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The first thing that catches the eye during the first with the Good Girl Bad Girl's Slot machine is a nice retro appearance that resembles classic computer games from money vending machines. As usual in the case of Betsoft products, a lot of time was devoted to refining the appearance of the game, which makes it look attractive and encouraging. At the same time, it uses excellent quality animation, HD quality graphics and great music.

Good girl bad girl - what is it like?

This new slot machine is a 5-thlemn, 3-row video game with 30 active win lines. A characteristic feature of this game of a single -armed bandit is the solution to the issue of symbols of Wild, which cooperate with magnets spread on the sides of the drums and are even attracted to them, which allows you to collect many pieces of Wilds at once.

The key to the specific win of this machine's game is a magnet, which appears above or from the middle side of three drums. If you have a Wild symbol on a drum or in a poem that is arranged on the line with a magnet, you have a free spin with all Wilds blocked on the drums. This literally provides magnetic impressions, you will see yourself if you decide to play.

If you have more magnetized Wilds, they are also blocked, and you get another free spin. In addition to these attractions, all classic solutions offered by Gambling games This type, and players are obliged to play on all winning lines, and for this reason as many as 40 winning lines are in the game at each spin.

However, you can change the rate at each spine, so you can afford to set a minimum amount of 0.01 cents, which gives spin for just 0.30 cents with a minimum amount of the plant.

The difficulty in the case of slot machines means that it is usually simply completely boring and it really reluctant to play. But not in this case - this one is very addictive. Just. An interesting fact is two types of Wilds - one for a polite girl (halo), the other is forks for Najga. Scatters allow you to win free GOOD GIRL Bad Girl games, so pay attention to them.

How much can you win at Good Girl Bad Girl Online?

Good Girl Bad Girl is classic 3D online machines without the excessive number of additional functions introducing chaos during the game. The rules are simple and transparent, and the configuration options are very wide. For example, the permissible coins' values to be thrown into the machine are 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 and 1.00 euros.

From 1 to 5 coins you can bet on each spin, which means that the maximum plant can be 150 euros and a minimum of 30 cents. The maximum win at hitting the main prize will be 50,000 coins.

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