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Lovers gambling games From the video category of poker, they probably know the company Habanero well due to the large number of successful titles of this manufacturer from the group free online poker. But in our opinion, one of the most interesting games in this category includes a poker video bonus released in 2017, which from the very beginning gained great recognition from the players. Today you can learn something more about this game - and basically everything!

In addition, we provide you with a unique opportunity to play in the poker bonus for free on our website. You can treat this option as a kind of training before starting the main fun, i.e. playing this playing for real money in your favorite Internet casino. Because thanks to this you can gain experience, learn the rules of this game and just become a good player. And all this is completely free, without any artificial restrictions on our part, or additional requirements. We offer you a poker demo bonus, which is fully functional except for financial settlements - instead of real money, the game operates with virtual coins. So you don't have to pay for playing out of your own pocket, but you won't win any real amount either. For this you can have a great time competing with a computer crumb for virtual tokens!

Technical specifications bonus poker

The internet poker bonus is a variety well known in Australia as a five -card poker selected. It even has identical rules. The minimum rate for one hand here is 0.20 coins and the highest 100 coins. However, you need to know that the poker bonus game is specific because it allows you to play many hands:

  • 1 hand,
  • 5 hands,
  • 10 hands,
  • 50 handle
  • and 100 hands.

Therefore, the upper limit is always 100 coins, but it differs in the amount for a single hand depending on the option you choose. It is also worth mentioning the very high return rate for the player (RTP, i.e. Return to Player), which for this title is as much as 99.17% - and this is really a considerable value. A very useful solution is the Auto Hold function, which allows the game to suggest to you which cards should be left and which to replace with new ones. Of course, you can always change this choice and also turn off this option at all.

In addition, players who prefer to observe the development of events on the screen can also choose the automatic game mode offered by the poker casino bonus, which will take the obligation to click on the buttons at all. They can simply sit comfortably and follow fast -changing cards, subsequent hands and falling wins for the appropriate card systems on the screen.

Bonus poker poker how to play?

Playing the online poker bonus is really satisfying and simple, it should not be difficult to even completely beginner players. In general, you perform all operations on a yellow control panel, which contains clear, blue and perfectly described buttons. After starting the game you will see a choice window with a question about the number of hands you want to play. At the first with the game, it is worth choosing an option with one hand - but if you play a free poker bonus, then you can start with a larger number. It is worth leaving playing for 100 hands, when you get to know the secrets of this game well.

Regardless of the option chosen, you will then move to the main screen of the game, which looks similar to all versions - the number of card systems that you will see on the screen will be different. The gameplay itself is simple.

  1. First, choose the amount you want to put on the game together. For this purpose, setting the value of the coin and Bet One and Bet Max buttons is used. As you can guess, they are used to put one or five tokens for each hand. The amount put on each hand will of course vary depending on the number of selected hands, according to the general principle we described above.
  2. Once you're ready to play, click the blue Deal button on the right side of the yellow control panel.
  3. Just above the panel you will see five cards drawn for you. If you have an active (yellow -lit) Auto Hold option, then the game will automatically mark you with the yellow belt with the inscription Hold Cards, which in her opinion is worth leaving.
  4. You can always change this choice by just clicking on the appropriate cards. Those that are marked as Hold will stay with you, you will replace the others by clicking on the Draw button.

But if you play for more than one hand, you must pay attention to one important detail here. The cards you decide to leave will be copied to the other systems. For example, if you play for 10 hands, you received two eight and leave them, then all the other 9 systems will also receive two eight, as well as new three cards.

Once you determine what cards you want to leave, the bonus poker game will replace you with cards and then pay the prize dependent on what layout you have obtained. The whole of this process is really fast, and the winnings are paid immediately, without unnecessary waiting. And in a second you can go to the next hand, repeating the whole process from the step of clicking the Deal - because you already have the game rate and if you do not want to change it, you do not have to move it. It is also worth remembering that the poker bonus is a purely random game with unknown parameters of the random number generator, so there are no sensible and effective strategies for her. You just have to be lucky!

Bonus Poker - play without logging in

If you read our article in full, you probably already know that Habanero has made a great example of a poker poker poker game, which is on the one hand extremely simple from the graphic side (some could say that even too simple, because the game actually looks like produced 20 years ago), and on the other hand it has extremely interesting solutions.

Finally, do you know other video poker ones that will allow you to play at the same time for 100 hands and in such an uncomplicated way as it does Bonus Poker online game? We are sure that no - or at least not without support in the form of browsing the Habanero portfolio, which also created several other games with similar properties.

But returning to the bonus poker without a deposit, this is an extremely successful game in our opinion. Even if her visual aesthetics do not fully suit you, it is really worth spending some time. It is extremely exciting, draws for long hours and most importantly - it allows you to win a lot of money. And that's what gambling is all about, isn't it?