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Smoky streets through which neon lights break through. Police chases that may end up in a long time. Beautiful women, weapons, pursuit and expensive alcohol. Feel the amazing atmosphere of the 80s Miami. Hotline arcade game This is a great work of the producer Netent. There is no second such machine so steeped in America at the end of the 20th century. The whole intro starting the game looks like a short gangster movie. It promises to be really good.

Hotline without registration is available on our website. You can play Hotline for free, without having to pay a deposit. This is the best way to get to know the machine. Without the risk of losing funds, you can practice to prepare for great emotions in Hotline for real money.

Hotline technical specifications

Netent is the producer of this gambling. It is to him that you should send letters with thanks for this video slot. The game takes place on 5 drums, on which 30 winning lines are active. Depending on the number of active Hotline lines, the plant can range from 0.15 tokens on one to 450 tokens during all three active hotline lines. This is also associated with an RTP coefficient that can be from 96.1% to even 97% on all lines. The next part will be explained what these hotline lines are about.

Hotline game has a very well -made automatic game mode. You can carefully indicate the stop parameters in it. It could be an increase or decline with a certain amount of tokens or e.g. free spins without deposit. The game can go automatically even for 1000 rounds. However, there is no multi -person game mode.

Hotline - basic information

The appearance of the machine refers to the 80s. There are neon lights everywhere, and the silhouettes of the characters can rightly be associated with the characters of the series Policemen from Miami. The game control is on the bottom panel. The rules of the game were hidden under three stripes in the lower left corner. You should always read them well. All information about the machine is available there.

We watch the tables with the next buttons, set the plant and rotate with drums. Finally, the balance is displayed next to the sound switch. The sound in this slot must not be turned off! On the left side of the drums with three yellow wheels we run hotline lines. They are all independent of each other. They can be switched freely.

The table below presents wins for a plant equal to 150 tokens at one Hotline line. When increasing the number of hotline lines, the payment table does not increase. However, the chance of achieving one of the several premiums available in detail in the next item increases.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
ring 50 100 200
Necklace 50 150 250
Crown 50 200 300
Quinn 100 300 800
Rivera 200 500 1,200
Kitty Weiss 300 900 2,000

Hotline bonuses

Hotline Bonus Bet is an option that has a big impact on all others. For this reason, you should start with her. It involves choosing rows that will be covered a special bonus without a deposit Active Hotline line. By default, this is only the second row. You can optionally choose the first and third row. By activating additional Hotline lines, it will be possible to extend the Wild symbol to all lines. Of course, only when it appears on the active Hotline line. Activation of additional lines also increases the chances of respondents. As you can guess - there is nothing for free. Activation of additional lines will be associated with raising a total plant. Two active lines are doubled, three lines cut the plant.

Respina occurs when the Wild symbol gets on the aforementioned active Hotline line. For each one hit the symbol is entitled to one free Respin. When more of them appears, or after the first turn the next Wild on the hotline line happens, another free respin is performed. Of course, during responents, the Wild symbol is expanded to the entire drum and remains until the end of the response. When the Wild symbol does not appear anymore, the respondents are completed.

Hotline game does not stop at these bonuses. There are still free spins. Although they sound similar to respinits - this is a different bonus. 7 free spins are activated after hitting 3 scatter symbols. Free spins combine with the hotline bonus. It means that if during free spins you hit the Wild symbol on the active Hotline line, it stays there until the end until the end of the spin.

Hotline - which casino to choose?

Kasyno Vulkan Vegas It offers a hotline automat for free. This is just one of many other machines available in this online casino. Games are perfectly prepared for Australian players. Mostly they are translated into Australian. Playing in this casino is 100% safe. By having the required license, it guarantees the payment of accumulated funds. You can play for virtual tokens or for real money. In playing for money It will be required to register your account. There are also many payment methods available.

How to play hotline?

Hotline Demo is the best way to learn the rules of the game. Free game allows you to make mistakes without consequences. Train yourself in a free game to be ready to play for real money. Start with low factories, lift them when you are ready. This rule always works.

Hotline in the mobile version

The hotline slot was created in HTML5 technology. It allows you to play on various contemporary mobile devices. It is easily played on tablets or smartphones. You no longer have to download any additional plugins. Everything will open without a problem in your favorite browser.

Slots with similar features

It is hard to find a slot that ensures such a high level of gameplay. When you like games referring to Miami 80s, also play Miami Nights. Maybe there are no such effective animations, but you will definitely find many similarities to Hotline. Another title that you can propose is the CSI Slot in which you will have to solve other puzzles often with gangsters as the main characters.

Try hotline for free

Play Hotline! There is nothing to talk about. This is a slot other than all. If you like the atmosphere of policemen from Miami and chases, this game is created for you. The RTP coefficient of up to 97% additionally encourages to play. Can you expect something more? See for yourself.

Hotline game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Can you play Hotline for free?

Of course, Hotline is available for free.

Has the hotline slot equipped with free spins?

Hotline has been equipped with free sip and re-spines.

Is it possible to win real money by playing hotline?

Yes, real money can be won at an online casino.

Do you have to download something to play hotline?

Hotline is available from the browser level. You don't have to download anything more.