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Lovers Roulette without a deposit They certainly know perfectly well and are able to describe three basic varieties of this popular table games. We mean the European, French and American versions. In our today's article, we would like to present you closer to the game produced by BGaming, which is entitled American Roulette Online and how easy it is to guess, it is just a computer incarnation of American roulette. We invite you to read our review today!

Of course, we also prepared for you American Roulette Demo, which will allow you to get a full picture of this game. After reading the review, you can play this game live on our website. Of course, you don't have to pay anything for it, there is also no need to create an account, provide personal data, verify the e-mail address, sign up to our information newsletter, or do anything else. We just let you play this roulette on any device and when you want - without obligations and without restrictions. Naturally, don't forget that American Roulette is not a multiplayer game, here you don't compete with other players, but only with kasynem online, which charges from you and pays winnings.

The most important information about American Roulette

As for typical technical issues, American Roulette online gambling game It is a 100 % "pure" American version of this popular table game, without any deviations from the recognized canon. It was produced in 2018, has a very aesthetic and refined graphic design, and also has two independent screens. On one, the player defines the bets, and the other is an effective animation of the roulette circle, during which the result of a given round falls.

The minimum amount to be placed on one rotation of the roulette wheel in the American Roulette Casino game here is 1 coin, while the maximum value of the plant depends on what you want to bet on exactly. This is due to the fact that this game limits the maximum win value for the amount of 100 coins. And this means that the limits of the plant are as follows:

  • For plants for black, red, even, odd, low or high, the maximum amount of the plant is 50 coins.
  • You can put 2.77 coins on a single number, i.e. 2 coins in practice.
  • The maximum rate for a Split plant is 5.55 coins, or 5 coins.
  • For a dozen and columns, the limit is 33.33 coins, i.e. in fact you can put a maximum of 33 coins on this plant.
  • The Corner type plant is limited to 11.11 coins.
  • There are 16.66 coins for the limit line for the plant, so you can put 16 coins here.

The player's return factor is in the case of American Roulette without a deposit identical to any other American roulette and is 94.74%. We do not have any additional functions here, but the game interface allows us to conveniently repeat the previous bets and double the rate from the previous round thanks to well -thought -out icons. It is also worth emphasizing that the American Roulette online game has been designed to be fully compatible with the popular types of mobile phones and tablets - so you can play it on your portable device without any fear of the quality of the game.

American Roulette - gameplay rules

If you are afraid that American Roulette is gambling apocus It will be too difficult for you, because you've never played any kind of roulette, you are unnecessarily worried. BGaming has made sure that this product was as transparent and understandable even to completely novice users. After starting the game on the screen, you see a table with factories. Just first click on the token denomination at the bottom of the screen, and then to the appropriate field on the table. The numbers covered by a given plant will be highlighted, which is a clear nod to beginner players.

Once you organize your tokens in the right places, just click the spin button on the right side of the screen. You will then see a nice animation of the spinning wheel, and in a moment you will learn the result of a given round as soon as the ball stops. Then you can play again by clicking on the Rebet button or change your factories via the New Bets option.

As the American Roulette game is a standard version of roulette, you can use various methods and strategies of behavior without any obstacles, such as the popular Martingale, Parola, Labouchere, d'Alembert scheme, or any other. The choice is yours, and thanks to our version of the demo you can easily test each of the strategies that interest you without investing real money. This is a great option to gain experience and test games!

As a summary

We believe that the American Roulette gambling game developed by BGaming really deserves attention. This is the most classic of the possible American roulette, in which we will not find any deviations from the standard, so we are dealing with a clean version of roulette providing a lot of emotions.

The whole also has an excellent graphic design, pleasant to the eye, nicely designed and made, which further makes the game more enjoyable. And the game is additionally fully compatible with mobile phones, so you can play it anywhere in the world, if you only have access to the Internet. Yes, in our opinion, American Roulette is undoubtedly a recommendable product.


Can I play with you at American Roulette for free?

In case you feel like playing this game in a free version, for example to get to know it better in practice, we have prepared for you American Roulette for you for free, for virtual tokens. You can play it as much as you like and test various solutions

Can you play American Roulette at all internet casinos?

As for this specific product of BGaming, we do not undertake to say that it is available at all casinos. But certainly in every casino offering table games you will find American roulette, if not from BGaming, it's a different manufacturer. After all, the rules in each game of this type are identical.

How to get high wins at American Roulette online?

American Roulette will not allow you to win large amounts. The game has an imposed top -down limit limit of 100 coins, which is why the rates for individual types of plants have been selected so that the payment is not more than 100 coins.

Can I play American Roulette on my smartphone?

Yes of course. It is a modern product of a recognized manufacturer who has been using modern technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript for many years to create their games. As a result, we are dealing with a game that is compatible with all types of mobile devices with a modern browser. This is enough to enjoy a smooth and effective game in American Roulette.