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The Columbus Deluxe video in our offer is a game that was created by Novomatic. For years, she has specialized in creating simple game machines. This is also the case with Columbus Deluxe. As some probably guessed, the Columbus Deluxe game presented in 2008 is an extended version of the Columbus slot. This means that it is very similar to its construction to the original, but it is able to bring players much higher prizes. Already after the title we know that the Columbus Deluxe machine will apply to the famous traveler, America's explorer. He is the main hero of the game here. Next to him, however, the symbols of the queen, navigation tools or three famous ships are also available on the drums: Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, which Columbus sailed on the expedition in 1492. Columbus Deluxe is an online slot with very simple graphics or sounds. His main task is to provide players with entertainment and chances to win. This game belongs to the historical category, i.e. those slots that relate to authentic characters or events known from history. Each person interested in this title can play with us at Columbus Deluxe for free. We have a test version of this game. It differs from those found in casinos in that you can't play with us for real money. The game system provides virtual loans with each person, thanks to which conditions are simulated like a real casino. However, every win or loser is only theoretical, which makes the Columbus Deluxe play without any risk. At the same time, we do not require creating an account or downloading separate software from us.

Columbus Deluxe Slot - Details of the game

As we have already mentioned, Columbus Deluxe is a game from the Novomatic brand, which values ​​traditional solutions. Therefore, this production and other machines of this brand have a very simple graphic or sound design. However, the addition is simple animations that occur in the case of winning. Therefore, this title should like both retro lovers and more modern slots. His considerable advantage is undoubtedly the simplicity of service. The work Novomatic consists of 5 drums with 3 rows of symbols, as well as 10 withdrawals. At the very beginning, the player's task is to choose between 1, 2, 5, 7, 9 or 10 lines. Then the number of coins is selected for the line between 10 and 1000. In addition, the value of loans is determined. Ultimately, the plant can be between 0.04 and 100 euros. The automatic game is set using the green button. Red marked as a start is a button that launches the drums. Icon "?" This is a payment table and gameplay rules. At the top of the slot you can find the option to turn off the sounds, and at the bottom control your account status.

How to win at Columbus Deluxe?

Columbus Deluxe is of course a single -armed online bandit, which is to bring players smaller or greater wins. They are only possible thanks to the struggle of systems on the drums. Some systems are settled from 2 symbols, and some from 3 identical characters on the rollers.

  • Symbol 10: win to 10,000 loans
  • Symbol J: win to 10,000 loans
  • Symbol Q: win to 15,000 loans
  • Symbol K: win to 15,000 loans
  • Symbol A: win to 15,000 loans
  • Navigation symbol: win to 25,000 loans
  • jewel symbol: win to 5,000 loans
  • Queen symbol: win to 100,000 loans
  • Columbus symbol: win to 500,000 loans. It is also a symbol of Wild
  • Symbol of ships: as a scratter they provide 10 free spins.

Of course, each win depends not only on the systems, but also the specific rate for the plant. However, you can play safely and conservatively, as well as with considerable risk.

Columbus Deluxe Bonuses

Columbus Deluxe is a game that will not provide players to bonus games too much. You can count on the Wild symbol and 10 free spins. However, there is actually a lack of bonuses or jackpot. After each win, however, you can use the popular Gamble option. The color of the card is then selected: red or black. However, this is the risk option, because the chances are exactly 50 to 50. With happiness it doubles the win, and with bad selection loses money from the current plant.

Our assessment of Columbus Deluxe

Columbus Deluxe is certainly a game that it is difficult for us to clearly assess. We are dealing here with a quite simple slot, which refers to the classics of single -armed bandits. However, it has an interesting topic. It also contains the symbols of Wild, Scatter, and also guarantees free spins for the player. Its RTP indicator, i.e. a return for the player, is only 95.02%, which is not such a high result. That is why it is one of the minuses of this game for us, as well as the lack of a jackpot or a multiplier for winnings. Nevertheless, it is a slot that is worth checking. So play with us Columbus Deluxe and in many other slots for free! This is a great opportunity for training or just having fun in your free time.

Columbus deluxe game details

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