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The EURO Games Technology Video Slot Family has increased by another descendant. Flaming Hot, because such a name was given by its creators, does not differ especially from the rest of the siblings. Once again, we watch a collection of tasty fruit on the screen, burning in infernal fire of gambling passions.

Flaming Hot - nothing new under the sun

Nobody will be surprised by the fact that Flaming Hot Online is another variety of a single -armed bandit game with five drums and 40 winning lines. Also the amount of winnings is similar to in other games of this series: playing for the highest rate of 800 tokens we have the chance to win 400,000, as long as we can see five dollar symbols on the screen, playing the role of Scatter in this game. Synes' symbols (20,000) and bar (6,000) are much less worth the next in order. Vending machines (or at least most of them) use the Wild icons. In the case of Slot Flaming Hot, this role plays on the drums 2.3 and 4 icon with the inscription, and how, Wild. In a winning combination, it replaces all other symbols except Scatter.

The Flaming Hot slot could not miss two rounds of bonus Gamble and Jackpot Cards, in which Euro Games Technology usually provides its games - gambling machines. The first of them is activated by every winning spin. If we want to give a chance to happiness, click the "Gamble" button, which appears at the place of the message about the last win, in the lower right corner of the Slot and we try to guess the color of one of two cards. If we succeed, we duplicate our win, failure means its loss. The second bonus is a simple card game called Jackpot Cards. At this stage of the game we have 12 cards. Our task is to reveal them, until we get three cards of the same color - directions, clubs, karo or peaks. The height of the bonus granted depends on what color we have discovered and on the state of one of the four meters located in the upper part of the slot.

Flaming Hot - basic information

  • Slot type: video slot
  • Number of drums: 5
  • Number of winning lines: 40
  • Wild: Yes, on drums 2, 3 and 4
  • Scatter: No.
  • multiplier: no
  • free spins: none
  • Bonus rounds: a random game of guessing one of two cards, a four -level jackpot cards bonus
  • The minimum rate per spin is 40 and the maximum 800 tokens
  • Autoplay: So
  • Maximum possible win: 400,000 tokens

A fire that does not bother

Free Flaming Hot games are one of the business cards of the Bulgarian Euro Games Technology studio. Online vending machines in this series are characterized by extremely colorful, so as not to say "appetizing" graphic design, and low hardware requirements, thanks to which they also work smoothly on weaker computers.

Play Flaming Hot's flames in flames. The game is available on the pages of our portal, just like others Free slot machines. Flaming Hot does not require registration or downloading any files.

Flaming Hot Game Details

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