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Exploding Fruits automatically online This is a game released by the developer Evoplay. The slot on our website has a refreshed review, which will answer the frequently asked questions by players and tell about all the news on the offer fruit machine. In the Hot Spot machine category, fruit games are leading. It is no different in this case, because we are dealing here with a modern drum automaton, which has been doing great for a long time and still breaks popularity records in rankings for the most interesting 3 × 3 games.

Exploding Fruits is a futuristic single -armed bandit for Games on phones and computers. The game is fabulously easy to use and filled to the brim with interesting bonuses that are considered mandatory nowadays. If our admission has been interested in you, do not wait and try your hand at competing on the exploding frits demo. Be sure to enter the game without risk, turn on the slot on your computer or phone and enjoy the full range of the most important options in the game. Take a valuable experience and train among 5,000 free loans now!

Technical capabilities of the exploding fruits game

The gameplay in this particular machine 777 It slightly differs from traditional drum games. It is true that the method of accounting for winnings is still based on lines winning in the amount of 27 possibilities for traditional and 64 for premium game, but the style and method of playing the game is completely different.

Exploding Fruits gambling game for free It works on a compact view of 3 drums and 3 rows. The symbols in this format are drawn each time after the activation of the turn. The game is based on the topic of modern vision of spacecraft. Each set of icons is shot down by such a machine that automatically detects all hits.

After shooting down, the set of icons explodes, and its place appears new symbols. Among the additional features of this type in exploding fruits game machine can be found a function activating free spins, a symbol of Wild and several other, equally valuable add -ons. Traditional game permissions options are also available in the game, for example, the option of automatic lists. These can be programmed at rates from 0.1 to 500 loans and used according to your preferences in accordance with the winning index at the 96%RTP level.

Exploding Fruits game instructions

There are many guides for playing machines online. MT we will focus on analyzing this particular game, and more precisely on the functions and buttons contained in the main screen of the machine. Exploding Fruits plays in the main window presents players a convenient view of the player, which includes fruit icons, animated accessories and a convenient panel for controlling the game.

The aforementioned panel includes all the buttons necessary to operate the game. Counting from the left, we have a button at our disposal responsible for redirecting the user to the game regulations, information about the player's account state, field for setting the rate, button for starting the drums and the right page Handsome buttons for video and audio settings.

Knowing the functions of the buttons mentioned above, you can easily operate the game both on your computer and mobile phone. The regulations hidden under the information button will be helpful in unclear situations. There all necessary information about the statistics of the game and its basic service was concluded. Among the information in the regulations, the prize table is available for inspection, which is as follows:

Icon CC Dirt
Seven x15 x150
Bar Kesh, Kh As a coffee
Watermelon CC, 5 x35
Grapes Cover x20
Oranges x0,3 CC
Plums x0,2 Cover
Lemons x0,1 x,1,5
Cherries x0,1 x,1,5

As for the graphic design, exploding fruits slot is a highly advanced game. The game screen in an attractive way presents players the theme and theme of the game, and each icon refined to perfection. Winning combinations are equipped with appropriate animations, and special functions are symbolized by various visualizations.

Bonuses in exploding fruits

The game in exploding fruits online is the competition Fr. Attractive bonuses without a deposit. We are talking here, among others, about the Joker symbol, which replaces any missed combinations and is the equivalent of the Wild icon. Right next to him, a bonus function often appears in the form free spins, which are activated for unscrewing the specific amounts of joker. As part of the free spins, the game screen is expanded to five drums, which is accompanied by much higher wins and more withdrawals. The game also has a response function, which activates one additional free rotation for each positively unrelated combination in a given round.

Exploding Fruits at the casino

Exploding Fruits for real money works in many internet casinos and is available immediately in playing for real money. In order to play, you must register an account at a legal casino that has this game in its offer. One of such platforms is Playamo casino. On this platform you can devote yourself to a safe and exciting game among thousands of different online machines. This Casino It offers players dozens of the most attractive bonuses, from free spins to phenomenal welcome promotions. Be sure to check the potential of this page and create a free account in a few minutes.

Tips to play exploding fruits

We will achieve the best results from the game, knowing the basic rules of the machine's operation. To this end, we recommend training in a free game on our website. Thanks to the exploding fruits demo, everyone can feel like in real competition without exception and test all available machine functions, from bonuses to mobile game.

Exploding Fruits on Smartfona

The machine from Evoplay without any problem copes with the operation of modern mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the new HTML5 technology, each player can start the machine on his device without installing the software and devote himself to the game. Thanks to this, the game is widely available at online casinos and readers can test it on our website with the level of their mobile devices.

Other fruit games

Among the similar games, the slot -based fruit automation included: Ultra Hot - Novomatic manufacturer's game, offering a similar game model among fruit icons and a symbol of happiness, modeled on the most popular bar hotspots and Jackpot 6000 - a legendary game with an extremely high RTP reimbursement indicator.


In our opinion and in the eyes of many players, Exploding Fruits is a very good choice for beginner and advanced players. A wide selection of bonuses and pleasant gameplay guarantee users a nice time. Personally, we recommend a slot for everyone and encourage you to test the possibilities of playing in our free Exploding Fruits machine without registration.

Exploding fruits game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


How to turn on exploding fruits slot for free?

For this purpose, it is worth using the game option on our website without registration.

Does Exploding Fruits give away free spins?

In the game you can get free spins (15 bonus rounds) and free spins.

Is the Exploding Fruits machine available in casinos?

Yes. Exploding fruits in casinos is the only opportunity on a game for real money.

Does the Exploding Fruits Slot require download?

EVO Play machines do not require installation and download.