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Fruit Zen is the perfect choice for who loves gambling, but at the same time is overwhelmed by the fast pace of the modern world. The five -bubble video of the BetSoft Studio is inspired by the Buddhist Zen philosophy promoting concentration on the interior and a stoic approach to reality. This is a kind of antithesis of typical free gambling, Which usually offer a riot of colors and stimuli, and Fruit Zen will be a calm but fresh experience for every machine lover.

Conservative mechanics

As befits a representative of Zen philosophy, Fruit Zen Online does not surprise. How is it ordinary to make modern bandit single -armed games, production operates on five drums. The player can bet on a higher number of victory lines than usual - as many as ten of them have been made available. There are no scatters in Fruit Zen, but there is a wild symbol. The lack of a system of multipliers or bonus games - apart from the possibility of obtaining respinse, the game is not varied, the player remains only to put more bets. BetSoft has implemented the auto function, and this simple activity can therefore be given to the computer.

Tasty and tasteful - this is how online vending machines should look like

Vending machines can provide both adrenaline and cash injection, but it is rare for them to offer such a pleasant aesthetic impressions as Fruit Zen. The graphic design of the production is at the highest level. BetSoft's game looks modern with its round shapes and symbols modeled in 3D. It is based on warm but subdued colors - it does not offend the eyes, encouraging to play longer. At first glance, it may seem that the game is a classic fruit machine, but Fruit Zen is slightly richer in functions and makes a much more modern impression. The musical setting of the game is surprising. Against the background of other vending machines, it is extremely calm, it looks like a song taken out of the album with relaxing music. If you usually silence the sound effects in single -armed bandits, Fruit Zen will be a nice surprise. The soundtrack of this position in the background gives pleasure and promotes making logical decisions.

The symbols used in the game are from the least valuable to the most valuable:

    • Cherries and raspberries,
    • Plums,
    • Watermelons,
    • Grapes,
    • Lemons,
    • Oranges

Symbol Fruit It serves as a wild symbol. After the appearance, it expands and fills the entire drum, which results in a free response for the user. The prizes add up, so if the wild symbol appears on a larger number of drums, the player will receive more responses. Jackpot is 250 for this game. BetSoft machines usually rotate in such numbers. On our website you will find free games - Fruit Zen is one of them! Play the Demo Fruit Zen version for free now and find out if you will also take the unusual aesthetics of production.

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