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In a multi-destruction American Blackjack Online for Darmo The American Blackjack online game is even used with six decks and six hands. The player plays only against the virtual dealer. There is one goal, as in every blackjack. You need to achieve a combination of cards equal to or at least slightly less than 21 points. It is best to reach 21 points from the first two cards, because then the biggest prize is won.

The creator of this game is BetSoft known, among others, from the great matching of his software to mobile devices. Also American Blackjack online game is available to Games on phones and computers. Meanwhile, our website can be played completely free and without registration. It will also go without downloading files, because the game goes on in the web browser.

American blackjack technical specifications

The game was created in 2018 and then updated in 2019. The minimum one -hand rate is 1 token and the maximum 100 tokens. In total (using all hands) in one round you can play even for 600 tokens. Nevertheless, the availability of a token worth 500 is incomprehensible, because it is higher than the maximum limit. Below we show a table of payments for American Blackjack without a deposit and Money games.

BlackJack 3:2
Defeat 1:1
Insurance 2:1

Unfortunately, BetSoft does not give the official RTP in the American Blackjack internet. It is speculated that it is over 96%.

American Blackjack How to play?

Playing at American Blackjack internet casino, you can use the same approach as during the game at the stationary casino. At the start, clicks on the chosen value in the lower menu. Then clicks on at least one of the three hands available on the platform board. Later, the Deal button is closed to make the cards distribute. After handing out, the player may select more cards (HIT button) or not (Stand button). Finally, the dealer and player systems and the settlement of the plants are compared.

The point values of the cards in American Blackjack Demo are classic. Cards from 2 to 10 are equal to their nominal value. J, Q, K are equivalent to 10 points. In turn, and you can take double and choose between 1 and 11 points, depending on what is more favorable. The general rule says that the next cards are not worth choosing after reaching 16 or 17 points. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the value of one discovered dealer card.

The player always makes any decision about whether to choose another card. In turn, a virtual dealer always selects cards in harmony with a top -down scheme. This means that it selects cards until its arrangement will be worth at least 17 points. The final results of the game can be as follows:

  • The player wins when the total value of his cards is closer to 21 points than the dealer.
  • The player wins when he gets Blackjack.
  • Exceeding the level of 21 points means that the player is losing.
  • If the player and crunchy reach the same number of points, this place has a draw, and the bets are returned. (so -called push).

Depending on the cards, three additional options may prove to be available.

Split (division) Enabling the separation of one hand into two. This option is available when the first two cards in the player's hands have the same value. One hand can only be divided once. In addition, a divided hand does not mean obtaining blackjack, even if you get a combination of 21 points from 2 cards.
Double Down (doubles) Which is feasible, as long as the player has a layout worth 10 or 11 points. Another card goes automatically with doubling the player's hands. In many cases, this option is definitely beneficial. However, it is not worth double the rates, e.g. when the dealer's discovered card is AS.
Insurance (insurance) Being available when the dealer's discovered card is AS. In this case, the chance of reaching Blackjack by a crunch is high. Buying insurance means that Blackjack Krupiera will lead to the prize to the player. Otherwise, insurance is lost. The cost of buying insurance is half of the initial plant.

Podczas American Blackjack online casino games Used items in the lower panel:

  • At the very beginning, click the "I" button. Through him, access to the payout table, settings and game instructions is obtained. BetSoft has traveled here a series of helpful tips for players.
  • Przyciski ze strzałkami służą do określenia tempa rozdawania kart. Gdy zaznaczony jest przycisk „> > > ”, to karty są rozdawane wręcz natychmiastowo.
  • The Clear button is selected when you want to remove all currently placed tokens.
  • Choosing Undo makes the recently used token is withdrawn from the plants.
  • The "x" tokens file next to it is used to scroll the panel with tokens.
  • Repeat allows you to play the next round of the game with the same bets as in the earlier round.
  • Looking at the Balance window, information about the current account balance is obtained.
  • The BET window shows the total value of current plants.
  • The value of the winner is displayed in the Win window.

American Blackjack gambling She is friendly to beginner players. When the player tries to make an illogical decision (for example, the selection of the card, when the current system is equal to 19 points), a window is displayed with a request to confirm (or withdraw) such a move.

American Blackjack - Play without logging in

BetSoft has created a good digital version of the casino variety of the eye. Only an unnecessary token that cannot be used can irritate. In addition, American Blackjack is free and this one for money provides a lot of emotions. The ability to use several hands and the availability of a few additional functions will diversify the game.

In terms of audiovisual performance, this is a typical betsoft game, which means nice graphics and a properly matched soundtrack. Another advantage of American Blackjack is a good tutorial and hints sent to the player.


Can you play American Blackjack for free?

Of course. This opportunity is offered on our website.

Are there bonus on American Blackjack online?

Although there are no classic bonuses here, you can use additional functions, i.e. division, doubles or insurance of the plant.

Is it possible to win real money in American Blackjack?

This is possible, provided that real money bets are erected. Money game is offered at online casinos.

Do you have to download something to play American Blackjack?

Both American Blackjack for free and for money works in a web browser on computers and telephones. You don't have to download any additional software.