By using the Internet, and in particular shopping online many times you have probably encountered various situations in which you were asking you to use some form of pre -paid card so as not to expose your account to a potential damage. Some banks even offer virtual credit cards and other such solutions. But without a shadow of a doubt, the most convenient of them is PaySaFecard.

Of course, you can ask what PaySaFecard is at all? The answer is simple. This is something that can be described as a pre-paid card (pre-paid) to make any type of payment. Slightly more in detail, it is a payment method based on special coupon codes. You can buy either a physical card or virtual - just counts the code that is on it. You enter this code on the website during payment. And that's all. Of course, cards with different denominations are available, according to the needs of users. What's more, a given code can be used many times until the funds contained on it. You can also combine various PaySaFecard cards by providing several codes when paying.

It sounds very simple and interesting, isn't it? And paysafecard is just such a solution. The solution itself was created in 2000 in the capital of Austria, Vienna. In 2005, the company entered the European market, and in 2011 bought a Dutch website with a similar functionality as Wallie. In 2013, Skrill, known and valued on the market (previously known as MoneyBookers), bought paysafecard, and then the British rival of this company, UKASH. As a result of the merger in 2014, the Paysafe Group was founded to focus under it brands such as paysafecard, Ukash, Skrill and Neteller, as well as several less significant.

The best online casinos offering payments using PaySaFecard

As in the case of recently described Skrill and Neteller websites, the Paysafe card are also very widespread in online casinos. Therefore, it makes no sense to search for casinos supporting this payment method. Instead, just choose 2 or 3 casinos that best meet your requirements, and certainly at least one (and probably all 3) will allow you to pay this pre-paid card.

And in our opinion, the best casinos with support for PaySaFecard payment methods include:

  • Leovegas
  • Royal panda
  • Mr Green
  • Netbet Casino
  • Energy Casino
  • Paddy Power Casino
  • William Hill Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • Unibet casino

Do not suggest a order on the above list, it is not binding in any way. We exchanged casinos in purely random order.

PaySaFecard: bonuses and other options

If you want to use a pre -paid Paysafe Group card, you will certainly be satisfied with the fact that a large number of online casinos and bookmakers (not to mention completely different websites and standard stores) offers various types of bonuses and attractions. For example, you can visit the following online casinos and bookmakers to read the bonuses they offer:

  • 888 Casino
  • William Hill
  • PokerStars
  • Mr Green
  • Bet-at-home
  • Galabifo

And this is only a small section of all promotional stocks available on the market, bonuses and other attractions for users using PaySaFecard.

Payments from online casinos using PaySaFecard

Paying money from your casino account using a pre-paid card can have two forms. The first is to send you the coupon code to your e-mail, or display it on the monitor screen. This is the fastest and most convenient method available. Another solution, also very popular, although for most casinos related to a small additional fee is to send the entire PaySaFecard card using a traditional mail to your home address.

Regardless of which option you choose, both are very convenient to use and at the same time ensure full anonymity in further disposing of means on the card.

PaysaFecard: Advantages and disadvantages

The PaySaFecard solution is extremely simple and effective. Due to this, it is difficult to indicate particularly important disadvantages of this payment method. But especially for you, we combined here both the disadvantages and the advantages of PaysaFecard. Here are the most important advantages:

  • PaysaFecard is a 100% anonymous solution. When buying a card or coupon, you don't have to provide any personal data. If you make a physical card (e.g. at a kiosk, in a supermarket or at a gas station) and pay with cash - no trace remains for you. The only information that is associated with the payment planned by you is the amount and number of the card coupon. Nothing more. This is a valuable news for all users who are worried about their privacy and security at online casinos.
  • No need to send money or wait for confirmation. This is what the third pages, i.e. the Paysafe Group servers and the recipient of the payment. You only enter the coupon number, confirm it and at this point the payment will be made.
  • Very effective solutions to prevent fraud. So there is no reason to worry.

And what disadvantages can you find in paysafecard? In our opinion, the most important are:

  • Inability to change the value of the card for cash. You need to use the payment card until you run out of its value.
  • A bit limited (especially in Australia) number of stores and points where you can pay with such a card.
  • It is not always easy to get such a card - in Australia it is not a solution that would gain some noticeable popularity. Therefore, only online shopping remain.

Regardless of the above -mentioned defects free gambling games.

How to choose a Casino with pay payments?

The choice of casino is very simple in the described case. It is enough not to pay attention to the service of this particular payment method at the beginning. Choose the optimal casino for yourself using the standard evaluation criteria (like a list of games, bonuses, Game machines, live casino, casino graphic design, mobile application and other important aspects), and then check if it supports the Paysafe card. It will probably be like that.

PaySaFecard: Summary

It is not difficult to notice by browsing the offer casino games Online that paysafecard next to Skrilla and Neteller is by far the most popular payment method available at online casinos. And it's hardly surprising if you consider its undeniable advantages. Of course, it is not an ideal solution for everyone, even because of a small popularity in Australia, but it is always worth remembering, if the key aspect for you is to maintain full anonymity while playing online casinos and subsequent payment of winning amounts.