OK Pay is an online P2P and B2C payment system, providing users with a virtual account enabling easy sending, receiving and paying money and making purchases online. OK Pay is a widespread electronic payment system and belongs to the group recognized on the market of e-Wallet service providers with over 300,000 active user accounts. The company's payment network offers access to a large number of payment options for companies in over 200 countries as part of one functionality. And this in turn ensures full online control over user finances.

The company itself was founded in the Czech Republic in 2009, but the next year its headquarters was moved to Malaysia and began integration of its services with online stores and online companies on the market. Of course, bookmakers and online casinos have joined this group. In 2012, the OK Pay company obtained a license for conducting financial activities in the European Union (due to the changing regulations, such a license turned out to be necessary) and in the same year independent branches of the company in Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden were established, at Slovakia and in Mongolia. Interestingly, until 2018, the company's main headquarters was considered this Mongolian.

At the beginning of 2018, OK Pay was combined with Money Polo offering similar services and founded by the same people who started operating in 2009. Currently, the new enterprise is called Money Polo, but in July 2018 its activity was significantly limited due to the entry into force of new regulations regarding the protection of personal data and regulations related to the flow of finance. Money Polo decided that when it was adapted to its system, so that it was fully consistent with the new legal provisions, it must partially suspend its activities. We consider it a very good solution instead of secret action on the border of the law.

The best online casinos offering payments using ok pay

If you are interested in online casinos that allows you to support the payment method called Pay, you will have a fairly difficult task to perform in the form of finding such casinos. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the company currently does not cooperate with online casinos, which means that as of today, there is simply no such casino. Secondly, even if in the near future he resumes normal activity, it still performs under a new name, Money Polo - and that's what you will have to look for.

However, today you will not find any casino cooperating with OK Pay, no free gambling and none game machine. Instead, we suggest choosing a different method of paying and paying funds. You can consider, for example, the most popular options such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal, which is commonly found in online casinos. And the best casino currently in our opinion is:

  • Royal Panda Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • Unibet casino
  • Betway Casino
  • Energy Casino
  • Betsafe casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • Maria Casino
  • Euro Palace Casino
  • Ladbrokes Casino

Of course, this does not mean that other casinos are not noteworthy, this is only our proposal based on our own tests.

Ok Pay: bonuses and other options

As we mentioned above, Money Polo temporarily limited its activity due to the need to adapt to new legal regulations, so today no casino with this company works. This means that, unfortunately, we do not have good news for you when it comes to bonuses, or in general promotional campaigns using ok pay - there is simply no such in the current period. But in the future this may change, so it is worth following the development of the situation on a regular basis.

Online casinos payments with ok pay

Regardless of the temporary suspension of activities, the efficiency of the Money Polo operation should be praised. The whole process was very convenient, the payments went quickly and efficiently, the money went to the user's account within a minute of the payment order via the Internet casino. So when it comes to this company's website, we only have a positive opinion about it.

Ok Pay: Advantages and disadvantages

The OK Pay functioning mechanism resembles very different e-Wallet websites, therefore has similar pros and cons. In our opinion, the most important advantages include features such as:

  • Support for many different currencies on one account - there is no inconvenience here, such as in the case of PayPal, where there is one main currency, and the other payments in other currencies must be converted, of course the exchange rate much lower than official, banking.
  • The possibility of connecting to the Money Polo account Mastercard or Visa cards related to your own bank account or MasterCard cards only for Money Polo account.
  • Relatively low transactions commissions, e.g. 1% for incoming payments and 0.5% for outgoing transfer orders.
  • Good quality mobile application offering the same functionality as the standard version of the website.

And what disadvantages is ok pay? They are as follows:

  • It is not possible to use the services of this company in some European countries, including also in Australia. However, this is a matter of a license for financial activities, which should soon be resolved with a positive effect.
  • No access to Money Polo services in the current period. Of course, we understand the need to adapt to new legal regulations, but today it is undoubtedly the disadvantage of this company.

How to choose a casino with ok pay payment?

If you necessarily want to use OK Pay at an online casino and you need to make a choice on days, unfortunately we have no positive news for you. Currently, it is simply impossible, as, as we wrote above, Money Polo does not currently provide any services related to service casino games Online. So you will have to wait either a little until the OK Pay activity is restored, or simply consider using one of the similar e-Wallet services, such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. In our opinion, you will not lose anything in this way, because these are also solutions with a well -established reputation on the market and ensuring high quality of services rendered.

Ok Pay: Summary

What can we say at this point? Currently, unfortunately ok Pay is not something that you should seriously consider as your preferred payment method. The company that has suspended operations is a company that falls out of the market. Of course, we know perfectly well that soon everything will return to normal, then you will be able to use the Money Polo services again - and we think it is worth considering.