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Roulette is still one of the most popular casino games And this applies not only to stationary casinos, but also online casinos, which almost completely dominated the modern market of gambling. Most players of roulette in the realities of the online casino are certainly associated primarily with live game. However, there are also great Roulette vending machines, where the user plays his party, having the software created by the manufacturer as a rival.

One of these games is the European Roulette VIP online from the Gaming1 studio. At the European Roulette VIP, the game takes place only with the participation of the player himself. This carries a number of profits, such as the possibility of freely thinking about every move. Roulette vending machines are also more and more technologically advanced, which is also presented by the European Roulette VIP online gambling game. The machine created by Gaming1 perfectly reflects the realities of the game in roulette, which is possible, among others, thanks to the highly refined audiovisual setting.

The European Roulette VIP can also be a position treated by the player as a method of practical learning to play roulette or training of various gameplay strategies. In playing for money This approach is obviously not advisable, but on our website readers can also use the European Roulette VIP version for free, and therefore a free version of the demonstration roulette machine from the Gaming1 studio. At the European Roulette VIP without a deposit, you can play both on desktops and also from the level of browsers of mobile devices. Downloading software to a hard drive or registration are not required to use gambling test.

Technical specification of the European Roulette VIP machine

The European Roulette VIP roulette is a slot machine with a classic, continental version of roulette. The game was produced by the already mentioned Gaming1 studio. The game was released on January 1, 2017, which makes the European Roulette VIP one of the older slot machines that are currently available on the market.

The bottom ceiling of the plant for one screw of the roulette wheel is in the European Roulette VIP 1 USD. A maximum player can put $ 800. This is the maximum amount of the total plant, but it should also be mentioned that the same ceiling applies to the European Roulette VIP factories for columns, dozen, Even/Odd, low/high as well as even and odd. In the case of other plants, the upper rate is at the level of 100 to 600 USD, depending on the plant (the more it covers the fields, the higher the maximum rate is available). In addition to the standard European Roulette VIP plants, the Internet allows the player to bet on the following special factories:

  • Black Split and Red Split,
  • Tiers,
  • Orphans,
  • Series 0/2/3.

In the European Roulette VIP game you cannot use the autoplay mode. There are two different views of the roulette table. The player also has advanced information on the course of his game, such as warm and cold numbers. The European Roulette VIP roulette ratio is 97.30%.

European Roulette VIP - gameplay rules and navigation after the machine

The European Roulette VIP Roulette is a game that realizes roulette rules in the European variant. The machine interface created by the Gaming1 studio is highly readable and easy to use. At the very beginning, the player should become familiar with the gameplay rules and technical parameters of the machine. For this to be possible, choose an oval icon with a low letter "I" on the screen.

In the main panel (bottom right corner) the player will also notice the option icon. You can use it to adjust the sound settings during the game. After reading the rules and possible adjustment of the gameplay settings, the time for betting on the plant comes. You can choose one of the two views (Views button). Then choose tokens from the belt located in the central area of the screen and place them in the appropriate fields, for example 1st 12, Even and so on. In order to turn the Roulette wheel, the European Roulette VIP Gambling is still required by us to choose the golden Play button, which will appear on the screen after placing at least one token on the board.

The game menu always presents information on the player's rates and resources. The Credits inscription on the left side of the screen is the player's cash balance. The BET inscription is visible below, where we see the amount of our plant to turn off. Next to the WIN inscription, the height of the last win obtained in the winning game will be displayed.

The European Roulette VIP Casino roulette allows the player to implement and implement all strategies from the stationary roulette. You can use ready -made strategies in this machine, but also work on your own approach, which is facilitated by the availability of the free demonstration version. Cold and hot numbers presented by the game are also a great convenience: this allows the player to estimate the probable profitability of his future factories.


The European Roulette VIP demo undoubtedly belongs to the best slot machines with which you can use in online casinos. The title released by Gaming1 is already years old, but it can still be considered a role model for subsequent roulette vending machines, which are increasingly appearing on the market and are gaining more and more popularity among players. The main advantage that the European Roulette VIP presents is the combination of realism of the game with favorable payments and a wide range of tactical options. The advantage is undoubtedly the ability to play in the European Roulette VIP on virtual tokens as part of the free demo version.


Is the European Roulette VIP roulette available for free?

Yes. The free demonstration version of the European Roulette VIP roulette is available to players on our website.

Is the European Roulette VIP online game available in every online casino?

Not. This roulette machine can only be found in the best casinos. The demo version of the player will find with us.

Does the European Roulette VIP online game allow you to win real money?

Absolutely. However, you will need to register at an online casino to play for money.