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Baccarat Pro Series online to modern machine With the classic version of Bakrata straight from the famous Netent studio. This developer is obviously known in the e-gambling industry primarily thanks to the rich catalog of excellent slots based on one-armed bandits. However, as you can see, Netent is developing dynamically, and developers of this studio can also create very successful electronic adaptations of card games, as evidenced by the Baccarat Pro Series game.

As we are dealing with a casino automatic, some mechanics present in the Baccarat Pro Series can at first cause some problems even more experienced players who know the rules of the bakarat. Getting to know with the rules of the slot will be the most advisable, but there is an even better and much more pleasant method to learn to play. Of course, it is available on our website. Baccarat Pro Series casino games for free.

In the demonstration game, we do not put real money at stake. This is a test version, where a virtual currency is used for the game. We do not have any restrictions. You also do not need to register and login. Just turn on the Baccarat Pro Series without a deposit in the browser window and simply play as many parties as we need to fully master the principles of the machine from Netent. Free gambling game It is also naturally an excellent opportunity for tactical training, with the player immediately that in the case of the Baccarat Pro Series strategic element has been very limited.

Technical specifications Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat Pro Series online production of the Netent studio is a classic version with automatic cards. This means that in this title, neither the player nor the virtual dealer have the freedom to select the third card: the decisions are always made by software on the basis of the rules specified by the game manufacturer. In the game we can bet on bets in the amount of:

  • from 0.1 to 1000 tokens per plant;
  • from 0.1 to 3000 tokens for the whole hand.

The title offers us three standard factories.

Player win Pays 200% of the value of the established plant.
Dealer win The win is 195% of the plant's amount.
Discarded Winning in a ratio of 9 to 1.

Interestingly, the Netent machine does not use mutual exclusion of plants. This means that in one hand you can be put at the same time, e.g. on your win and winning a dealer. RTP in baccarat machine Pro Series Demo is:

  • 98.94% in the case of plants for player's win;
  • 98.76% for plants to win the dealer;
  • 85.84% for plants for a draw.

The difference in RTP for plants for player and dealer's winnings results from 5% of the "tax" that the game downloads from every player win in a situation where he bet on the victory of the dealer. In the Baccarat Pro Series there are the option:

  • automatic rebet,
  • automatic Rebet × 2 (renewing the same plant with double the rate),
  • Turbo mode.

The machine is not equipped with an automatic game function, which is a minus. The tokens, with the help of which the Baccarat Pro Series machine allows the player to bet on plants, have denominations from 0.1 to 500. In combination with the high span of the available bets for the hands, this makes Baccarat Pro Series to be an attractive title for both players who prefer the game. At rather smaller rates, as well as those who are interested in betting on higher amounts.

Baccarat Pro Series Bakarat - how to play?

Baccarat Pro Series Free presents the interface and graphics rather standard for machines with card games. An interesting variety from Netent is, however, the introduction of the section visible on the main screen, which gives the player look in the history of recent hands. Considering that we are dealing with a casino machine, where the software has a specific theoretical indicator Return for the player, this is a great tactical facilitation. Let's start from the beginning. After loading, the baccarat pro series will display a board on which the icon will be visible Question mark. It is under it that we will find:

  • detailed description of the game rules,
  • Payment table,
  • Information, among others, about the automatic mechanics of choosing the third card.

We will see our stake at the plant at the BET inscription. The inscription Cash is our balance given in cash, while wines of course present the amount of the last win.

By using the Baccarat Pro Series online games from the Netent studio, we will also notice a small option icon. You can turn on it earlier Turbo mode, set the sounds in the game and determine if we want to see the history of recent hands in the main menu. Beginners are recommended to giving up fast handling options and including history.

On the right side of the screen we see tokens with various denominations. Clicking the token, and then placing it with one of the three fields - Player, Banker Lub Tie - is the betting of one of the three available plants (Player win, banner win or draw). The green Deal button visible in the central region means handing out cards. After each hand, we will also see the Rebet and Rebet × 2 buttons.

Baccarat Pro Series - Play without logging in

Baccarat Pro Series Casino is undoubtedly a successful adaptation of Bakarat online. From the perspective of experienced players, a downside may be the mechanism of automatic selection of the third card, making the range of tactical possibilities much narrower. However, the same mechanics will favor beginner players, which means that it cannot be included in the downside of the game Baccarat Pro Series.

The advantages of a card title from Netent are undoubtedly also high RTP and the possibility of erecting very diverse bets. In combination with the simplified mechanics of the game, this is done by the Baccarat Pro Series really convenient for those players who want to play casino baccarata at the least possible risk. The downside is the lack of an automatic game option, which, despite some difficulties, is usually available in card vending machines. Baccarat Pro Series graphics are correct - just like the sound layer. Netent clearly focused on minimalism, creating this title, which harmonizes well with the gameplay mechanics. Final rating of the Baccarat Pro Series: 8/10.