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Everyone heard about Blackjack, and many have already had the opportunity to play it. This casino variety of the popular "eye" also has digital versions. One of them was prepared by the rapidly developing BGaming studio. This is how Multihand Blackjack was created, which allows you to erect three plants simultaneously through a web browser. You play here against a computer dealer.

In the vast majority of the principles in this gambling They are based on the rules of Blackjack. The goal is therefore to overcome the dealer, which can be achieved in several ways. The best of them is to get the title blackjack, i.e. a combination of ASA and a card worth 10 points.

The gameplay itself takes place via a web browser. So you can play at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a computer, laptop or phone or tablet. It is worth starting the fun on our portal. You can find Multihand Blackjack for free, which means entertainment without incurring any risk.

Multihand Blackjack technical specifications

Playing in multihand Blackjack gra online, you should be aware of the following technical parameters:

  • RTP amounts to 99.23% assuming the player's optimal decisions. Compared to slots This is a very good value. On the other hand, you can find Blackjack online from other manufacturers, where the casino advantage is even smaller than 0.77%.
  • In certain cases, Multihand Blackjack online offers the possibility of using special functions, i.e. double and Split. However, there is no option to use Insurance.
  • At the beginning it is possible to play one, two or three hands. The Split function means that sometimes you can use up to 6 hands.
  • The minimum rate for one hand is 1 unit, and the maximum is 100 units. At Multihand Blackjack without a deposit, the unit of the game is the fictitious currency of Fun. While money for money at the casino Real money is already used.

In short, this is a simple game without unnecessary functions.

Multihand blackjack How to play?

In Multihand Blackjack online, six standard decks are used with 52 cards (without jokers). The goal is to obtain a combination of cards whose value is possible to the nearest 21 points (but no more than 21 points). The value of cards from 2 to 10 is equal to their denomination. Wałet, the lady and the king are worth 10 points. In turn, AS can be worth 1 or 11 points, depending on which value is more favorable in a given case. Each round of the game takes place as follows:

  1. The player puts a token on at least one hand, which is tantamount to erecting a plant.
  2. The digital dealer distributes two to the crunching cards and two cards for each player's hand with the bet. The player sees his cards and the first dealer card.
  3. The player makes a decision about the selection of cards in every hand. Sometimes it can also use the Split or Double function.
  4. The dealer cards are discovered and they are compared to the player's cards in individual hands.
  5. The bet will be settled and the game round is completed.

The player has full freedom in choosing more cards. In turn, the dealer must proceed in accordance with the agreed scheme. It involves selecting cards until the value of the system will be at 17 or more points. The Split function in Multihand Blackjack online games appears when the player received two cards with the same value during the hand to one hand, e.g. two six, or two four. Then he can divide his hand into two, and then make separate decisions in them.

In turn, the Double option is available when the player in the original hand received cards whose total value amounts to 9, 10 or 11 points. Using Double means doubles the plant and choosing one more card for the system. Split and Double are optional functions. You also need to know that Split can only be used once. In addition, the Double option is not available when the split was used in a given hand. The player defeats the dealer in three cases.

Win way of winning Winner
The player reaches Blackjack, and the croupies are not 3:2
The player reached 21 points or less, and the value of the dealer's system exceeded 21 points 1:1
Both the player and the dealer did not exceed the level of 21 points, but the value of the player's system is higher 1:1

Games Player and Krupier score the same number of points, the game ends with a draw, and the tokens are returned. In other situations, the dealer wins and the player's plant is lost. Most of the screen is occupied by the game table, which the cards go to. On the sides there are windows and buttons that the player uses to manage the game:

  • Balance shows the balance of the account.
  • Total Bet shows the value of the established plant.
  • The plants are put by clicking the token with a numeric value (the token strap is at the bottom of the screen) and clicking on one of the three empty round fields (each field is one hand).
  • Deal is a button that is used to give cards.
  • New Bets is used to erect a new plant.
  • Rebets is a button to put exactly the same plant as in the previous round.
  • X is a button through which you can withdraw all the tokens from the table.

Sometimes the Double and Split button may appear on the screen. If you click them, special functions are activated. With the Multihand Blackjack Demo rules, you can read by clicking the settings button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Multihand Blackjack game works on practically the same terms as Blackjack played in a ground casino. So you can use the same strategies. In Blackjack you have to count cards (it's completely allowed) and choose cards at the right time. Below we present three main strategies, sorted from the least to the most effective:

  1. Copying a dealer strategy, i.e. selecting cards as long as the system is worth a maximum of 16 points.
  2. The Never Bust strategy will stop choosing cards after obtaining at least 12 points (minimizing the risk of exceeding the level of 21 points).
  3. The basic strategy, which determines the most effective way in every possible hand.

At the beginning it is necessary to check the free Multihand Blackjack to gain priceless experience. Thanks to this, you can make better decisions while playing for money.

Multihand blackjack - free game

In the case of transferring classic gambling games to the world of the Internet, it is generally difficult to expect innovation. Multihand blackjack casino is simply a virtual mapping of the general principle of the casino variety of the eye.

You can complain here a bit at the lack of Insurance function and a fairly low maximum limit of the plant for one hand. On the other hand, this game defends itself with simplicity and a shell. Bgaming programmed Blackjack in a graphically attractive way. A relaxing music path may also like.