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The world of slot games has long ceased to limit itself to traditional fruit. Modern machines not only have attractive graphics, but also more and more developed technical solutions. Dungeon automatic from Evoplay is a real breakthrough in the field gambling slot games. Made in HTML5 technology and perfectly optimized to mobile receivers, the game with its appearance and mechanics resembles the so -called RPG, (English Role Playing Games), or role -playing games.

The hero of the Dungeon Online game chosen by the gods to fight monsters moves around the mysterious castle, collecting points and passing through subsequent rooms/levels. The culmination of the game is the fight against Evil, the most powerful of all monsters in which you can receive a multiplier of 5000x of the plant.

Especially for our loyal users, we provide Dungeon Demo on our portal completely free and without registration. Thanks to it, you can read this revolutionary game without the slightest risk of losing.

Dungeon Slot - Main functions

Despite their references to Dungeon's story games arcade game It remains faithful to the basic principles known for one -armed bandits. Regardless of what monster we will fight and what weapon we will use for this purpose, the possible win is fully dependent on happiness and based on RNG algorithms. Random Number Generator).

The Dungeon net invisible to the player is based on 5 drums and 1 line of symbols. According to the manufacturer's information, its return for the player, i.e. RTP is 96.2%.

This modern 3D video game offers a wide range of factories: the minimum permissible rate is 0.1 and the maximum up to 100. In the Dungeon without registration, 5000 virtual coins are used for this purpose.

Among the available functions we will find the ability to set Autoplay mode, free spins and special rounds, i.e. Random Events. Among the special symbols we find the so -called Mimic. However, there are no typical symbols of Wild or Scatter typical of slot games.

Dungeon payout table

The value of possible winnings in Dungeon for real money is granted on the basis of the so -called Łupów (English booth). The higher the loot category, the greater the level of possible win.

The table below shows what loot you can win in the fight against individual monsters.

  • IMP

  • Skeleton

  • Acolyte

  • Succubus

  • Gargoyle

  • Scary Spider

  • Inferno

  • Evil

  • Mimic - 5 types of randomly granted loot

Depending on the color of the loot, they are divided into 5 categories indicating their value:

  • White - ordinary
  • blue - unusual
  • yellow - rare
  • purple - epic
  • Orange - legendary.

To calculate the value of winning in a given round, you must:

  • calculate the amount of loot
  • Check the indicator that applies to all types of loot
  • The value of the loot is specified as the amount of the plant multiplied by the indicator
  • The total win from a given round is the sum of all the values of the loot.

Dungeon - basic rules

What does Dungeon without a deposit look like? Mechanics is not different from classic slots. Just select the value of the plant by clicking the "+" or "-" buttons in the BET field, and then press the symbol of two crossed axes. Their holding longer launches Autoplay mode.

In the Balance section, the player can check his current balance, and the win of the win shows a win from a given round. Description of monsters along with the frequency and strength of their attacks is in the Bestiary section in the upper right part of the screen.

On the opposite side of the screen there is a portrait of a hero along with a description of his weapons and types of armor. All additional game information (rules, payment table and setting) are available under a button marked with the letter "i".

Bonuses for playing dungeon

In addition to the basic mode in Dungeon, we also find the following bonus functions:

  1. Random Events - or accidental events. they can be launched after any spin and include:
    1. Mimic - that is, a monster that looks like a gearbox. After winning the fight, the player receives 5 randomly granted loot. In addition, the chest, which he finds in each of the 6 rooms, will allow him to further strengthen its hero (weapon, armor) and increase the chance of winning the dungeons.
    2. Bad company - So suspicious company. In this round there is a fight against 5 monsters, and the chance to win twice.
    3. Big game - That is a great game. In this event, the player must beat 5 different monsters, including one of the best payers. The probability of obtaining loot from each of the monsters increases tenfold.
  2. HEALING POTIONS - a healing potion. It can be found in the chest. Restores the hero full strength and health.
  3. DUNGEON - After going through 6 different rooms, the player finally goes to the dungeons, where he will fight the most dangerous of the monsters: Evil. If he loses and is killed - the round ends and the player returns to the main game. In the case of winning - Jackpota with a value of 5000x is the value of the plant.

Try Dungeon for free

As you can see, Dungeon without logging in is a slot machine other than all. We recommend trying this one of the latest Evoplay proposals to those who like modern solutions and interesting graphic achievements. We rate it for a five with a .

Dungeon Details of the game

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:
500 x 5000