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Blackjack is one of the most classic casino card games, which has long fascinated the imagination of players with the ideal combination of a random factor with a tactical element. The one who came up with Blackjack's principles and mechanics was undoubtedly a genius, which is proved by, among others, the fact that - despite the passage of decades and the dynamic development of modern technologies - Blackjack Casino is still very popular among players at almost all of the world.

Bazowo plays in blackjack Of course, it took place in direct and with the participation of real dealer and physical decks of cards. Together with the appearance of modern online casinos, Blackjack Online also appeared, at first primarily in the form of interactive live broadcast game in high resolution. This variant of the Blackjack online, of course, still has considerable popularity, and every self -respecting Online casino It offers at least a dozen tables with various Blackjacka online games in your live -game catalog.

At the same time, however, players are increasingly and more and more willing to use other possibilities made available by the most innovative producers of casino software. Among these types of options, online casino machines with Blackjack come out. The well-known Wazdan studio has been exploring this segment of e-gaming games for a long time and with considerable successes, which is a great manifestation of the Blackjack Blackjack machine presented in this review.

In Blackjack from the Wazdan, the player receives a completely virtual game table on which he plays against the software. The game can be stopped at any time, and the high solvency and faithful reflection of the reality and Blackjack mechanic make the card machine from the Wazdan a great position for lovers of this classic game. The position is all the more attractive because you can also play on the Blackjack machine for free. The demonstration version of the Wazdan machine available for our readers allows you to play any number of hands, where virtual tokens are the game currency. In this way, the player can get to know the machine, practice various gameplay strategies, but also treat the Blackjack version without a deposit from the Wazdan as an opportunity to effectively learn the rules of playing blackjack, which is possible thanks to the high level of realism.

Playing on a demonstration version Blackjack from Wazdan does not require registration. The machine should simply be started in the web browser window. The title also works on mobile browsers.

Technical specifications Blackjack

Blackjack online game is a machine created by the development studio Wazdan with the European Blackjack variant. The game takes place using a standard deck in Blackjack 52 cards without jokers (of course, giving away cards is responsible for RNG software; we are not dealing here with physical cards). The player can play a party for 1 to 3 hands at the same time. The lowest possible plant for one hand is EUR 1. A maximum of EUR 500 can be placed, the amount can be increased if the player decides, for example, to use the additional Insurance plant.

The value of the cards is determined in a standard way, i.e. the cards with numbers have a value corresponding to their numbers, while the branch, queen and king are marked with 10 points. The exception are aces whose value in points is 1 or 11, depending on the situation on the table. The RTP parameter (theoretical return for the player) offered by the game at the Blackjack Demo machine from the Wazdan Studio, is at the ceiling of 99.59%. However, this is RTP with the provisions of the "optimal game strategy", so you should treat information on percentage solvency slightly differently than for example in the case of slots. The game has the following types of plants (we also provide solvency for each of them in the case of winning):

  • Winning at the standard Even Plant: 1 to 1,
  • Winning of the Insurance plant: 2 to 1,
  • Blackjack's hit: 3 to 2.

The Blackjack card machine production was not equipped by a supplier with automatic game mode. However, the title has a useful option of the history of recent hands. You can also choose the music background of the game (the machine has 5 different options in this area), as well as determine the speed of the game.

Blackjack - how to play?

The basis required by us developed by Wazdan Blackjack is, of course, above all, knowledge of the rules of the game in Blackjack. In addition, you will also need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the machine itself, as well as technical information on the course of the game. Windows with mentioned information are found under the question mark icon. The icon with an exclamation mark opens the table. Under the tool icon, the player can configure the game settings (sound background and game speed).

Returning to the basic game screen, you need to pay attention to the Cash and Bet tables visible at the bottom. They contain information on the resource of money for the game (Cash) and the currently set distance rate (bet). We define the latter parameter with the help of the tokens bar. Just select a coin with a specific value and then put it on the game table. At the moment, the Blackjack machine from Wazdan will present the icon of three cards with the inscription Deal. Her award begins. The player will receive two cards, just like a dealer. The left with the dealer cards will be visible. If it is AS, the option of buying an additional Insurance plant will appear.

After receiving his cards, the player has three options symbolized on the game table by three different icons. Two cards with the symbol × 2 mean selecting a third card with double the rate. The same icon, but with the symbol of the red paw is stand, i.e. it will remain with the cards distributed. And finally a green : command of choosing the next card. There may also be a split function in the game, so splitting the hand.

The strategy of playing in the Blackjack production of Wazdan is not very different from the tactics of the right game, where the physical decks of cards are used. Everything is based on mathematics and knowledge of the main tactical rules of Blackjack. Counting cards does not apply, but the screen marked with the inscription Dealer's Last 10 Cards allows you to track the results obtained by a virtual dealer, which can be a valuable guide from the perspective of the probability account, e.g. if the dealer in the last 5 hands obtained the results close to 21 points each time, then The probability that in the current distribution of the dealer card will once again achieve a similar result is statistically small.

Blackjack - play without logging in

The Blackjack automatic free from the Wazdan supplier is a simple, classic game, but also offering a lot of realism. This is not an innovative item like e.g. card vending machines derived from mechanics characteristic of slots. However, for supporters of a standard, realistic blackjack, a position signed with the Wazdan brand without a shadow of a doubt will prove to be an attractive and addictive title, even in the free version.


How can you play for free at Blackjack from Wazdan?

The demo game in Blackjack is available by starting the game from the browser window.

What are the special options in Blackjack online?

The player has access to the choice of musical background, the pace of the game and the history of recent hands.

Does the Blackjack card machine allow you to win real money?

Yes. You can get real money in Blackjack after registration at the online casino.

How to play Blackjack on your phone?

Just open the game in the browser window of your mobile device.