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Break da Bank is a game exploring the relatively well -worn bandit motif of robbing the bank, but this time Microgaming came to the topic in a way that bypasses the controversy related to the promotion of unlawful activities, as the game officially involves finding gold and valuables, and not gaining them with them with violation of the law. This title is one of the most classic one -armed bandit games.

General description of the game

Information that the game producer is Microgaming should immediately argue with the perfectly solutions used by this manufacturer. Of course, it is about a classic set of three drums and 5 active payments used by microgaming in countless game machines such as slot machines. This title is one of the classic slot games, which means that free gambling games There are no bank in Break da, as are bonus spins and other innovative solutions.

The game is characterized by a nice and refined graphic design, which may not stand out significantly above the competition, but it is pleasant to the eye and is not visually sharp enough to tire your eyes even after a long play. In this respect, Microgaming should be praised, because it is clear that the creators of the game have put a lot of work in refining the graphic interface of the Break da Bank game.

The set of symbols used in this item is typical for slot machines, we will find here, among others, the dollar sign, the Break da Bank logo and the classic set of three bar symbols. Players will probably look for the dollar and the Break da Bank logo, which are associated with more specific profits - Break da Bank is Wild, while three dollars will ensure the highest win. So you don't have to write what benefits they bring, because they are commonly used by online vending machines.

Quite important information is that you will play Break Da Bank online using a web browser, as well as on a mobile device.

A few words about winnings

Maximum win in this game According to the information visible on the screen, it is 2400 coins, assuming that the player's plant is 1 euros. You can naturally raise the plant to a maximum of 125 euros. The Wild symbol (i.e. the Break Da Bank logo) replaces any other symbol, one in an active payout line doubles the win, and two give a quadruple the value of winning.

The most anticipated option By players it is three Wilda in the line, because it means breaking down a jackpot, whose height depends on several factors, including the number of active lines at the moment. The RTP value officially provided for BREAK DA Bank Online by Microgaming is 95.75%, which means a rather attractive offer for players, because rarely games-automats get such parameters.

    • Here is a quick summary of the most important features of the game:
    • Minimum plant amount: 1 euro
    • Maximum plant amount: 125 euros
    • Maximum win: 2400 coins
    • Symbol Wild: the Break da Bank logo, also acts as a doubling of a winner
    • Symbol Scatter: There is no
    • Free spins: not
    • Bonus games: there is no

The game itself uses all the most classic solutions used by gambling machines of this kind, so lovers of innovative solutions will not find too many attractions for themselves. The most unique feature of this title is the option of an automatic game consisting in determining the number of automatically made spins without having to click each time the drums button.

If you are a user of our website and are looking for an option to play at Break da Bank for free, play directly with us, you do not have to log in or download games to your computer.

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