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Blackjack's story is several hundred years old. Today, to play it, just remove the phone from your pocket. Lucky Blackjack online This is a chance to compete with a computer opponent who is a cruggle in the game. So you have to get a better card layout than him to win the prize. The chance to win is high, because RTP is almost 100%.

Play in the "eye", as in Australia is sometimes called blackjacka you can without any problems. It will go without registration, without logging in and without downloading any software. You can even play without financial risk in demonstration mode for virtual money. All you need is a device (stationary or mobile) with a web browser installed and being online.

Technical specifications Lucky Blackjack

While playing in Lucky Blackjack Casino, the betting can be put on three hands. In specific situations, the Split option appears to divide a given hand one -time. So sometimes it may even happen that you play six hands.

You can put from 0.5 to 500 units on each hand. In Lucky Blackjack for free the unit is named as fun. Of course, in the game for real money, the unit is real money and real currency, e.g. euro. At six hands played at a maximum rate, you can put a total plant worth up to 3,000 units. Lucky Blackjack is therefore a game given to both players who prefer a careful and risky game. It is also worth paying attention to a few other technical and statistical aspects.

Lucky Blackjack gra — parametry Parameter value
RTP using the optimal strategy 99,54%
Chardier game diagram Selecting cards until you get at least 17 points
Additional functions Split, double, insurance
Number of cards used in the game 6 standard 52-card decks (without jokers)

In short, Lucky Blackjack is a game faithfully reflecting the specifics of the classic blackjack, which has been played for centuries.

Lucky Blackjack How to play?

The purpose of the game, as in every blackjack, is to get closer to 21 points more than a crunch (without exceeding 21 points). Points are calculated on the basis of cards kept in hand. Numerical cards (2-10) is equal to their denomination. Wałet, the lady and the king are always worth 10 points. In turn, AS can be worth 1 or 11 points depending on what will be more favorable in a given system.

After placing the plant, two cards are distributed to each hand and two cards to the croupier (the player sees only the first dealer card). Then you decide whether to download more cards. When you no longer want to download the next cards, there is a comparison of systems on the Player - Krupier line, and the plant is settled.

Standard winnings are settled after a 1: 1 exchange rate. However, if the player gets a classic blackjack (i.e. AS + card worth 10 points), the win is calculated at the 3: 2 rate of the plant rates. The plant in each hand is settled individually. The Lucky Blackjack interface online games is legible and dynamic at the same time. The availability of specific buttons changes with the situation on the table. Before distributing cards, the following buttons can be used:

  • At the bottom of the screen there is a palette of tokens of various values. You need to click any of them, depending on how much the plant you want to put up.
  • After clicking the token, clicks at least one of three fields on the platform board. They are marked as Place Bet.
  • The red X button withdraws all the tokens placed from the board.
  • Clicking the green X2 button duplicates the value of the set tokens.
  • The green Rebet button sets the same chip layer on the board as in the previous round.
  • The REBET X2 orange button is used to set up twice as large as in the previous game.
  • Choosing a blue Deal button is equivalent to erecting a plant and requesting cards.

After handing out the cards, three buttons appear on the screen:

  • Double means choosing one card and double the plant.
  • Stand is going when you do not want to choose the next cards, and instead he prefers to compare the systems with the cruggle.
  • The hit clicks when you want to choose the next card.

In certain situations, additional buttons related to the optional special functions of the Lucky Blackjack online table may appear on the screen. More on this below.

Function Availability Action
Insurance (insurance) When the visible dealer card is AS If the dealer gets a classic blackjack, the player scoopes the double value of insurance. Otherwise, insurance is lost.
Splitting (division) When the player has two cards of the same value, e.g. Wałet and King. Dividing a given hand into two separate (the value of the plant in each of them is the same as in the original hand). After the division, another card is selected. Wins from divided hands are always counted after a 1: 1 course and even if you got a classic blackjack.

Lucky Blackjack online game is an ideal production for the use of blackjack strategies known for online casinos and ground. Ba, you have even more opportunities here. While counting cards at a stationary casino can be seen as at least controversial, no one controls the player during the internet game. You also have any time to make a decision.

What's more, mathematicians have already developed several methods of counting cards in Blackjack. To this you need to add a number of strategies created by players. Getting to know and test all methods that increase the chances of winning can bring a lot of fun. At the beginning, however, it is better to train them at Lucky Blackjack, free table so as not to take risks.

Identical casino game He has a built -in tutorial and sometimes displays tips to the player. This happens when the player intentionally or accidentally selects an irrational option, e.g. when he wants to choose one more card with a 19 -point system. We recommend that at least at the start you do not kidnap at too high rates.

Lucky Blackjack - free game

Certainly Lucky Blackjack Demo is a successful production. Nice graphics, a pleasant soundtrack or intuitive interface are its advantages. I am also pleased with the implementation of the classic rules gambling in the eye with additional functions. You can be even more satisfied with the level of theoretical opportunities to win. In Lucky Blackjack without a deposit, the chance of a player and a virtual dealer to win are almost the same.

In fact, in this game it is difficult to find anything that you could attach about. If you look for some deficiencies, you can say that there is no "wow effect" here. Lucky Blackjack does not offer anything extraordinary, which would clearly distinguish this production from the competition.