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casino game Made by Bally, it is a proposal of a rather poor graphically poor, four -party poker. There is nothing to be discouraged at the beginning. Yes, the graphics do not throw on your knees, but with each party you will feel that the developer has put all the forces on playability here. Therefore, Four card poker online enjoys constant popularity among players.

In a few words, it can be characterized as a combination free online poker with video poker. You compete against the computer, and the game has been varied with several unique functions, including progressive jackpot. On our website you can play Four Card Poker for free, so you will learn the specifics of the game even closer. It will certainly be an extremely valuable experience if you decide to play later a machine for real money. The game is available without download, registration or login - also for mobile devices.

Technical specifications Four card poker

Four Card Poker online gambling gameAs we have already noticed, it has several interesting functions. Let's start with the fact that at the proverbial table, which is simply the game screen here, you sit alone opposite the computer. The minimum plant is 1. The maximum is up to 100,000,000. In the course of one hand you can erect up to three independent factories. The first and obligatory is the "Ante" plant. Such a game involves creating a stronger card system from a computer. The system is counted, as the title of the game indicates, only four best cards. After placing the plant, you can conquer it 1x, 3x or check it.

In addition, during the same party you can put an independent plant on "Aces Up", which will be settled regardless of whether you won or lost to the computer, according to a visible payout table. It works exactly like a classic video poker. All the time on the Four card poker screen online games are also visible the sum of the progressive jackpot, which will be broken at the moment when you create a system with four aces. Of course, you must put the plant on Jackpot before, which is always 1.

In addition, the manufacturer has also prepared automatic bonuses, which are activated independently of complex plants. For the hit of four you will get 25: 1, poker 20: 1 and the three of the three. Under your cards, you can also use the "Enable Advice" function, i.e. hints that will indicate those who are the most optimal traffic with the computer. The computer will tell you if it is worth conquering or checking. Remember, however, not always to suggest hints, because poker is more than a game of logic is a game of cunning. Below we also present what the heights of the winnings look like for specific card systems, if you decide to bet on "Aces Up".

Card layout Winner
Four 50:1
poker 30:1
Troika 7:1
Color 6:1
Straight 5:1
Two couples 2:1
Pair of aces 1:1

The lowest winning system is a pair of aces, which really means returning the rate of the plant. Of course, four are the most desirable, where you can win 50 times the plant. Let us also add that the average return for the player (RTP) is 94.7%.

Four card poker - how to play?

Before you start playing the Four Card Poker Internet, read the instructions described in this paragraph. Unfortunately, but the developer Bally did not impress when it comes to tutorial directly in the game screen. It is a pity, because the game itself is very interesting and certainly clearly lining the rules would contribute to its even greater success. The screen has been divided into two sections. On the left you will notice your account status, game statistics, payment table and progressive jackpot. In the central part of the screen there is a place for your cards, as well as a set of computer cards and all buttons for playing.

  • You will see four wheels there. Ante is to put a compulsory bet on the 1vs1 game with a computer, Aces Up is the opportunity to put a simultaneous bet on the video poker, and Jackpot is the third possible plant if you want to fight for a progressive jackpot. The sum of your plants for the hand is visible in the lowest placed Play window.
  • You can distribute cards with the "Deal" button. You will see five of your cards and the best will be raised. One computer card will also be discovered.
  • At this point, it's time for your decision. You can double or triple the plant or check.
  • After making the choice, all computer cards are discovered and you will see the game resolution.

And this is the whole game. You can decide yourself whether you only compete on the terms of the 1vs1 online poker with a computer or additionally activate the bet on the video poker and/or progressive jackpot.

Is there any game system?

Can you find any effective game system on Four Card Poker Casino? Yes, there are different systems that you can be tempted by. It is a poker where the arrangements and deck of cards are no different from other varieties of this game. Therefore, you can even use a real poker strategy. On our part, however, we can recommend you a few things.

First of all, start playing with low rates and try to use the possibility of putting three bets for one hand. Then, even if you lose to your computer, you can get a win from the payout table. In addition, you also gain a chance to break down Jackpot. And think what will happen if your win is counted from three places at the same time. And we wish you that in Four Card Poker the game will be known from the best side!

Four card poker - play without logging in

Play on our website in the Four Card Poker Demo version and find out that all this is what we write about is really reflected in reality. Our Four Card Poker free is available without registration and login, also on a mobile phone.

And we'll tell you: don't be discouraged at the very beginning. Just like in life, it is not always going to fall in love after the first look, just as in the case of this game, in a few seconds you will not feel the butterflies in your stomach. However, when you are tempted by a few hands, you will see for yourself that Four Card Poker apocus You can like it! Three plants for one hand and high progressive jackpot are the best features that Four Card Poker shows. Are you in? We keep our fingers crossed!