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European roulette online from the ISOFTBET manufacturer. The game in the European Roulette is about betting on the number, color or group of numbers - whether we win depends on whether the spinning wheel will throw the numbers we put.

The currently played version of this table game was invented by Blaise Pascal, who has converted the game known since antiquity. Pascal has created new roulette principles that was known with his fascination with statistical probability. To this day, players around the world are likely to assess their chances of winning.

However, the Pascal version was not 0. They were added after years of Louis and Franca Blanc brothers, thus increasing the likelihood of winning the casino. After years, when the roulette went to the USA, its American version was created, where there are two instead of one.

On our website you can try your hand at European Roulette completely free, without paying deposits and risk!

European roulette - game details

The European Roulette has a very friendly graphics, reflecting the view of the table and the spinning wheel in the casino. Also wins and losers imitate the ground casino, arranging piles of tokens in front of the player.

To start the game, select the height of the bets. The tokens with which we can choose are on the left side of the screen on the edge of the table. We can choose between: 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5 and 10.

What to do to put up a bet? The choice of token itself is not enough. Press on the appropriate places on the table (fields where the token can be highlighted). The minimum plant for one field is 0.1 and the maximum 10.

However, there are combinations. If we set, i.e. Corner, i.e. four numbers at once, we can put a 40 -height plant. When we put on the line (i.e. two numbers at once) we can put the plant 20. Putting on the entire column gives us the possibility of a plant with a height of 125. Also 125 We will focus on individual dozens.

In turn, we can put 250 on the first or second half. We can put the same amount.

Online roulette game It also has restrictions. We cannot put both colors at once, all three columns or both even and odd numbers. However, by putting on 2 out of 3 columns, we significantly increase our chances of winning than by putting only one number.

How to win in the European Roulette?

The European Roulette has the same strategy as European ground roulette. If you have never played such a game, it is worth getting acquainted with them. They not only increase the possibilities of winning, but definitely diversify the game and make it more exciting. Below 3 sample strategies:

  • Straight Up - setting on one number. Our chances are then 35: 1
  • Trio - attractive on 3 numbers. Our chances are 11: 1
  • Six Line - putting on 6 numbers in a row. It gives 5: 1

The above strategies are inside bets. They are called that because we bet inside the table. However, during the game we can also bet on the outside of whole groups of numbers and colors:

  • Column - we put on one or two of three columns of numbers. Our chances are 2: 1
  • A dozen - we can bet on one or two dozen of three. Our chances are: 2: 1
  • Color - we can focus on red or black. Our chances until 1: 1.


casino game The European Roulette is extremely exciting, thanks to the various possibilities that available strategies give us. Thanks to this, players can change their chances of winning at 35: 1 up to 1: 1.

The downside of the game is the presence of 0, which works in favor of the casino. A big , however, is the minimum height of the plants: 0.10, which allows us to play for small amounts.

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