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It is a classic game, which is known primarily among gambling players. This type of game machine was available mostly in all casinos around the world, while currently the Hot Target game is available online on the Internet. It is an excellent copy, old and very popular game machine. The producer of the game is the Austrian company Novomatic, founded in 1980. However, all rules of the game are very simple and the game is very addictive. Play the game Hot Target anyone interested can completely free, thanks to our website. The name of the Hot Target gambling machine is translated as a hot target. However, such a game offers extraordinary slot hot spot up to five drums.

Hot Target Slot - Main functions

The hot target game is quite simple. It consists of a 5-zone and 9-line slot. It is a game that is quite widely developed, and at the same time developed compared to other well -known games. Is it fruit machine, which is characterized by symbols of fruit such as cherries, lemons, as well as black jokers, bars and bells. The free Hot Target game machine is popular because it is easy to use.

  1. To start the game, it is worth getting acquainted with all available symbols that appear in this game, payments and bonus games,
  2. Then you should completely prepare for the entire gambling process, and more precisely get acquainted with:
    • active lines settings;
    • settings of each plant with gradual growth;
    • maximum plant settings;
  3. After reading a number of processes, you can start the drum - Start.

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Payment table in Hot Target?

Thanks to the classic Hot Target game machine, we have the opportunity to get rich. The assumptions of this game are very simple - 5 drums, 15 symbols and 9 payments available. Choose from one, three, five, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven and nine lines, starting from the main rate 1. It must be remembered that the more withdrawal lines and the higher the rate, the greater the chance to win and the higher entry amount. The amount and value of all combinations is already included in the slot itself. If we manage to hit:

  • 5 bells, cherries, lemons and watermelons, we will get a guaranteed sum of 10,000,
  • 5 bar icons, we will get 100,000, red 25,000, 50,000
  • 3 stars (scratter), guarantee up to 10 free rounds (only in gambling),
  • 3-5 bells, gives us a win of 1,000 to 10,000 coins,
  • 3 watermelons, we will win 1,000 or even 10,000 coins.

Everything depends on the height of the plants and the number of symbols hit. Every player preparing to play in Hot Target must know that setting 9 lines is completely very favorable to get the highest number of tokens (100 for each set line). We can bet 900 tokens in this way. The BET Max button will allow you to bet the highest sum.

How to play to win?

Hot target is a very simple, classic slot machine, in which all aspects are subordinated to the dynamics of the game. In addition, it is based solely on random factors, there is no need to gain skills in the game or using strategies. Anyway, even no strategies exist. The result of each drum turn is a random matter and unrelated to previous symbol combinations.

Nevertheless, you can always use a special function added to the game by Novomatic. We mean the Gamble option, which allows you to double the winning Depositless bonus. The risk is low because it is only 50%! If you haven't played Hot Target before, then start getting to know it from the demo version, which is available on our website for free. And then it's worth starting play for real money starting with low rates. This is a reasonable approach.

The biggest win is when we manage to draw 5 icons of black jokers - then our total amount of money won will be multiplied by 5,000 times !!

Hot Target Bonuses

Pros online casinos They are particularly dependent on the game manufacturer. The player's main task is to familiarize yourself with gambling, which can later become a vein of gold and bring attractive benefits. It should be remembered that in this place rush does not matter, it is about the good of the player and his level of satisfaction. Bonus rounds and free spins are the main advantage of the Hot Target game. The bonus game is a complete standard, gives us the opportunity to double the winning amount, an additional approach or twisting drum. The last two options to choose from, according to the player's concept.

Hot target on phones

Gra Hot Target firmy Novomatic It uses modern HTML5 technology, which only requires a web browser that supports it. And this means that this slot does not set any requirements for the processor, hardware platform or the operating system. So it is compatible with all devices, regardless of their manufacturer. You will play the same in the hot target for iPhone, iPad, as well as on the phone and tablet with Android. The game will look identical and work very smoothly and offer all features and functions, as on a desktop computer.


The Hot Target Slot machine is primarily associated with quite easy rules. Even a little experienced player is able to master them quite quickly and effectively without any additional problem. The online version gives us benefits in the form free spins, bonus game and winning a real sum of money. The main disadvantage of this game is the lack of its full version on the internet for free. In the case of this game, we are attracted by a colorful graphic design that offers a red board, white drum background and colorful fruit. The whole interface is quite originally presented, properly transparent and legible. Meet the others free gambling games on our website!

Hot target game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Can I play Hot Target online for free?

Yes, especially for you, we share this game in a free version for virtual currency.

Does the hot target game have free spins?

Yes. If you see at least three (or more) golden stars in the game window (they act as scatters), then you will get 10 free spins.

Can I win real money by playing a hot target slot?

Yes of course. Novomatic games have always been famous for high winnings. The maximum win in this game is 5,000 coins - but if you take into account that the coin can be 100 euros, then count the final win!

Do I have to download a hot target slot to play?

Not. The game is made in HTML5 technology, so you only need a web browser to play.