Paysec is one of the most popular companies in Asia providing intermediation services in electronic payments. It was founded in 2014 and quickly gained a reputation of a reliable and very effective financial intermediary in countries such as China, Thailand or Indonesia. The company claims that it brings together all its resources to create the most modern solutions on the Asian market and at the same time focus all similar types of payments in one efficient and easy -to -use solution.

And this is not just a marketing claim, because Paysc has been offering a system since 2014 that has been effectively and safely combined with various types of payment gates using various service providers and money transfer methods.

Paysec is based on four basic pillars of its activity. The first is standard bank transfers, which are the absolute basis and the lowest level of the pyramid of services rendered. In other words, regardless of selected higher levels of operations, they are all implemented through bank transfers. This solution ensures 100 % security and certainty of implemented transactions, as is the case with traditional banks.

The second of the pillars is the EasyPay system, using rapid and direct electronic transactions between banks. The third pillar is Alipay, which is one of the world's largest electronic portfolio systems, mainly used to support the Aliexpress trading platform - but of course not only. And there is still a fourth pillar called Wechat Pay, which is the largest electronic payment system in Asia, with over 300 million active users.

All this means that although this company is not very known in Europe, it is one of the most advanced and widespread electronic payment systems. So it's worth getting acquainted with him, even if you don't necessarily want to use Asian solutions. Although it is really worth it.

The best online casinos offering payments using PaySec

If you consider casinos offering the possibility of transactions using the services of this Asian broker, it would be best to focus on casino sites located in the Asia region. This is due to the fact that Paysec focuses primarily on the Asian market, so it is difficult to expect the gigantic popularity of this payment method in other regions of the world. We did a lot of work for you and collected the 10 best casinos in our opinion, where you can make payments using PaySec (and of course many other options you want to use). Here is our list:

  • Buran Casino
  • Campobet Casino
  • Alf Casino
  • Casinia
  • collect casino
  • Cadoola Casino
  • Winning Seven
  • 22 Bet Casino
  • 1x Slots Casino
  • Malina Casino

Of course, as each time in this type of cases, we clearly indicate that the order on our list is completely accidental and you should not pay attention to it.

Remember also that in some cases casinos from our list do not display payca on the list of available payment methods due to the fact that you are connecting from Europe (in most cases from Australia), so they hide this option for users from outside Asia. So if you don't see it, you'll probably have to use some form of masking your real location, for example, VPN with the address in Asia.

Paysec: bonuses and other options

We were not able to find any internet casino in which one could use any forms of promotional action or payment bonus using this service. This does not mean, of course, that there is no one, but it is not a very popular solution in Asia.

Payments from online casinos using PaySec

If you want to transfer your win in the online casino to your bank account, quickly efficiently and securely, Paysec is one of the best choices you can do. The whole procedure is very easy. Of course, you must first create an account on this website and undergo verification - but this is a normal course of behavior you encounter in every service of this type.

In general, it is really worth it, because this Asian service provider really presents a high technological level and provides excellent comfort and functionality. Even for users from such an exotic country as Australia.

Paysec: Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, you would definitely like to know what pros and cons of Paysec in practice, especially from the point of view of a Australian user. However, we have good news for you, because even Poles can use various useful functions offered by this service provider.

Here are the most important advantages of the website in detail:

  • High level of technological advancement - you can access the service from a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or laptop. A dedicated application for the most popular mobile platforms is available, which greatly facilitates the use of payca.
  • Very high level of safety. From the very beginning, the company has set itself the goal of creating a solution with a maximum possible level of security and it must be admitted that it succeeded in it well. From 2014, not even a small gap in the security used by Paysec.
  • Quick and convenient transfer of money between accounts on this website and from the user account to the bank account and back.

What about the disadvantages of this service provider?

  • Paysec focuses primarily on the Asian market. This means that all news, amenities and the latest solutions are first available in Asia, and the rest of the world receives them with some delay. This should not surprise anyone.
  • A slightly bizarre user interface slightly different from what we are used to. This is a matter of cultural differences, the inhabitants of Asia consider it perfectly useful and intuitive. This is also not a big problem, just get used to it.

How to choose a casino with pay payment support?

Choosing a casino with PaySec support does not pose much difficulty. First, we suggest reviewing gambling You will like one of them from the list we posted above. If not, just look around other online casinos, especially located in Asia. Evaluate the standard aspects of their offer, such as Game machines, live casino, Casino games Table and other important things to you. Then it remains only to make sure that you have your casino offers PaySec payments - to be sure, please the help of this casino.

Paysec: Summary

For our part, we can recommend considering Paysec as a used method of payments and payments from casino. It has undeniable advantages, even though it is located on the other side of our globe. If you haven't made the final decision yet, we just encourage you to think about this option. In our opinion, it's really worth it.