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All fans of classic fruit, reaching for a hot twenty game, can feel fully satisfied. This is a traditional game machine that is not complicated and guarantees unforgettable entertainment. The principles of this machine are known to anyone who played at least once in the so -called one -armed bandit. Ashgaming, creating the mentioned proposal, chose the most traditional fruit, such as:

  • Cherries,
  • Grapes,
  • Plums,
  • Oranges,
  • watermelons.

It is the quintessence of slots, which still enjoys great interest.

The name of the Hot Twenty game is associated with the number of winning systems, of which there are up to twenty. As in historical fruit vending machines, this one is also not enriched with bonuses or free slots. It is simplicity that draws in with each subsequent filming. For everyone interested in this type of fun, the website has prepared the possibility of a free game that will allow you to prepare for real impressions with a dose of adrenaline.

Hot Twenty slot - main functions

The game in Hot Twenty does not differ from the traditional slot machines, known from casinos available stationary. Of course, thanks to the fact that it is an online slot, it offers its recipients a bit more opportunities. You can play it anywhere and time, using popular websites, such as

In the aforementioned slot you can play using 20 lines and 5 drums. This gives the user a lot of chances to get a winning system. When it comes to visual effects, when using the game, they are at a very basic level. The graphics are simple, its aesthetics very similar to classic one -armed bandits. Function buttons are placed at the bottom of the page, but you can also use those hidden on the sides of the windows. The user can see information about the rate and accumulated funds while using navigation. This simplicity also applies to sound. All this translates into very trivial service, which is even understood for beginners. Just select the Play button for free and you are already entering the world of one of the world's most valued vending machines.

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How to win in Hot Twenty?

Many people might seem that winning on machines only depends on happiness. Of course, there is some truth in it, but it is not one hundred percent. In this game it is possible to raise your chances of winning. It is best to constantly control your rate and also increase the number of lines playing. This allows you to get interesting systems that bring significant winnings.

Below is how the winnings are distributed:

  • Wild - 100,000, 5000, 2,000, 200. Symbol marked as "7". It replaces other fruits. If all the elements are replaced on the board, the bank is broken down.
  • SCATTER - 50,000, 2,000, 500 - in this slot, Scatter is represented by a sheriff star.
  • Watermelon - 2,000, 400, 100 - this is one of the more profitable fruits available in the game. Other fruits, such as lemons, plums or cherries, also give rise to coins, but it is at a much lower level.

These wins apply to variants with the highest rate. That is why playing with large money is so important because they can give much more wins. As you can see, there are many possibilities to achieve victory. Considering this fact, it is worth trying your hand in the free version, so that you can later play for real money and enjoy sky -high achievements.

Hot Twenty Bonuses

Traditional fruit games were very simple and uncomplicated. It is this simplicity that still attracts to this type of entertainment. People appreciate pure form and lack of problematic rules. Therefore, the Hot Twenty slot does not have bonus rounds or the possibilities of free spins. This is a characteristic feature of all classics among vending machines. However, there is a chance to break the sum. The player can take a chance and double, and even increase his win four times, it is a very tempting option. Just guess what card has been hidden, you can only bet on its color, but also try to guess the color. The chances are very high, it can be up to 50%, and in a more risky option 25%.


There is only one way to win, you should play. Regardless of the initial results, it is worth trying and trying to achieve the greatest possible winnings. You can experiment at the picked rate or playing lines, sometimes it is worth reaching for the instep, even if the chances of winning constitute 25%.

The traditional machine fruit, which is hot twents, is very simple and intuitive to use. For some people it will be a defect, and for others an advantage. The same when it comes to the lack of bonuses and free spinning. Here, too, you can come across supporters and opponents.

One thing is certain - it is a machine game in pure form, without modification, modernities and unnecessary complexities. Undecidental people should try their hand at gambling classics. If they are afraid of playing for real money, they can start with the free game offered by the website, which is famous for its excellent quality gambling games, available without registration and completely free.

Hot twenty details of the game

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