The full name of the company described in this review is the side of Mobile Payments. It was founded in 2003 in Chesterfield, in Great Britain by Glyn Smith, Thomas Kirk and investors in the form of Steven Gillam, Philip Meakin and Chris Harris. Initially, the company was called Vidicom Ltd. In 2009, the company's owners decided to transfer its headquarters to Delaware in the United States and changed its name on the side of Mobile Payments. As a result of this decision, the popularity of this company began to grow at a really big rate.

Interesting facts about the history of this company should also be said that on November 20, 2017, the side of Mobile Payements made her debut on the London Stock Exchange with an opening capital of 125 million GBP. And this shows that we are dealing with a serious player in this industry.

This company provides a mobile payment platform enabling consumers to pay for goods and services using only a mobile phone number. All transactions are settled to the customer's mobile operator account. This form of mobile payment, also referred to as the operator's settlement, enables customers who do not have a bank account who is to have a mobile phone, but do not have credit cards, payment cards or a traditional bank account, on online purchases.

Most transactions processed through the side include payments for digital and virtual goods and services, including music streaming, online video, digital subscription services, applications for mobile devices, casino games social and social networks and other online experiences. This group also includes online casinos and online bookmakers. The side focuses on making a mobile phone number a real payment option not only in the case of virtual goods, but also in the case of digital products (e.g. mp3, ebooks, films, etc.) and physical goods.

In general, this option is really noteworthy, although in our local market it has not yet managed to obtain a status that allows you to treat it as an important competitor for native solutions. This does not mean, however, that the situation will not change in the future.

The best online casinos offering payments using the side

The side has recently become a popular solution among online casinos, especially in Great Britain. However, this option is not common enough to be able to choose the most interesting casino and count on the fact that you will find in it support for this payment method. And here are our suggestions for casinos that, as we think, can meet with your interest (just take into account that the order in the list below is fully random):

  • Slot Fruity
  • Slotmatic Casino
  • Strictly Slots Casino
  • Sunset Spins Casino
  • Arctic Spins Casino
  • Dream Vegas Casino
  • Reel Island Casino
  • Plush Casino
  • Spins Royale Casino

Also remember that some of the casinos may not show you information about all available payment methods until you do not register and give your real location - this is particularly important when you live in Great Britain.

Side: Bonuses and other options

The side of Mobile Payements is not a company cooperating so closely with the online gambling industry, also free gambling gamesto offer special benefits for payments or payments made on this type of online sites. However, this does not mean that you do not have access to such benefits. On the contrary. Virtually every online casino on the market offers various types of promotions to encourage players to use its services.

For example, welcome bonuses that are double or sometimes even tripled the first payment of funds to the new player's account in the casino are common, as well as numerous bonuses from subsequent payments, usually of about 50%.

Payments from online casinos using the side

Payments of money won at online casinos will be made using a bank transfer or other payment option. You must bear in mind that the side does not allow the payment back to the account of the mobile operator. First of all, it is physically difficult to realize, in addition, it is a violation of the European Union's provisions regarding money laundering. So you can look around the other payment options available in the casino to make such a payment. Especially if you do not want to take advantage of various reasons for an option in the form of a bank transfer.

Side: advantages and disadvantages

The solution offered by this payment broker has both disadvantages and advantages. The undeniable advantages of this service include simplicity and no need to remember different data and carry cards or documents. The whole simply requires registration on the website, providing a phone number and that's it. For everything else, you only need a phone (which you probably always carry with you anyway), and if you set your trusted recipients, you won't even have to confirm anything on your device. You just click and the transaction is made.

The second important advantage is the inability to capture your personal data by unauthorized persons. You just don't give them to anyone, the only information that your side needs from you is your phone number and consent to make payments with it. That's all.

And what should be included in the disadvantages? Here we will mention only one issue, unfortunately very important - well, as you probably noticed by reading the previous point, the side of Mobile Payments works only one way, i.e. it allows you to make payments to third -party recipients. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to collect money sent to you, which means that you can not, for example, send yourself winning from the online casino using this method. For this purpose, you will have to choose a standard bank transfer road or Visa / MasterCard cards or other e-Wallet Supplier, such as Skrill or Neteller.

How to choose a casino with side payment support?

Well, if you think the side of Mobile Payements is an ideal option for you, you will have some work. First of all, you need to make a list of casinos supporting this payment method. And because it occurs relatively rarely, it will not be easy to find such casinos. For this purpose, you can use the list we provided above. Then only reviewing the casino offer and gaming machines, rejecting those that do not meet your expectations and choosing the one you decide to trust and entrust your money. In case of doubt, we recommend our reviews and guides.

Side: Summary

The side is an interesting option, but only for the needs of paying money to your online casino account. If you are going to make payments (for example, high wins), you will unfortunately have to look for another option. However, taking into account these quite important restrictions, despite this side, Mobile Payments is a very convenient and safe option, worthy of interest.