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French roulette - free table game from microgaming

The French Roulette board game (French roulette) is one of the most traditional forms of this game that can be found in the offer of a well -known casino game manufacturer, Microgaming. It is a digital reproduction of roulette in a French version, i.e. 36 numbers on a circle one green field marked as a single zero.

A feature that differs French roulette from European is the use of French, but don't be afraid. Even if you do not know this language, you can play without a problem, because all the controls of the game interface are in English or in Australian, and you will actually see French only on a green dress symbolizing the table to gambling. Below are equivalent terms in Australian, English and French for various plants:

Game interface - translation of bets

Plant (in Australian) In French
For one number And square
For two numbers Cheval
For three numbers Transversal
For four numbers Carre
For six numbers SICHINNE

Plant (in Australian) In French
For six numbers - column Column
For twelve numbers Dozen
For black or red Red Black
To even or odd Pair, Impair
High or low Lack, pass

The table game itself has the "La Partage" function, which means that if your ball lands on a green field with zero, if you bet other numbers, you will only lose half of your plant in this case.

How to play? French roulette for free

The player can play against the casino represented by the virtual dealer, also called the dealer. His role is to shoot a roulette wheel and managing plants and payments of winnings. In this game in European and French varieties, the circle has 37 compartments numbered from 1 to 36 and one marked as zero.
French Roulette table game online from microgaming allows you to put a bet or plants on any number of numbers (including zero) creating a system inside the table or outside of it, and when you do it, the virtual crunch begins with a circle and releases the ball in the direction opposite to the movement of the spinning wheel. After a while, the ball will start to fall towards the compartments and will finally stop in a specific field, remaining in it until the end of the movement. If you have put your bet on a hit number or on a specific feature that is performed by drawn during casino games Even type, red number, etc., you win this round and get a win according to the table.

Here are the main advantages of the game French roulette:

  • No investment and deposits! You can play on our website completely free.
  • You can start the game immediately, without registration and tedious installation of any programs on the computer.

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What does the "French Roulette" online game offer?

In European or French roulette, with one zero the casino advantage is 2.7%. In the American version with double zero, it is 5.26%, which means that the first two varieties are much more favorable for the player giving him a better chance of winning.
Winning rates

The heights of the roulette wins are always constant (of course, if you chose the French Roulette option Route play for free, you will not win anything) and have the following values:

Bet Win
For a single number (it's called simple) 35 do 1
For two numbers (called Split Bet) 17 do 1
For three numbers (called Street Bet) 11 do 1
For four numbers (called Corner Bet) 8 do 1
For six numbers 5 do 1
For a dozen or column 2 do 1
To even / odd and black / red 1 do 1

Summary of the game

For some reason, French roulette game has become a favorite game of Western gentlemen - it perfectly develops logical thinking and fantasy and gives unforgettable sharp emotions. The French online roulette simulator will take you to the world of wonderful clubs for gentlemen, expensive alcohols and true pleasure!

If you would like to try your hand at this game, play our website, because here is French roulette for free, without having to register or download anything on a disk.