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Multiplayer gambling Online they are becoming more and more popular. Playing with other casino regulars, the possibility of chatting and peeping of the results of the fellow, create a substitute for the atmosphere of a real gambling cave. Common Draw Roulette is a gift from BetSoft for fans of this form of entertainment.

Player interface

Most of the game field is occupied by a roulette wheel and a field of factories, the tokens are located in the lower right corner of the screen and it is quite easy to overlook. In the lower left corner there is a panel containing three tabs: statistics, chat and special plants. In the opposite corner of the screen graphic designers placed a stopwatch, a display showing the numbers that have recently fallen, and an enlarged fragment of the roulette circle.

Let's find out more

Common Draw Roulette is a traditional variety online roulettes for money, based on European principles. The player has numbers from 0 to 36, arranged in a standard order. The purpose of the game is of course winning, to get it, you need to guess the number or group of numbers on which the ball will stop and put on a specific amount. The rates of plants are from three to five hundred loans. We have at our disposal tokens with denominations 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500. In addition to typical internal and external plants, we also have access to the most famous special factories such as Orphelin Pein or Orphelin Cheval. Special factories are placed in one of the tabs of the above -mentioned panel located in the lower left corner of the screen.

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How to play that? Roulette of Common Draw Roulette in action

Bringing plants is possible in the 35-second period between the Spins. Each plant must be confirmed by clicking the "Confirm" button, at the latest five seconds before starting the spin, because at this point the dealer closes the possibility of betting. When the countdown is over, the croupier turns the wheel and we stay with the tightened thumbs to watch the ball. The amount of win depends on the type of plant. Straight Up are the highest paid, i.e. single numbers, 35: 1. The next one is Split Bet (the token lies on the line separating two numbers), here the win is 17: 1, and Street Bet, in which we bet three numbers, with a win 11: 1.

SUMMARY Common Draw Roulette games

Type: European roulette
Plant rates: from 3 to 500 loans
bonuses: none
Maximum win: 35: 1
token denominations: up to 1 to 500

Common Draw Roulette, ruletka, Game for freeor maybe something more? Undoubtedly, this is a successful product. Playing in multiplayer mode, chatting and insight into the statistics of his own achievements are his brightest points. If we add a thoughtful and pleasant to eye interface to this, voice messages and characteristic sounds accompanying the game in roulette, we have a ready recipe for success. Common Draw Roulette, a free roulette, is available on the pages of our portal. Play it without registration and without downloading any files.