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This is the production of the already known manufacturer of Netent slot games. The main leitmotif in this game are precious stones. Despite this seemingly banal topics, this game has a unique property. It is about the number of symbols on a single cylinder. Usually in slot games we have, for example, 3 rows and 3 fights. In the case of Dazzle Me on the first two battles we have 3 rows of symbols, on the next two we have 4 rows, there are 5 symbols on the last cylinder!

See for yourself how the creators of Netent's slot games are. You can try the Dazzle Me game machine on our website completely free and without registration!

Dazzle Me Slot - Details of the game

As mentioned earlier, we have different number of rows on individual rollers. There are 5 rollers and as many as 76 victorious lines available to us! So many lines are really rare.

So let's get to the graphics, which in this game is as unique as the characteristics of the game. We are dealing here with colorful symbols, they are not animated. In addition, the winning lines are marked in a very clear way, they show us not only our current win the line, but also show us potential paths if we were able to draw several other unique symbols.

Navigation in Dazzle Me is simple and trouble -free. At the very bottom we have green buttons that help us play the game. In the middle of the panel we have buttons responsible for starting the game. This button is located between the Max Bet buttons, i.e. the maximum plant and autoplay. Autoplay is obviously responsible for automatic filming after determining the number of draws. On the right side of the Dazzle Me panel we have our balance and the value of our plant, which is expressed in coins. On the left, however, there is the amount of our plant and the weight that we apply to our plant. At the very end of the left side of the control panel there is a button informing us about the winning lines and the values of individual symbols.

How to win in Dazzle Me

Since we know so much about Dazzle, it's time to find out what combinations of symbols give the biggest win!

  • One of the rollers during the draw can turn completely into Wild symbols!
  • We also have a Scatter symbol available, which is a symbol with the inscription Free Spins. 5 symbols give us 16 free spins.
  • For 5 symbols of happy seven on the winning line we can receive as many as 200 coins!
  • 5 bells on the winning line means winning 100 coins.
  • 5 red or purple stones on the winning line are a win of 30 coins.
  • For 5 drawn green or light blue stones on the winning line we can count on winning, which is 20 coins.

Of course, we don't have to draw up to 5 symbols to get a win. In the case of seven or bells, up to 2 symbols give 1 coin. So what to do to win? Playing even the smallest bet of the smallest weight, we can count on interesting winnings, so we recommend such tactics for beginner players. Remember that you can play with us for free in Dazzle Me, without registration and paying funds.

Dazzling game

We even have bonuses in the form of entire rollers in the symbols of Wild. We can draw Scatter symbols that give us free spins. In addition, as many as 76 winning lines. Does this game have any minuses? Only Jackpot is missing in this game. There is also no bonus game. Should this, however, deter the player? Of course not! For free and without fees or registration! We are waiting for you a player!

Dazzle Me Details of the Game

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