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Lemon or watermelon? Cherry or orange? Grape or ... jackpot? arcade game Mega Joker does it all possible: bright design, realistic animation, high quality sounds and a high percentage of return (99%) - it is impossible to be without it in another quality product from the manufacturer Netent.

In addition to the usual game, Mega Joker provides an additional great game that helps the user get more points and is performed using the upper drums. The Mega Joker video slot is activated automatically, right after the winning combination on the lower drums. The transition to the lower drums also takes place automatically - after the first defeat at the higher.

Mega Joker is a typical slot referring to the Fruit Machines style. Most symbols placed on drums are fruit such as lemons, plums or cherries, but we will also find a golden chest and seven. The slot has been designed in such a way as to give the impression of a "blood and blood" machine standing in a game salon. The graphics are of the highest flights, slot machines are not only visual impressions - the slot has a charm, it is full of funny sounds, and it offers progressive jackpot.

Mega joker for Darma

Classic Machine Machine Games with fruit They are very popular for many players from around the world. This is understandable, because similar games of Mega Joker machines have become one of the first who liked the wide auditorium of players. One of the representatives of the category of such games was the game Mega Joker. The topic in the game is not strictly observed, and players can enjoy authentic entertainment without details and for free. Mega Joker game is distinguished by a visual appearance, pleasant simplicity and brightness. The color palette is very hot here because it consists of rich shades of red and orange.

Each user can test the Mega Joker demo version for free, you only need to rotate with three drums. Earlier you need to use BET keys to choose the right size of the plant. Playing at Mega Joker Slot for free it would be logical to play at minimal rates, because then you can practice your favorite game even longer.

Thanks to this toy you can also get a win for one happy spin without registration and download. The Mega Joker online automat during the game will enjoy all users with its convenient interface and frequent winnings, because the game machine has a high percentage of return - 99%!

Unique welcome offer200% to AUD 4,000 + 50 free spinv

Mega Joker Mobile

Many well -known manufacturers offer the ability to download machines on the phone. The well -known manufacturer Netent also tries to make this function available for his customers. Some are skeptical about this type of game. However, the Megajoker game on the phone is almost the same as the slot that players play on the computer. Graphics, sounds, coefficients and winning lines are the same. The advantages of Mega Joker Mobile can convince everyone to try this fun. The main advantage is high availability and ease of use. You can start a casino machine from any smartphone, tablet or other portable device. The next advantage is mobility and game for free, because many websites offer the demo versions of the Mega Joker Free machine. Our portal also offers a free Mega Joker online game.

Mega Joker game bonuses

Bonuses of the Joker Machine Machine will comfort each other with their offer. Because after each victorious turn, the machine will offer you playing with it, with the possibility of double profit for free. Chances of winning - 50/50. You just have to guess the suit on the card. Sometimes you only need to carefully monitor the change in the color of the shirt, and sometimes there is quite happiness. Risk is a noble and very profitable business! Play on the machine completely free, doubling the plant now and playing even more!

A separate bonus round of a single -armed bandit for free mega joker has. However, the player can take advantage of the slot offer and win Jackpot! Just start playing on the upper drums in Supermeter mode. The "Collect" button will help you pick your win from the lower drums or risk and turn the drums from above. In SuperMeter mode, the game is played at a double or quadruple level. The ratio of payments in the Supermeter game is significantly increased.

Symbols of the game of the Mega Joker machine

Symbols of the game single -armed bandit Mega Joker during the game will encourage guests virtual casinos. Every lover of sharp emotions will be able to play this slot absolutely for free.

  • Selected cherries, plums, oranges, lemons and watermelons are less valuable symbols. They will bring 10 to 1,200 coins. Only this time their number will depend on the size of the plant.
  • The more expensive symbols are golden bells, golden bars and seven. For the maximum plant, they can add 2,000 coins to your account.
  • The smiling Joker became a wild symbol (Wild Symbol), enjoying the player with impressive payments that can reach 2,000 coins.

How to play to win?

There is no one specific method to win while playing in Mega Joker. This is a slot machine in which the result of each spin does not depend on the decisions in the previous round. This means that there are no strategies or systems that increase the chance of winning. You just have to be lucky!

You can also start the game with low rates to get to know the game better and see how they translate into winnings. Or choose a demo version available with us, i.e. play for free to gain experience. You don't have to have any skills in this game or be an advanced player. But it's always worth getting to know her a little better before playing for real money!

Rules of playing in a nutshell

Mega Joker Online, deliberate imitation of the game stationary vending machines, in its basic edition is a three -brown slot with five winning lines. The denominations of coins range from 0.10 to 1, the maximum plant amount is 10 euros (10 coins with a denomination of 1 euro).
After a winning spin (but only when playing at the highest rate) it is possible to activate the upper set of drums and games in the "Super Meter" mode. The highest win in this game phase is 2,000 coins.

Let's move on to the most interesting functionality offered by gambling machines, i.e. a progressive jackpot to which 3% of each plant goes. Winning Jackpot is associated with certain conditions:

  • You should play using coins with the highest denomination
  • The game must take place in a standard mode, on the bottom set of drums

As Mega Joker represents traditional online vending machines, all you have to do is get three Joker symbols on the winning line to transfer the progressive jackpot amount to your account. It should be remembered that when we play in Super-Meter mode, the combination of three jokers will not bring us a jackpot, and "only" 2,000 coins, which, if not considering Jackpot, is the highest win.
The most important features free gambling games called Mega Joker:

  • typ: video slot
  • subject: fruit machine
  • Monet denominations: from 0.10 to 1 in the selected currency
  • Plant rates: from 1 to 10 euros (or other currency)
  • Progressive jackpot: So
  • autoplay: Not
  • Multiplier: Not

Conclusion, i.e. I'm on yes

I must admit that the first with the product firmy Net Entertainment does not knock you down. However, it should be remembered that the authors gave the game such an economical form for a reason. Like other free games, a mega joker quickly makes it addicted, maybe it is due to the nostalgia that some gambling fans feel for this type of machine. Progressive jackpot and considerable, reaching 99% return on the game can also be a strong motivation to play. Check if the magic of the single -armed bandit will also work for you. Play Mega Joker Slot for Free on our website. It is not necessary to register or download any files for fun.

Mega joker game details

Free spins:
Symbol Wild:
Winning lines:
Min. Number of tokens on Spin:
Symbol Scatter:
Bonus game:
Max. Number of tokens on Spin:
Autoplay option:


Can I play Mega Joker online for free?

Yes. The appropriate demo version, completely free, is available on our website. You can play it without any restrictions.

Does a mega joker game have free spins?

No, this function is not available in this game. After all, it is a simple fruit game without additional, extensive functionality.

Can I win real money by playing a mega joker slot?

Yes of course. A standard win during the game can be up to 18,000 euros, and there is also a progressive prize pool.

Do I have to download a mega Joker Slot to play?

No, the Mega Joker game works from the web browser on every device.