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We are convinced that American roulette is one of the more common choices among many fans of gambling. That is why today we want to present you a bit closer to an extremely successful position in the Gaming1 portfolio, which is American Roulette American roulette. This gambling It was released in January 2017 and quickly gained recognition among fans of roulettes from around the world. Today we are going to present it closer to you, so we invite you to read our review today.

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to reading, because as we always do it, we have completed our review with American Roulette Demo. This is a specially developed demo version that uses virtual tokens for financial operations. So there is no need to pay money to our account to play it.

Of course, this also means that you will not win any amount in real cash in this way. Instead, however, you can play as much as you like to know this game, how to use it and testing all strategies and methods of behavior you will find. You can also play American Roulette for freeTo check how it will work on your mobile phone or tablet.

Basic information about American Roulette

As you already know, American Roulette is playing an American roulette, which is the work of Gaming1 and we can play it since 2017. It is characterized by simple graphics and equally simple rules. From the technical side, this is simply a typical American roulette, which differs from the European variety of this game primarily with the presence of a second field in green (it is marked as 00, i.e. double zero) and the lack of some specific types of plants.

As American Roulette Gambling is playing American roulette, it also has typical features of this popular casino game. This means, for example, profitability for the player (also known as RTP, which is an abbreviation of the English term Return to Player) lower than for European roulette and amounting to 94.27%. In addition, we also have a wide range of possible game rates, because there are tokens with nominal from 0.1 coins to 10 coins. And the maximum amount of all bets per round is 80 coins in this game.

In addition, in American Roulette Online we will not find any additions, as it is a fully classic roulette that holds the pattern known for decades and provides the same emotions as the gambling table game known for centuries.

American Roulette - what does the game look like?

American Roulette online is extremely easy to use, which means that even a completely novice player can handle it. After starting this title, we will first see the question of whether we want to play with or without sound. The latter option is useful when we intend to play roulette in a place where the sounds would be inadvisable - for example at work or on a train, where we could disturb others.

The game screen is simply a nice -looking green background with a clear game table in the form of a standard table. At the bottom of the screen we have a typical Gaming1 games control panel covering some of the most important control and control elements. Here we have an example information about the current balance, the plant for the next round of the game and the last win. The UNDO button is used to withdraw the last tokens on the table, while Cancel removes all tokens from the table, allowing us to create plants again.

And when it comes to plants, their creation is really very simple. All you have to do is choose the token denomination you are interested in using the icons in the central part of the control panel, and then click on the table on the appropriate plant. American Roulette will tell you a list of numbers covered by a given plant, just illuminating the appropriate fields on the table. This is a very useful option for beginner players.

However, if you belong to the group of advanced fans of roulette and look for slightly less frequently used plants, then pay attention to the large gray button described as Views. If you click it, you will switch to the second screen of this game, in which you have at your disposal the so -called Race Track - i.e. a list of numbers arranged in the form of an ellipse -like track for horse racing. You can create factories here using simply a different table. Remember, however, that you are dealing with American roulette, so you will not find here options such as La Partage, En Prison and many others.

Of course, you can use various roulette strategies here, because nothing prevents you from playing based on one of many schemes. This is another advantage of this wonderful game.


If you like roulette and you are especially a fan of the American version, we are sure that you will like American Roulette from Gaming1. This is a very easy to use, aesthetic and refined product that works great on mobile phones, providing players with a lot of fun.


Where can you play American Roulette for free?

If you feel like playing American Roulette without a deposit, then be interested in the offer of our website. We have released this game in a demonstration version on it, for virtual coins that will allow you to play as long as you want and gain such a needed experience before starting playing for real money.

Is American Roulette online available at all online casinos?

Not. This is a product of a less known manufacturer, so you can encounter online casinos that will not have this game in their offer. But on our website you will find a list of gambling sites enabling you to play this great title Gaming1!

Can you win a lot of money by playing at American Roulette online?

Not too much - roulettes have the fact that the table of winnings is set in them top -down and you simply cannot exceed a certain level of payments. The maximum rate accepted by American Roulette Casino is exactly 80 coins, and the highest win for accurately selecting a single number is 31 to 1 - i.e. 2,800 coins. This is not a very impressive sum, but these are simply the principles of roulette.

Can I play American Roulette on a smartphone?

Yes of course. Gaming1 has been creating gambling from the very beginning of its activity based on the latest technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. And this means that they work under the control of a web browser on every device that has such a modern web browser. Of course, American Roulette also American American also has this property.