only use the online gambling version, everything has to be completely legally.

Every Australian legal casino online It must meet certain requirements that are determined by the government. All deviations from it can be quite strictly punished. It is worth getting acquainted with the gambling act and see what she is talking about, because even unknowingly you can be punished. In the article below we will look carefully at this matter and try to bring Australian players to everything they should know about it.

Gambling Act - what's going on?

Some lovers gambling games They can be overwhelmed by the constant variability of this document and wonder: the new gambling act, what this document is about. We are here to explain it all. It is worth knowing that the first gambling act was founded in 1992. However, it is known that since then quite a lot has changed, so this document was amended every few years. In 2016, the government came to the conclusion that a completely new Act on gambling was needed. It was signed exactly on December 15, it began to apply with April 1, 2017. It is worth knowing that this moment for gambling in Australia was very important, because the act specifies that the state has an exclusive monopoly on gambling.

Since then, she was not very seriously changed, sometimes small amendments have been applied, so it can be said that for today we are dealing with the document on the Gambling Games amendment. In this document, you can find out, among other things, that everyone who wants to conduct gambling in Australia must buy the appropriate permit, and must pay taxes in Australia. It came to the fact that many internet casinos and bookmakers gave up offering Australian players from their offer due to complications.

The 2020 gambling act looks exactly the same as the one from three years ago. The government is very restrictive when it comes to legal gambling. All casino pages are checked, and if they do not meet the appropriate requirements, they are transferred to the register. The government also does not accept illegal gaming machines stationary, they are quickly liquidated. As a result, players are more safe because they are not exposed to attacks from pages that are not known in terms of safety, but at the same time the government does not give too much choice in terms of the possibility of deciding where the player wants to leave his money.

Regulatory authorities that supervise gambling

There are three main organs that we would like to say a little more so that everyone can distinguish them and know what they do exactly.

  • The Ministry of Finance is the most important body for people who want to operate in Australia on gambling. It is this ministry that all applications for the creation of business should be submitted. However, it is worth remembering that only companies can do this. The Ministry of Finance has up to 6 months to decide whether, for example, a gambling point can be created in a given place.
  • Directors of the Tax Administration Chambers are employees of the tax authority whose task is to impose appropriate taxes to entities that must pay them.
  • Directors of customs and tax offices are employees who deal with tax control and checking the compliance of the goods in Australia.

The gambling act in Australia defines who can regulate the right and who considers it. There are several regulatory bodies whose task is to supervise everything related to gambling in Australia. They decide whether a given company can operate, check its credibility and do everything that the Gambling Act 2020 mentions.


You already know that not every event and not every company can be allowed to appear on the market. The Act on gambling, consolidated text says unanimously that the online casino and bookmaker cannot offer Australian players to its services if it is in the prohibited domain register. This is a special list of all domains that you cannot enter and use them under any circumstances. In fact, it is difficult to use them because they are blocked by operators.

Fortunately, players are not punished for this if they use the forbidden page, because their duty is not to check every day how the page has been added to the list. Gambling Act, the consolidated text says that this is the operator's responsibility to block this page. Only when the player tries to enter the blocked page, using various tricks, the fault lies on his side.

For your own safety, however, it is better to check if the page is really in the register. The gambling act also says that foreign companies that operate online and want to remain on the Australian market must necessarily buy a license. If they don't, their page will land in the register. The list of forbidden domains also includes all casinos that owners do not pay appropriate taxes to the Treasury.

Gambling Act and the age of players

We go to a very important part of the legality of gambling, which does not depend on the registry of forbidden domains and licenses. This is the player's age. Under no circumstances, internet gambling in Australia, as well as terrestrial, is not allowed for people who are under 18 years of age.

See what you can find on this subject in the Act: "A person who has not yet completed 18 years of age, there is not even the right to enter the point of receiving factories, just like going to a website offering online betting. As for ground points, in case of doubt as to the age of the player, the employee of the premises has the right to request an identity card to verify this issue. "

This means that no person who can confirm that he is more than 18 years old can use the gambling offer. Each legal online casino should carefully check whether the person who uses it is actually of adult. Gambling in Australia is legal only for adults and we follow it. That is why on our website we recommend only those casinos that follow these rules and do not allow minors to register on their pages. It is worth remembering that even at a stationary casino, the person who won will have to show identity.

Regulations of the responsible game

You can ask yourself, what about the gambling act when it comes to the responsible game? In fact, it does not talk too much about this paragraph, but there are some standards that you must pay attention to. Responsible game is a very important aspect, so it's worth spending a little more time on it. Each online casino legal on its website will have a separate tab in which it will explain what the responsible game is about. These data are very important because some people are not aware that gambling can be dangerous.

Casinos often immediately give additional links that lead to specialized pages that help in addiction. In addition, there should be a short questionnaire on each page of this type, which contains a few questions to determine if a person needs help. The best casinos will have the option to quickly delete your account or set special limits for the money spent and the time spent on the website. Legal gambling in Australia sets several requirements to the owners of the page. It is also placing the appropriate information on the website. Below you will find what should be in the casino:

  • Types of communication with a casino, i.e. e-mail, communication form, live support.
  • Information in which it was explained under what license the casino works and who regulates its actions.
  • Reminder that minors cannot use the site and a mention of the responsible game.
  • Casino regulations (Terms and Conditions), which is always available to players.

There are as many requirements imposed on e-gazard in Australia so that players can safely use online casinos and do not have to worry about losing their money. It is thanks to the licenses and other documents issued by independent institutions that you can be sure that the page is honest.

Act and online casino, gaming machines and casino games

The gambling act clearly states that the state currently has a monopoly on all gambling on the Internet. This means that no brand that works with you can operate in Australia. The gambling act sets them as unlawful, recently more and more places with slots are liquidated. According to the government, the only Australian casino legal is Total Casino. This is a website that has been established by Totalizator Sportowy, and this, as we know, is connected to the government. This means that only this institution has the right to regulate the situation of gambling in Australia.

We could finish this paragraph, but it turns out that not everything is so simple. The government could decide on a monopoly on gambling in Australia, but the ban on any foreign entities in Australia and prohibiting Australian players to use online casinos from abroad is really incompatible with European Union law. This says that every person in the European Union has the right to choose from the offer of what enterprise wants to use. Nobody has the right to force a potential customer to choose the product only one enterprises.

This means that the state monopoly on a given product, in this case to online casinos, is not legal and no one has the right to punish people who decide to use a foreign offer. European Union law stands over Australian law, so you can easily use all parties that operate in the European Union. This means that registration, for example, in Vulkan Vegas, will not make you punish.

So you can use all bonuses and games on a given page. If the casino got a license from Malta Gaming Authority or from Curacao, you can immediately register in it. The only thing you have to worry about is taxes. The online casino does not take the obligation to inform you or pay taxes from winnings, but you as a player have such an obligation. On our website you will find only online casinos that are legal, so you don't have to check them yourself.

Gambling Act - summary

Legal online gambling in Australia is a very wide topic, it is difficult to put all information in one article. However, we tried to put all the most important information so that you are aware of what is legal and what is not.

Below we include a summary of all information in points, and they contain everything we have already talked about. Follow them again and return to a given paragraph if you don't understand something.

  1. To start playing at the online casino, the player must be at least 18 years old. Underage people cannot register for online casinos and use their offer. Good pages should do everything in their power to prevent a situation where a minor will use gambling.
  2. Each legal online casino in Australia must have a valid license from one of the respected institutions (for example, from Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao). For his safety, the player should carefully check this document.
  3. According to the last amendment to the gambling act, all people who commit the use of an illegal online casino (especially the one in the prohibited domain register) will be punished with an appropriate fine. It is worth checking if the casino is on the list.
  4. The Australian state, cooperating with Totalizator Sportowy, has an exclusive monopoly on the gambling market. This means that officially Australian players can only use one casino, which is Total Casino. The European Union has a different opinion on this subject, which gives Poles and other people in the European Union the freedom to choose the product. So it turns out that Poles can use foreign licensed online casinos.
  5. It is the duty of a player who fills himself to himself is to keep a responsible game. It is worth determining the right time of playing yourself and disposing of funds in such a way that it would not be a problem for a given person later.

Remember that some information could be generalized by us before you take some steps, it is worth learning more on your own. The gambling act contains all information on the legality of gambling, so we advise you to trace the whole document.