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Where will the ball go in motion through a virtual dealer? This is a question that you need to answer after the American roulette is launched. It is not easy, because the place of falling out the ball depends on the blind luck, but it is for this unpredictability that players love hazard.

Netent is responsible for creating a reviewed game, i.e. one of the leaders in innovation in the gambling industry. However, in the case of a mechanism of American entertainment, even Netent is unable to come up with anything spectacular. After all, the rules of this game have been unchanged for several hundred years. However, you can still see the hand of this developer, among others due to the good audio-visual setting and personalization options.

American Roulette without a deposit Waiting on our portal. Zero payments and registration. No registration. You just have to remove the phone from your pocket or use a computer or laptop. We guarantee any long access to free gameplay, which entertains and teaches. Later, if you feel like it, you go to the online casino. Here is the opportunity to win real prizes by American roulette casino for real money.

Technical specificity - American roulette from Netent

The range of the plants is really large here. American roulette online casino game It allows you to erect a total bet in one round of the game in the amount of 0.1 to even 5000 euros. This makes it adapt to both careful players and gamblers. It should be noted that, as in roulette, limits for individual types of plants are also binding. External plants can amount to 10 times higher sums than internal plants.

A typical feature of the "satanic game" in the American variety is the low value of the RTP indicator, resulting from the occurrence of two zero fields. This is also the case with this production by Netent. American demo roulette offers statistical chances of winning at a level of 95%. This value would be defined as low even in the case of a slot game. Instead, they enjoy the possibilities of personalizing the game. For example, the player has a choice of 6 backgrounds. Such details do not affect the likelihood of winnings, but significantly affect the experience of the game.

American roulette - how to play and maximize your chances?

The game service consists in:

  • Erecting selected plants. Choose tokens with selected denominations are chosen, and then several for one of the fields of internal or alternative plants. The alternative is to use the second board of the Racerack plant.
  • After placing the plants, you "ask" a virtual dealer for releasing a ball on a three -dimensional roulette wheel.
  • For a few seconds, the ball for roulette balls, until it falls on one of the fields. Then the plants are settled. The win takes place as long as the player bet on the drawn number.

The values of the winnings are in line with the table below.

Bet Win multiplier Erecting a plant Example of numbers bet
Straight - one number 35:1 Clicking on the center of one of the numerical fields. 27
Split - two numbers 17:1 Clicking on a line separating two adjacent numbers. 7 + 8
Three Line - three numbers 11:1 Clicking the bottom edge of the highest number in a specific row. 34+ 35+ 36
Corner - four numbers 8:1 Clicking the corner between the lines of four fields. 14+ 15+ 16+ 17
Top Line - five numbers 6:1 Choose a horn separating the zero field from number 1. 0 + 00 + 1 + 2 +3
Six Line - six numbers 5:1 Selecting any point separating two different street plants. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +5 + 6
Column - columns 2:1 Click one of the three 2: 1 fields Numbers seated in a horizontal line from 2 to 35
DOZEN - Rows Selecting one of three items defined as 1st, 2st or 3st. Government from 25 to 36
1-18 or 19 -36— low or high numbers 1:1 Clicking one of the extreme fields of the plants board A plant for falling out a ball of 19 or larger
Red or black Pressing a red or black rectangle Black numbers plant
Even/ Odd - even or odd Selecting Even or Odd (without taking into account zero fields) Plant for any even number

Among the fields for managing the gameplay in American roulette for free, attention must be paid to:

  • "I" button (payment table) and "?" (manufacturer's instructions).
  • "Cash" field (account balance), BET (total value of the plant) and wines (winning amount).
  • Palette of tokens set in the middle of the lower menu.
  • A green button for releasing the ball on the wheel.
  • The X2 button duplicating tokens.
  • The button with the arrow withdrawing the last token.
  • The "X" button withdrawing all tokens.
  • A button with posts leading to statistics drawn numbers.
  • Oval button that allows you to use the alternative board board.

If you want to increase the likelihood for a successful game, then the following issues should be taken into account:

  • Paying attention to numbers statistics has no larger numbers. Each draw to American roulette online game is completely independent of previous draws.
  • During the game, you can use strategies used to play in a stationary casino. For example, you can use the Martingale system.
  • With relatively low RTP, it is better to choose relatively low factories.

In addition, it is recommended to check the demo mode. This is the best way to train without risk, before starting the game with money.

Final conclusions

American online roulette from Netent is what you can expect. As the work of one of the best creators of casino games software, this production is distinguished by an excellent graphic design (especially the 3D roulette looks impressive), a great soundtrack and intuitive navigation.

On the other hand, as in every American roulette, there is nothing to count on too impressive RTP. Well, this game is intended mainly for players who do not feel fear of risk. However, we recommend checking it in advance in a free virtual mode. Such a possibility is available on our internet portal.


Where can I play American roulette for free?

American internet roulette in a completely free version is available on our website.

Is American roulette online roller -played in all casinos?

It is a game in many, but not in all casinos.

How to win real money by playing American roulette?

You should go to the online casino, put money and be lucky while playing.

Can I play American roulette on my phone?

American gambling roulette from Netent is adapted to mobile devices as well as to computers.