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Forest Dreams is a breakthrough among widely known drum games gambling. Any internet user who prefers adventure games should have to know this slot from the inside, and today's review may be especially useful for this.

The Forest Dreams Slot is a work of the art of Evoplay publishing. This advanced 3D machine is a great replacement for games with primitive graphics. It is true that the high quality of the game, sensational graphic design and a lot of valuable animations are not everything. This particular slot is extremely surprising, thanks to the use of a number of interesting bonus options, which we will explain in detail when discussing the offer of this prize game machines.

Meanwhile, we invite players to undertake a training game for free tokens in Forest Dreams on our website. We guarantee all trouble -free access to the full machine offer for anyone who would like to test their happiness in the company of unprecedented special options. Turn on the game and read the next paragraphs of the review. Take experience, find out how individual options work and break the bank in a real game. Good luck!

Forest Dreams game mechanics

At the very beginning, it is worth discussing the basic issues that are responsible for the Forest Dreams online game. Among them, one cannot forget to build a game screen, which in this case was composed as a levitating construction made of five drums and three rows of icons.

Icons drawn on its basis are calculated according to hits on the popular principles of 20 winning lines. Depending on their value, animated symbols activate classic prizes, and their winning frequency coincides with the average value of RTP investments at 96%.

The game can be operated manually or automatically. In each of these cases, players are entitled to manually set the game rate or their series. Forest Dreams Automat accepts plants in the range from 0.1 to even 500 tokens.

Forest Dreams user manual

Knowing how advanced this game is, we would like to outline readers with a short game manual and its individual options. Of course, the player can learn about all curiosities from the game by himself, using the free Forest Dreams Demo mode for this purpose, but for the rest of the gamblers in mind, we would like to mention a few important issues.

First of all, it is worth mentioning how to support this game. Fortunately, all bonuses are activated by the computer, and their activated combinations are automatically counted. So there is no fear of missing the prize due to the lack of knowledge of the Slota offer.

Players should focus their attention mainly on the game screen. This one is equipped with the player's menu at the bottom of the view, where all the buttons for setting the rate and activation of the round found their place. In the left corner, the information button is visible as a direct link to the official guidelines for the game from producenta EvoPlay.

In terms of technological advancement, the Forest Dreams Game Automat is an absolute sensation. Unusual graphics, very impressive special effects are an undoubted advantage of this game, remembering that it is still a popular browser machine.

Bonus for playing in Forest Dreams

Starting from the beginning, in the Forest Dreams Online game you can find a white spirit as a universal symbol Wild. In addition, there are two types of package as part of scatters collected in the form of energy spheres free spins, the first in the amount of 8 and the second in the amount of 12 free turns. Each type of free rounds is equipped with an additional multiplier and differs in terms of technical play without a deposit bonus. In addition, the Forest Dreams slot offers players several original features with mysterious names:

  • PeekabooEach round with Wild, who took part in the winning combination, is re -reused without changing its location. This means that the hit Wild is frozen in a position for one turning forward.
  • Night rejectedIt's a game with free turns and reins. The mode is activated by the Wild icon in the company of a minimum of four scatters - the spheres of energy.

The easiest way to calculate the prizes in this game is to check her withdrawal table. Depending on the set rate, the contents of the table presents players with proposals for the expected prizes for specific hits. Below is an example of such a table:

Forest Dreams game in online casinos

Internet casinos Unlike our site, they give players the opportunity to play this slot based on real cash. Anyone who would like to prove themselves in this type of competition can now set up an account on platform Volcano bet.

This casino as a legal game center is perfect for the beginning of the gambling adventure. Players can use its offer without restrictions, and includes, among others, very attractive bonuses and numerous tournaments. The casino offer is not limited to ordinary games. On this page, players will find various types of gambling, technical department support and attractive forms of deposits.

Plan to play in Forest Dreams

Game training for free is useful in every situation. Our site opens such opportunities to players, offering readers access to hundreds of games, including Slot Forest Dreams Demo with the option of training and testing of all bonuses for free.

Forest Dreams na Android i iOS

This game has been cooperating with all mobile equipment since the premiere. The operation of Android and iOS devices will not be a challenge for her. Importantly, the Forest Dreams Slot without registration does not require any installation, and the whole game offer works straight in the windows of popular browsers, both mobile and desktop.

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Try Forest Dreams for free

Join the game now and test these modes of your own skin. Activate the machine with one click, get the packet of tokens to the game and test all options in each location, on the phone and computer. At the right time, use the accumulated knowledge and go to the game on real terms in Forest Dreams a machine for real money. Remember that a real game is a real risk.

Forest dreams game details

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Bonus game:
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How to use the Forest Dreams game for free?

You don't have to set up an account for a free game. Turn on the game on our part and have fun without limits.

What are the bonuses in Forest Dreams?

Among the bonuses of this game are various packages of free spins with attractive multipliers.

How to play Forest Dreams for real cash?

Registration on the special casino website is required for such a game.

Is downloading Forest Dreams to a disk mandatory?

This game does not need to be downloaded, making it comfortable to use.