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F777 Fighter to innovative gambling game, which offers a completely non -standard gameplay mechanics. The F777 Fighter Game automatic is also one of the few representatives when it comes to online slots that completely break with mechanics based on classic gambling machines. So we don't have any rows, drums or winning lines here. In return, the player receives an exciting and emotional gameplay, in which the game rewards us with powerful winners of winnings, if we are able to keep the nerves on the reins and choose the right time to win the win.

A little -known but ambitious ONlyPlay studio is responsible for the production of the F777 Fighter Slot. The manufacturer also provided the test version of the F777 Fighter machine for free. It is available to players on our website, so you can learn the mechanics and the reward system without any risk, which apply in this original casino slot. We do not have to log in or register to use the F777 Fighter Demo slot in a unlimited way.

F777 Fighter Slot - the main features of the game

As mentioned, in the F777 Fighter slot the player will not find a mechanic typical for online vending machines: prize line, rollers or rows. F777 Fighter, an onlyplay automaton, also has no symbols.

The game is about trying to predict the time for which the virtual plane will continue its flight. Along with the passing time, the available multiplier of our award is growing. F777 Fighter Slot has an automatic game mode. It is highly useful when learning the rules that are very different from those that the player may know from other casino vending machines. The rates of plants available in F777 Fighter are from 1 to 50 per round. However, it is also possible to play for two parallel plants during one round. Then the maximum total plant is 100.

In the case of a standard (manual) game, the RTP index in the F777 Fighter slot is within 93-95%. In relation to the Return automatic game, Player will oscillate around 91.5-94.5%. The F777 Fighter automatic allows you to play in multiplayer mode. The slot also has Progressive jackpot. Of course, Jackpot is available only under casino game for real money.

F777 Fighter - gameplay rules

In the F777 Fighter slot, the game takes place on specific principles that can be a surprise for many players. All the more so you should carefully study the entire section with the F777 Fighter slot principles. Entering the Principles tab takes place after the yellow icon of three lines, which can be seen in the upper left screen sector. Now it's time to describe the gameplay itself, which in F777 Fighter is really exciting. Of course, we start with the basic orientation in the information that the slot gives us.

  1. We see the section at the top Balance, i.e. the amount of our funds for the game. Next to it is an inscription Jackpot presenting the currently available pool of winning as part of the progressive jackpot.
  2. In the bottom sector of the panel we see the screen with the sum served in USD and the Plus and minus buttons. At this point, the player determines the amount of the round to the round.
  3. On the right from the mentioned screen there is a screen with a multiplier. However, it only matters when we turn on tryb Autoplay. To do this, the car button should be united in both screens.
  4. On the right we define prize multiplier, at which our plane's pilot is to cataapult.

In the standard game, we start the round by choosing a yellow button Make Bet. Now the plane is preparing to take off, and after a while it rises into the air. Animation of the aircraft and a growing multiplier will appear in the main screen. A green button with the inscription will appear at the Make Bet button Take, where the prize amount available at a particular moment is also visible. If we click this button, we will win the win.

We can also wait a moment longer, but in this way we risk that the plane will explode before we manage to catapult the remote control, which means the loss of the plant's amount. There are no symbols in the F777 Fighter slot. So differently than in the case of most vending machines, so we will not describe the combinations of symbols and related payments.

Bonus options in F777 Fighter

In F777 Fighter there is only one bonus option that is available in 3 variants. The manufacturer calls this bonus option Aerial Refueling Aircrafts. Sometimes our plane connects to another, smaller aircraft to refuel fuel. Depending on our happiness, bonus refueling can add 20%, 40% or 60% to the sum of a possible prize. However, if our plane explodes before we manage to catapult the pilot and win the win, the bonus will also be lost.

F777 Fighter - where to play this money slot?

F777 Fighter production onlyPlay player will find in the game catalog Neon Vegas casinos Online. We can play it not only in F777 Fighter for real money, but also in a huge number of other slots and table games. The casino conducts its activities under a reputable license.

One of the characteristics of the Neon Vegas casinos is that Australian players will encounter a very high level of adaptation of the site to their needs. Internet casino It also has excellent customer service and a lot of different payment methods. Remember, however, that playing at the Neon Vegas online casino for money requires registration.

How to win more wins in F777 Fighter?

By far the most important element in training strategy in the F777 Fighter Slova is testing the demo version. The game makes learning easier for us in an additional way, because the slot presents the history of our factories, where we can see how many times we have been able to win and at which multiplier we have achieved wins.

You can also try a strategy of alternating winning of winning with a low multiplication (up to × 1.5) and waiting for the multiplier to reach a much higher value. We recommend that it do it in a 3: 1 ratio, i.e. 3 rounds played safely, and 1 more risky. It is worth adding here that in some cases the aircraft in F777 Fighter flies really long, reaching a multiplier of × 100 or × 120.

F777 Fighter in the mobile version

F777 Fighter can be enabled in the window browser window with Android and iOS. We don't need Flash Player.

Titles similar to F777 Fighter

Games that show similarity to F777 Fighter to Aviator slot, Jet X and High Striker.


F777 Fighter is without a doubt a great game. You can achieve substantial winnings here, and the random factor has been perfectly balanced with a strategic factor. It depends on the player whether he will prefer conservative tactics with the winners at the lower multiplier, or whether he will try to win a really powerful prize. Additional advantages are a multi -person game mode and of course progressive jackpot.

F777 Fighter Details of the game

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Can you play without registration in F777 Fighter for free?

Yes. The free version of the F777 Fighter slot without registration is on our website.

Are F777 Fighter free spins?

Not. F777 Fighter does not offer free spins.

Does the F777 Fighter automaton allow money to win?

Yes. Just register at the recommended online casino.

Do you have to download the application for a mobile game in F777 Fighter?

Not. F777 Fighter can simply be turned on in the browser window of any mobile device.