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Jewels 4 All – darmowy slot online

Jewels 4 All arcade game This is a kind of return to the past. For the game, it is represented by the well -known gaming machines in the world Novomatic. This company is probably responsible for the largest number of hits from years ago. If someone had a good time at Book of Ra if Sizzling hot, Jewels 4 All Game will certainly like it.

Novomatic is a brand that provides only high -quality gaming machines. It is worth noting that these games very often differ from the competition in terms of graphics, Al. They make up for the game. Thanks to this, they are constantly found in high places of popularity rankings.

The slot is available on our website in the Jewels 4 ALL version for free. Thanks to this, every casino player can check the machine at any angle, without the risk of losing, so that only when he is sure of his own, go to play seriously in A real online casino.

Basic information about Jewels 4 All

The producer of the game is Novomatic - well -known in the world of Igaming Studio, which took an active part in the formation of gambling on the Internet. Jewels 4 All Online is a standard old -style game machine, which puts on the game like on old machines standing in stationary casinos. gambling It has a popular format with 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. Symbols can create combinations winning according to 10 lines. The minimum plant is 1 on each line, and the maximum is 100.

The player can choose the number of active lines, so the minimum and maximum bet is from 1 to 1000. The creators do not officially give the RTP value, but most likely the return is at the level of about 95%. The game is characterized by the original user interface, which is rare today. By clicking the Automatic Start button, you can start the automatic drawing of symbols with the current settings of the plant.

Jewels 4 ALL - the most important information about the gameplay

Novomatic games from years ago look a bit archaic. By playing at Jewels 4 All Automat, you can get the same impression. The symbols are very simple and if someone knows other titles of this company, some of them have already met. From the first moments you can see that the creators in this case did not mean to create a game, the strongest side of which would be the graphic design. Here, above all, the gameplay itself counts, and she is already at the highest level.

On the sides of the screen there is an interface buttons, which at the beginning may be a bit scared. On the left side there are several options for setting active lines and switching the program to the full screen. On the right you can:

  • switch, among others, machines with this game,
  • Denominate the currency (and winnings),
  • set the maximum and minimum plant,
  • turn on the automatic draw,
  • Start a single drawing of symbols.

The most important, however, is the icon signed "Info". This is where all key data about symbols and special functions of the gaming machine were placed. Each player should carefully get acquainted with all the data posted there before he decides to play at Jewels 4 All for real money. Only 8 different symbols appear on the game drums. 7 of them pay standard winnings. At the plant of 1 on the line, the winnings are as follows.

5x hch ZKS
Amethyst, emerald 100 20 5
Sapphire, ruby 200 40 5
Money, gold 500 60 10
Crown 1000 100 20

Special functions in Jewels 4 ALL

As befits a typical gaming machine from Novomatic, Jewels 4 ALL has only one bonus function and one additional bonus game related to an additional plant.

wild The star turns with all other symbols, ensuring much easier creation of winning combinations. In addition, it expands to all the icons surrounding it.
Gamble A popular additional game that is activated in the event of a win. The user can win money in the game with the draw drawing. With a 50% chance of hitting, you can double your win. Incorrectly selecting the result of the draw results in the loss of winning.

Where you can play Jewels 4 All

The Jewels 4 All game is available in the library Spinia online casino. The website works in accordance with the guidelines of the body issuing an international gambling license, so you can play completely safely and legally. The game library is filled with all the most important titles on the market, thanks to which everyone will find at least a few dozen games that will fit into their requirements.

The Spinia casino was adapted to Poles. Thanks to this, you can play using the Australian zloty and use all the most popular payment methods in the country on the Vistula. In the moment Spinia Casino offers a generous bonus without a deposit Exclusive for users of our website, so account registration will be necessary to be able to play with the use of real money.

What to do to win as much as possible at Jewels 4 All?

Every player wants to win, but hardly anyone knows how to play in an optimal way. The most important thing is not to be angry and euphoria. You always have to think soberly and adapt to the changing conditions at the gaming machine. Always check the game in the demo version to get to know it from each side. The plant should be low, adapted to the budget. From time to time, you can try happiness for a larger amount and use the gamble option. If everything is done with your head, then you will certainly be able to properly optimize the game.

Jewels 4 All on portable devices

The machine, despite the fact that it looks age, has been adapted to the latest technologies. Thanks to this, you can play with it, as well on computers and with mobile devices. Just search for the game in the Casino library and regardless of whether someone wants to play seriously or in Jewels 4 All for free - it is just as easy to run. All you need is a web browser.

Try Jewels 4 All for free

The Jewels 4 All game will certainly reject many players with a slightly outdated look, but if someone tries despite the negative first impression, they will receive a very reliable and pleasant gaming machine. Novomatic has tried to make their game the best in what is most important in the slots and they succeeded. Something interesting is happening on the screen all the time and we wish all people who decide to try Jewels 4 All without registration or for money.

Jewels 4 All Details of the Game

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Is the Jewels 4 ALL machine available for free?

Jewels 4 All Demo is always available on our website. If an internet casino has this position in its library, it can certainly be launched in a test version at an online casino.

Can I use free spins when playing at Jewels 4 All?

If the online casino provides the ability to pick up free spins, they will certainly be able to be used, among others, at Jewels 4 All.

I want to play for real money. Does Jewels 4 All allow me?

Yes. The machine has been playing with real money for years and it does it really well. Use your account in a real casino to play for real money

Will I have to download a special program to play Jewels 4 All?

You don't have to download any software or drivers. It is enough for the device to be equipped with a popular web browser and is connected to the Internet, and the game will always start.