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Do you like to play card games in online casinos? In particular, in one of the most interesting of them, i.e. in Blackjack? If so, you will probably be interested in one of the noteworthy proposals. We want to present you today a very simple, even most classic computer incarnation of this wonderful card game. It is the Blackjack Bonus produced in 2017 by 1 × 2 gaming company valued by many lovers of online gambling.

Before you decide to play it (or not) for real money, you can consider testing the Blackjack Bonus game for free. You can do it on our website. We offer a lot of different gambling in demonstration versions. These are specially modified original titles in which all settlements (i.e. payments for plants and winnings) are based on virtual coins or rather tokens. So you don't have to pay anything for the game and you won't win anything either. But you can play for the will without incurring spending. Go ahead and test various options, make mistakes and risk as much as you want. Nothing will happen. In this way, you can thoroughly get to know every game you win. Also and online Blackjack Bonus!

Of course, you play not only for free, but also against a computer opponent. There is always a player's rival in Blackjack, and in this case the computer is simply controlled by the casino. Importantly, this game is fully compatible with tablets and mobile phones. So you can also play it on your smartphone. It will be very convenient due to the great interface tailored to the expectations of mobile devices.

Technical specifications Blackjack Bonus

The Blackjack Bonus game from other titles dealing with the same card game differs in one important feature that we will describe in a moment. In addition, it is a very classic and traditional internet version of Blackjack in its form, which stiffly sticks to the recognized canon of this game and does not use it from it any deviations except one exception. And what are the most important features of this game?

The reimbursement indicator for the player (i.e. Return to Player - RTP) in long -term terms is 99.80%. Six decks of cards are used for the game (52 pieces, without jakers). The cards are shuffled after each hand, which automatically reduces the sense of using any type of card counting technique to zero.

Insurance If the only card exposed by a dealer is AS, the player may request a special additional plant called Insurance (insurance). It is exactly half the standard rate of the plant. If in this case the dealer has Blackjack in the cards, then the player will receive twice the insurance company. If not, the player will receive a standard win, but at the same time he will lose the insurance company.
SPLIT If you receive two cards of equal value, the player can separate them into separate hands using the Split option. The rest of the game will take place independently for both cards. In this situation, the total plant for the hand will be doubled.
DOUBLE After distributing two cards to the player, he can always use the Double option, i.e. doubles. The only case in which this option will not be available is to receive a total of 21 points in the cards, i.e. Blackjack. Sobration means increasing the value of the plant twice, and then selecting one and only one card. Then the game will be settled and the winner selected.

Standard blackjack in cards means winning 3: 2. However, if the player gets Blackjack using a black breeze (i.e. in the color of Trefl or PIK), such a win will be increased to 2: 1. This is the only difference we mentioned at the very beginning.

How to play a blackjack bonus?

Even a completely green player will realize how to get free casino game at Blackjack Bonus from 1 × 2 gaming. The game screen has a background of red color and is basically deprived of any ornaments except the game logo and information about the amount of winning for blackjack. There are tokens at the bottom of the screen. Just choose the one with the right value and click it. The Deal option will then appear on the right. If you click it, you will receive two discovered cards, and the dealer with one covered and one discovered. Now you have to decide on another move. You usually have options to choose from:

  • HIT - that is, choosing a card;
  • STAND - without choosing, resolving the hand;
  • DOUBLE - Disolving the plant and choosing one card.

Blackjack Bonus - Play without logging in

Blackjack Bonus is a very simple, yet successful and addictive game of Blackjack Bonus. In fact, the only reservation we can have against her is really economical graphic design, even poor. It could use a bit more graphic fireworks. Nevertheless, for those who like minimalist versions of games, it will be an excellent position.