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Hall of Gods is already iconic free gambling gamewhich most players know. It was founded in 2013, so 7 years on the market is enough time to gain quite a lot of popularity. Not every game is successful, but Hall of Gods belongs to a group of slots that have broken over most of them. This is, among other things, thanks to the very interesting motif of this machine, which focuses on Nordic mythology. If you like such atmosphere, you will certainly also like Hall of Gods.

This is a very well made video slot that is known for its exciting bonuses, which we will talk about. Navigation after the slot is quite simple because the option on the screen is well marked. If you would like to try this slot and see how it works, you can play Hall of Gods for free on our website. We provide this game without any fees, you also do not pay for the bets, because it is a demo version. At the beginning, however, read our review game machine.

Hall of Gods slot – opis gry

Hall of Gods is a game with a fairly standard 5 × 3 net. From these numbers we can find out that there are 5 drums in the game, there are 3 rows of symbols. 20 winning lines is quite a good result, they allow players to draw quite often interesting winnings. It is worth paying attention to the player's return rate, because it is 95.3%, which may not be the best result, but it is understandable because there are as many as 3 different jackpots in the game.

The graphic design of the game is made very nicely, it can be combined immediately with the Nordic motif, because it contains many elements of this culture.

  • Exactly in the middle there is a button that will make you start the game.
  • On the left you choose the level of the plant, on the right you will see its exact sum.
  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all information about the slot, and they are in the PayTable button, and it is on the left.

Additional autoplay and max bet options you will be able to easily identify and get acquainted with them.

How to win in Hall of Gods?

Experienced players are already aware that there is no single recipe for a given slot. The most important thing is to practice a lot. That is why it is so good to use the free version of Hall of Gods on our website. Familiarize yourself with this slot, decide what rate is optimal, how you will get as much as possible out of this machine, and you can use this knowledge for real money. The most important thing is also to be patient and spend some time to get to know this slot well.

Before we get to the most exciting part, i.e. to bonuses, we would like to tell a little about symbols, because they are an important part of this slot. Among them you will find, among others, the next symbols.

CC kch Dirt
Odin 50 150 4000
Thor 40 120 2000
Freya 30 100 1500
Loki 20 70 1000
Bugs 10 50 150

They are the mythological Nordic gods and they are best valuable. Attributes have a little less value, for example, a hammer, a bracelet, an apple basket and a few others. The advantage of the slot is that all symbols are associated with the motif of the game.

Bonusy Hall of Gods

If you like bonuses, then Hall of Gods is undoubtedly a game for you. We will start with the smallest bonus, which is simply the Wild symbol, which simply makes it easier to get one of the clusters. It is possible that you do not know yet, but you can get up to 20 in the game free spins. All you have to do is get at least 3 Scatter symbols and you can use 10 free spins.

The more these symbols, the increased the number of spins, and all winnings are increased 3 times. The biggest attraction of Hall of Gods is, of course, the opportunity to get Jackpot. As many as 3 progressive jackpots are available and you go to a special round as soon as you draw 3 scatters. Then you will be able to destroy the tiles with a large hammer and discover what you won.

Hall of Gods - is it worth playing?

The statement that Hall of Gods is not exaggerated for all players. Many players have already proved that this is a universal game that should like the vast majority of users. Its simplicity combines with many bonuses, and the game itself also offers as many as 3 progressive jackpots, which is quite unexpected.

In every spine you can win a really large sum, which would be a pity if such an opportunity passed your nose. Try the version for free on our website, read the symbols, or maybe you decide to play for real money. We encourage you to check this version and independent decision.

Hall of Gods Details of the game

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