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Enthusiasts gambling games They know the gameplay, which is Black Horse. It is a game machine that shone its triumphs in stationary casinos and gathered a significant group of players around him. At the time when online casinos began to appear more and more, they could not miss the classic, which is Black Horse. It is a machine, based on the rules of classic fruit, but has slightly more options, which largely interested in the user.

Getting a black horse is a goal that everyone starts the game at this machine pursues. The whole is located in the atmosphere of the Wild West, and the traditional set of fruit is enriched with symbols related to those times.

The Wazdan company reaches for its best software and offers players the best. For some people, the game may seem simple in terms of graphic design, but these are only appearances that will quickly be dispelled. The black horse is at your fingertips and you can reach for it completely free, deciding on suggestions from the website

Black Horse Slot - Main functions

Black Horse, despite the fact that its principles are based on the classic which are fruit, is slightly distinguished from the historic one -armed bandit. First of all, it is about a more advanced game envelope. The player can get coins, creating systems on 5 lines, in 3 drums. Thanks to this, there is no unnecessary confusion, and the whole is pleasant to the eye. The already mentioned graphics are extremely interesting, although it is not very advanced, it makes an extremely good impression. Expressive contours and vibrant colors give all freshness and encourage the game. In addition, one cannot fail to mention the interesting sound effects that transfer the user to the mysterious world of the Wild West.

When it comes to service, the online slot is very intuitive and transparent. The interface is extremely legible to the user and allows him to fully enjoy the functions of the game. Navigation is at the bottom of the page, you can see the current rate, coins and the number of selected lines. In addition, on the right there is a panel designed especially for bonuses, which in this machine are really very attractive. The machine constructed in this way allows for a trouble -free game, even a beginner. Entering this secret world is possible at one click of the Play button for free.

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How to win in Black Horse?

The term Black Horse is not entirely true. Of course, it is based on a single -armed bandit, but it has several additional attractions that will help you gain more winnings. Victory on machines depends on several factors, it is worth knowing what rates and the number of lines to gain as much as possible. You can play in several ways and you work out your own style free version of the machine Available at

Black Horse encourages to play with colorful symbols, among them are:

  • Cherries,
  • Pears,
  • Lemons,
  • Oranges,
  • Grapes,
  • Plums,
  • Cacti,
  • Bells,
  • Horseshoe,
  • Black horses.

As you can see, the symbols are slightly enriched with such, associated with the Wild West. The largest possibilities of 3 horses, in which you can win up to 2,000,000, while 3 horseshoes allow you to get up to 1,000,000 coins. Not less favorable, but still very attractive wins, it gives the capture of 3 cacti (400,000), as well as plums, grapes and bells (80,000).

The victory is at your fingertips, all you have to do is bet on a black horse and enjoy a huge influence. Here, betting involves choosing the right rates and effective disposal of your coins. You can't be afraid of a risk that can pay off very much. It is enough to try to conquer the stake after each win and give yourself a 50% chance to double the received coins.

Bonusy Black Horse

The topic of bonuses when it comes to Black Horse is very rich. Each player has as many as 3 options for obtaining additional, nice winnings. The rules are very simple, just like all the game service. In order to obtain free spins Just unscrew 3 horses - which will allow 45 spinning. However, receiving 30 spins involves the appearance of 3 horseshoes. There is still a chance for 15 spinning for free. Here it is necessary to collect 9 individual coins with a horse symbol. As you can see, the bonus zone is very promising. In addition, it cannot be not mentioned that all wins in these rounds are multiplied by 3 times, which allows you to get really considerable sums.

Black Horse Ground Mobile

Mobile players are lucky because they can use the popular Black Horse game also on the phone. This is a great help for many players who are rather accustomed to using mobile devices. If you are such a person, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The version of this game for the phone and the computer is practically no different. Both are refined and made in very high quality. All options are identical, they do not differ from each other. So you have this convenience of use, even if you are not at home. To run Black Horse on your phone, you'll only need internet connection.


Black Horse to fruit in a slightly more advanced form. It is intended for every player who likes large winnings and amazing bonuses. The graphics, as well as the sound line impresses and introduces into the unusual atmosphere of the Wild West.

Each player will appreciate simple and intuitive navigation, attractive accessories and high wins. One game is just the beginning of a real adventure in the fight for a black horse. Adrenaline and huge emotions is what the Black Horse slot guarantees. Of course, nobody has to bet real cash immediately. You can reach for free options, available at On the above site you can also find more classic machines, as well as a very wide range of thematically diverse Online gambling games completely free and without registration.

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