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Microgaming did not often convert well-known film hits for online slot machines, the greater the satisfaction of fans (in this case of science-fiction enthusiasts), when such a title appeared. The Battelstar Galactica slot uses the original graphics from the popular television series from a few years ago. Lovers of this epic series will find in Battelstar Galactica online the characters of Admiral Adama, Dr. Baltar or President of the Roslin.

Basic Slota parameters

This futuristic, five -dentine slot offers players 243 winning lines. Coins are available in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 0.05. The rates of the plants range in the range of $ 0.30 - $ 15, which should satisfy both Dusigoses and Risks. Low -paid symbols are higher cards icons, the priced shows the characters of the series, many of them are effectively animated.

Vending machines would not be what they are without symbols of Wild and Scatter. Battlestar Galactica is no exception in this regard. Scatter is presented using a spacecraft icon. 3, 4 or 5 such symbols appearing anywhere on the drums mean a bonus in the form of 15 free spins, during which the winnings are long. The logo of the series is also a symbol of Wild. This icon appearing on the drum number 1 during the game in normal mode functions as the so -called Stacked Wild, i.e. replaces all symbols on the drum.

Functions, bonuses and other flavors

We gain experience points with every spin, thanks to which our position is growing among the crew. Each promotion causes unlocked new animations accompanying the winning spinners. Unlike other free Battlestar Galactica games are actually three slots in one. During the game, Normal, Run and Flight are randomly activated. Each of them offers different attractions.

  • In Run mode, for example, the appearance of the meter symbol on the middle drum causes the card icons to the symbol of mystery, which results in additional winnings.
  • In the Flight procedure, another surprise awaits us: at any time to five symbols can change into Wild icons, and if this happens during the free spin, Wild changes into Split Wild, double the win.
  • Normal offers random functionality called Ion Storm, during which the drums are filled with Wild symbols.

Microgaming, you get out of the course ...

We have a description of the basic attributes behind us free gambling games Drifting in space, will probably become a must -have position for fans of the genre, and it seems only for them. Although the game attracts refined graphics and spectacular animations, but without knowing the context, he offers the user only a fraction of the fun, which the initiated SF lovers have.

You can probably risk saying that without this game gambling vending machines would lose little. Bandit single -armed games, including Battlestar Galactica for free, are available on our website. Play without registration and without downloading installation files.

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