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The theme of our review is great gambling Microgaming, which we can play since 2015. It is called Double Double Bonus Poker Online and will allow you to immerse yourself in many hours of playing in an extremely exciting poker variety, which is a double bonus video poker (as the name of this game indicates). Today we will spread it for you into prime factors, thanks to which you will find out if it is worth being interested in it seriously.

In addition, we also encourage you to play Double Double Bonus Poker demowhich you will find on our website. It is available completely without any restrictions or requirements-we do not tell you, for example, log in to our website, or set up an account, we do not require paying money, providing an e-mail address, or doing anything else to unlock access to this game .

You can simply play double double bonus poker with us no deposit Having fun, learning the rules of this game and testing its compatibility with mobile devices. In this way, you can get a practice to feel confident when you want to compete with a virtual bumper in this game, but already in version for real money.

Technical specifications for double double bonus poker

In the introduction, we provided basic information, i.e. the fact that we are dealing with a Microgaming product and that Double Double Bonus Poker online casino game It is a product from 2015 - and therefore quite age. Immediately we will supplement this knowledge with some additional information that is worth knowing about this title. Let's start with the most important thing, i.e. the fact that we have a fairly wide range of supported game rates. We can choose from the following values:

  • 1.25 coins
  • 2.50 coins
  • 5 monet
  • 10 monet
  • 25 monet.

And although at first glance it may not seem too much with a span, it causes that every player here will find a rate corresponding to his preferences and the thickness of the wallet. It is also worth quoting the table of winnings - let's take, for example, a rate of five coins, then the available winnings are as follows.

Card layout Win
Royal poker 4 000
poker 250
Aces carriage with a card worth 2, 3 or 4 2 000
Cardian carriage 2, 3 or 4 with a fifth card such as AS, two, three or four 800
Aces carriage 800
KART KART 2, 3 B 4 400
Any other carriage 250
Full 45
Color 30
Straight 20
Troika 15
Two couples 5
A pair of rollers or higher cards 5

When it comes to additional functionality, we don't have any more options to choose from here. But from the beginning we said that Double Double Bonus Poker game is very simple and sticks to the standard video poker rules. You will definitely need information about the profitability of this game - its RTP indicator, i.e. Return to Player is 98.98%, which is a really good result!

Double double bonus poker - how to play?

When you start Double Double Bonus Poker for the first time, it's quite possible that her appearance and interface will surprise you a bit. After all, Microgaming has accustomed us to all of its games just looking impressive from the graphic side - and meanwhile Double Double Bonus Poker has very simple graphics and an even simpler interface.

On the screen we see only two tables with the winners in the main part of the screen, the section with the player's cards in the central part of the game window and the control panel consisting of four elements. From the left, these are the player's balance indicator, the indicator that allows you to determine the height of the plant for the next hand, the last win indicator and the pink Deal button starting the game. The background for the game window is simply a navy blue color, without any ornaments. This is a good solution in our opinion, because it does not distract the player during the game.

To start the game, select the stake and click the Deal button. You will then receive five cards. Think well about the decision and then click the ones you want to leave. They will be marked with a yellow beam with the Held inscription. Then click the Draw button and the other cards will be replaced with new ones. Then the game will assess the strength of your hand and if the card system meets the requirements for paying the prize, you will receive an appropriate win. And then you can immediately start the round again!

Double double bonus poker - play without logging in

Double double bonus poker is another example of what good gambling should look like. And it's hardly surprising if we look at who produced it. After all, Microgaming has not been considered a market tycoon from today. And this opinion is obtained primarily because of excellent products made available to players. And the video poker we described today, this group undoubtedly passes.


Can I find the free version of the double double bonus poker game?

Of course, yes - we have prepared Double Double Bonus Poker free for you, which you can play whenever you want. Whether on a computer or on the phone - the version we offer is compatible with all types of devices, which will provide you with many hours of great entertainment.

Will I find any special functions in Double Double Bonus Poker?

If you like playing video poker, you certainly know that in this type of games there are almost no additional functions - at most non -standard factories, but nothing else. Double double bonus poker internet in this respect, so don't expect anything above the standard set of video poker options.

How much money can you win in Double Double Bonus Poker?

Theoretically, the highest win in a single double double bonus poker game online can be 40,000 coins. To get it, you must hit the royal poker playing for 25 coins for the hand, and then play the Double bonus game and also win it!

Do you have to do something to play on the phone in Double Double Bonus Poker?

You don't have to worry about anything, because Microgaming took care of it. Everything is performed automatically, and your role comes down to starting this game from the web browser. Then Double Double Bonus Poker Casino will start after a few seconds, and you can then start playing without any additional activities.