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Fans of the queen of random games do not have an easy life. Their beloved Rousse It has practically not changed for hundreds of years, and the only changes that appear in the game are purely cosmetic. After all, every game publisher wants to create their version of roulette, without violating its golden game rules, but providing something new. Something that makes players so that Gold Roulette Roulette was their choice. The production of the Wazdan has been available for several years and if someone regularly moves around the world of igaming, then this name certainly caught his attention many times. Despite the fact that individual versions of roulette do not differ in terms of mechanics, it is worth testing, mainly due to the possibility of learning the new interface opportunities and original ideas of creators that will effectively make fun at Gold Roulette online.

The case is facilitated because the game is available completely free. Thanks to this, fans of this game can simply search for the game in the Casino library, and then run and test at will. The gameplay is powered by a large pool of fictitious money, so you can carefully test any function and make sure that it is what you are looking for.

Program Gold Roulette casino game for free And for money it is completely automated. This means that it is in vain to look for with the cruciferous here. Algorithms and random numbers generator are responsible for everything. In this way, no one has to worry about such issues as places at the table or time to take the next action. In the computer version, the player is the host.

Cechy Gold Roulette

The Wazdan company is famous for its very pragmatic approach to the game served. Their products look nice, but in such a way that they do not affect the ease of gameplay in any way. That is why everything looks quite characteristic in this application. The game table is simply a table with bets. From the first moments, a race track is caught - an additional field for betting. However, his knowledge is not required in any way. That is why Gold Roulette game is also a typical table that should be well known to all fans of this fun. Roulette works on principles from Europe, which is why it can as well be called European Gold Roulette. Zero has a classic meaning here - it is single and in the event of a hit, the plant is lost (unless someone puts on zero).

The plant is set in a standard way, i.e. by placing specific tokens on fields. The program facilitates typing and displays auxiliary information. Therefore, after catching any field, information with a minimum and maximum plant for a given field will appear (from 0.1 to 100). It is worth noting that Gold Roulette Casino allows you to bet on larger factories, but in the case when many fields are selected at the same time. Then there is no restrictions as to the height of the general plant.

As roulette is governed by their own, set rules for a long time ago, the creators themselves do not have a much impact on a refund to the player, which is based mainly on the principles of the operation of the field with zero. In this case, RTP is 97.3%, which is an impressive result, which gives a good chance of achieving something interesting. However, before someone decides to play seriously, it is always worth trying the Gold Roulette demo and testing all its functions. For people who have already been in with roulette, there will be nothing revealing here, but when real money is involved, you should blow cold.

Gold Roulette Roulette How to play?

The rules of the game are very simple and intuitive. It can even be said that several parts in Gold Roulette mode without a deposit are enough to learn all the functions gambling. Roulettes have the fact that at first they look a bit overwhelming, but over time they show that everything is perfectly refined and the fun is extremely simple. The standard game process is as follows.

START The appearance of the screen with the table to the plants.
Betting on the plant On the right side of the screen, the token value is selected, and then clicks placed in specific fields. The value of the placed plant is summed up with each placed token and displayed on the left side of the button responsible for automatic gameplay.
Starting the game When everything is ready, the player can take 3 actions: run an automatic game with currently undertaken plants, start a single roulette draw and cancel the stake (take all chips from the table).
Bonus option After drawing the results and a possible win, there is a popular Gamble option (X2), which allows you to take an additional bet to double the win.

Then he returns to point 1 and repeats the scheme. All Gold Roulette Function buttons Online games have been placed on a straight interface bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen. From left to right they look as follows:

  • SpeedwayIt goes to a separate "table", where you can bet on a different way.
  • Automatic gamePossibility to program the game for 10-1000 draws.
  • Draw drawStarting roulette.
  • Cancellation of the ratereset tokens on the table.
  • Acceleration of the game.

It is worth noting that roulette is a fun for which many different strategies have been created, which allows you to minimize the likelihood of losing. That is why it is always worth getting acquainted with at least one of them and try to apply it to your style of fun. It is an ideal solution for inexperienced people. In addition, it is worth remembering not to start the game from internal plants, but rather focus on those that give you a greater likelihood of hitting. Wins will be lower enough, but they will appear more often, significantly reducing the likelihood of losing all the money.


Each fan of random games should play roulette from time to time. This is original fun, which significantly stands out against the background of all other games in Internet casinos. However, several hundred years of functioning in unchanged form gives food for thought. Gold Roulette gambling from Wazdan is a very solid interpretation of this game, which does not change any basic assumptions and adds several options that improve fun.

From the first moments we know what to do, because the creators thoroughly thought about the location of each button. Therefore, learning to use lasts a few moments, after which you can go to play seriously. Therefore, if someone is looking for a solidly realized classic roulette application, they can check the offer of the Internet Gold Roulette. Especially since it costs nothing. You can play any demonstration version so that when you are sure of your own, go to the game seriously.