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Hot Gem Xtreme online to automatically online in which we play the role of a miner looking for colorful precious stones in an increasing mine. The game was created by the Playtech developer. The special features of this machine include a variable number of winning lines, the variable board size and many interesting special symbols. You will learn about all these curiosities from the next parts of the text.

On our website you can play Hot Gem Xtreme without registration and no deposit. The game is available for free and the only thing you need to play is any device with internet access. Such training in the demo version is the best preparation to play in Hot Gem Xtreme for real money at any online casino.

Hot Gem Xtreme Slot - technical details

The creator of Hot Gem Xtreme, this video of the slot is Studio PlayTech. The number of winning lines is variable and starts from 4096 and ends at 262.144. The number of drums remains unchanged and is 6, but during the game they also increase and with 4 symbols on one can be a maximum of 8 of them. These changes occur after hitting the next systems one after the other.

The plant is selected from 0.2 to 240 loans. The automatic game, unfortunately, ends only with holding the "spin" key. Hot Gem Xtreme Demo does not have a multi -person game mode. The return rate for the player is 95.81%, which is a value similar to the average rate of return for similar hot spots machines.

Hot Gem Xtreme - basic information

In this machine, creating more winning lines enlarges the game board. Each system is rewarded when it starts with an extremely left drum. For Górnik, these must be a minimum of 2 symbols, for the rest 3. Large symbols falling from above act like a few smaller ones.

The game control is on the right side of the machine. We choose the height of the plant with a and downside next to "Bet". We run the game with the arrows and accelerate it with the "Turbo" button. The rules of the game are in the lower right corner in question. It is worth getting acquainted with them, because all relevant information about the slot was described there.

The appearance of the machine is kept in the climate of the mine. This is evidenced by symbols, which are pickaxes, prams and lamps as well as precious stones. Symbols are supported on ropes that discover them more and more with progress in gambling. The table below presents winning 20 loans.

Symbol CC kch Dirt hluch
miner 8 20 30 75
trolley 5 10 20 40
kilof 4 8 15 20
Lamp, silver crystal 2 4 8 12
Blue, green crystal 1 2 4 6
Orange, red, yellow, purple and pink crystal 1 2 3 5

Bonuses at Hot Gem Xtreme

Hot Gem Xtreme game has many different bonuses and bonuses. Let's start with the Wild symbol in turn. It is a diamond with the inscription "Wild" - it replaces other symbols except for bonus, dynamite and so -called "Macking mystery." The symbol with the transmission and the inscription "Bonus" is a classic scatter. The amount will depend on the number of occurrences free revs:

  • 3 Scattery – 10 DS,
  • 4 Scattery – 12 DS,
  • 5 scatters - 18 DS,
  • 6 or more - 25 DS.

Dynamite at the end of the spin explodes and changes the symbols around yourself to one symbol of Wild. It doesn't change only Scatter, Wild, "walking mystery" and large 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 symbols. Basic symbols can occur enlarged to a size of 2 × 2 and 3 × 3, thanks to which they cover more fields. If a large symbol appears on the board, it destroys all below and falls down the board.

"A walking secret" is a special symbol that looks like a ball of fire and appearing in random moments Games for real money. He jumps through several adjacent fields and then turns them into one of the basic symbols. This symbol will not take the field of dynamite or scatter.

When playing free spins, each win or explosion of dynamite increases the so -called Safety level, i.e. increases the number of symbols on the board. The number of symbols on the board will not decrease until the end of the spin. The maximum safety level is 8 x 6 symbols from 262,144 winning lines. The hit of additional scatters while playing free spinnings is associated with 3 responses. The safety level does not decrease during responents.

Hot Gem Xtreme - which casino will be the best?

W Super cat online casino You can play Hot Gem Extreme for real money. Earlier registration and verification of your identity will be required. This Online casino It has a very rich game library, so you'll definitely find something for yourself.

It is perfectly adapted to Australian players, and offers many different forms of payment. The casino is safe because it has all the required licenses for playing machines. It also guarantees the payment of won funds.

How should you play Hot Gem Xtreme?

The game has many interesting and various functionalities. You should read it well, preferably in a free game without consequences. Good knowledge of the machine will have a positive effect when playing real money. Playing for real money is always worth starting with low rates and as you get progress, increase the rate.

Hot Gem Xtreme for mobile devices

The machine was created in HTML5 technology, so you can play on every modern mobile device regardless of the operating system. The game to run only requires a browser, you don't have to download Flash Player. Sam smoothly adapts to the resolution of the smartphone or tablet.

Similar games

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Try Hot Gem Xtreme for free

Hot Gem Xtreme is a very good slot with many functionalities and various symbols. The expanding board along with progress gives more and more chances of winning. Along with the increasing size of the board, the number of winning lines also increases. This motive fits perfectly with the deepening mine along with the extraction. Playtech gave us a very good machine in which everyone should play. We recommend!

Hot gem xtreme game details

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Bonus game:
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Is it possible to play Hot Gem Xtreme without paying?

The Hot Gem Xtreme machine is available for free, e.g. on our website.

Does Hot Gem Xtreme have the function of free spins?

After winning 3 scatters, the game starts the function of free spins.

Is it possible to play for real money Hot Gem Xtreme Automat?

To play for real money, use the services of a licensed online casino.

Do you have to download a hot gem xtreme game machine to play?

A web browser is enough for the game. You don't have to download anything more.