UKASH is a British company founded in London in 2005 offering quite interesting solutions in the field of secure online payments. The concept was to generate safe digital codes that exchanged cash. In a simplified way, it can be said that the customer purchased the UKASH code for a certain amount.

Such a code could then be used for online or traditional payments in points or stores that supported this type of solution. If the value of the transaction was lower than the amount contained in the UKASH code, the customer received a generated code with a lower value constituting the difference between the value of the original code and the completed transaction. So just the rest was issued in the form of UKASH code. However, if the transaction was in a higher amount than a single code, you could connect two or more codes from coupons so as to get a sufficiently high sum. The whole was characterized by simplicity and a very innovative solution.

However, in 2015 the website was bought by Skrill, and after a few months liquidated, it was replaced by PaySaFecard. This means that UKASH payments are no longer implemented.

The best online casinos offering payments using UKASH

As at the day of writing this article, no internet casino and no free gambling games They do not support payments using this method, or payment, or even more with the payment of funds. This is due to the fact that the company simply does not provide services from 2015, it does not generate new coupons, and already existing and unused codes cannot be used in a standard way. They should first be replaced with the corresponding PaySaFecard card value.

However, it is still possible to use Ukasha, but in a non -standard way. Well, the MasterCard cards issued to the user account (associated with specific accounts or coupons) retain its usefulness for use until their validity expires. This means that you can use them to make payments to the online casino, but unfortunately it was impossible to pay funds with it. We will not write here more broadly, because the use of such a card is identical to any other credit or payment card, regardless of whether it is Mastercard or Visa, Maestro, American Express or issued by another operator.

You just have to remember with Mastercard cards issued by Ukasha that you can only pay money to your account at the online casino, but you cannot pay funds for this card.

UKASH: Bonuses and other options

As you can guess, considering that UKASH was liquidated in 2015, no casino or arcade game Currently, they do not offer any bonuses or promotions related to payment using this method. We also do not think that this situation should change in any sensible future. You can also forget about any bonuses related to UKASH forever. We are sorry, but this is what the market situation looks like.

Payments from online casinos using UKASH

Unfortunately, due to the situation described earlier, and more specifically, the withdrawal from the market of all solutions of this company is not able to order payments in online casinos using this particular method. However, you can easily use a very similar solution, which is paysafecard. So if you care about a similar method, it will be by far the most sensible option to choose from.

UKASH: Advantages and disadvantages

Admittedly, we do not see much sense in describing the advantages and disadvantages of the no longer existing service on the market, but we will make an exception for you, mainly due to the fact that Ukash was a really interesting, original and undeniable solution. Do you wonder what his strengths and weaknesses were? If so, we have a short combination for you.

Let's start with the advantages of UKASH - here they are:

  • 100 % anonymity. Payment using the coupon did not require any personal data to the seller. What's more, you could easily skip any personal data at all, it was enough to simply buy a UKASH card or coupon in a traditional store or point and pay in cash. In this way, there was no possibility to link the UKASH code to its buyer, which would theoretically be possible when paying by card or bank transfer when purchasing online. However, regardless of the chosen payment method when purchasing the code, the seller only received the code itself, on the basis of which the service poured money for the transaction.
  • Convenience and safety. Using this solution did not require any special procedures. It was not necessary to register on any website (i.e. it was possible and offered a lot of additional functions, such as transaction history or buying codes directly online, but it was not required to use the service), set up accounts, provide personal data, log yourself anywhere, etc. It was enough to buy the code and then transfer it to the seller. And that's all.
  • No commission, fees and other hidden costs. It was the seller who covered a small fee from the exchange of code for real money, this fee was 0.5% of the value of the entire transaction, so not much.
  • Full expenditure control. If you had a code of a certain value, it was not possible to issue a larger amount. This is a completely different level of expenditure limit than payment cards or bank accounts with a credit line. UKASH did not offer any credit options.
  • Immediate transaction implementation. There was no need to wait for a bank transfer or confirming card transactions, the exchange of code for cash was literally on a regular basis, in the blink of an eye.

Did this service have any disadvantages? Of course, although they were not very important from our point of view:

  • It is not possible to replace the purchased coupon for cash. The coupon once purchased had to be used for the purchase transaction. It was impossible to, for example, to "make sure" and decide to re -exchange for real money.
  • In some European countries, it was not allowed to receive payments via UKASH coupons. However, this was not a disadvantage of the solution itself, but rather not adapted to the new reality of legislative regulations in some countries, especially regulations regarding money laundering, which prevented the full use of legal and transparent financial services.

How to choose a casino with UKASH payment support?

Unfortunately, we don't have good news for you at this point. You cannot choose a casino with UKASH support because this service has not been available from 2015. So none casino games Online on the market will not allow you to make payments using Ukash.

UKASH: Summary

If you came to the conclusion that the method described in this review is something that perfectly meets all your needs and you feel at this point a deep disappointment from the fact of withdrawing this service from the market, then you don't have to worry. An equally good alternative is available in the form of paysafecard. In fact, it is a combination of several services with a similar profile, including the former Austrian Paysafe Card, as well as Dutch Wallie and British Ukasha. So you can safely consider using PaySaFecard - this solution offers all the advantages of UKASHA, because in the end the company who owns its owner took over this website in 2015.