Visa is next to Mastercard and Maestro the most popular credit and payment card in the world. You probably also have at least one card issued by this issuer in your wallet. Of course, they are commonly used every day by millions of people while shopping in traditional and online stores and to regulate various types of payments. Of course, this fact could not escape the attention of online casinos, which also offered the possibilities of making payments and payments using these cards.

The card itself was developed by Visa Inc. Focus in Foster City, California. The company was founded in 1958 and in the same year developed the first card, which initially was called Bankamericard.

Currently, cards of this type are issued by over 21,000 financial institutions around the world. In addition, in 2007 an association of European banks called Visa Europe was established, which owns the exclusive license to issue these cards in the European Union. This association covers over 4,600 various types of companies and institutions, which until now issued over 360 million cards.

Regardless of what kind of card you have, whether it is Visa Electron, Business, Platinum, Silver, Gold or Classic, you can use it for the purposes of making payments in virtually any online casino in the world, with the exception of gambling based solely on cryptocurrencies, such as Edgeless.

The best online casinos offering payments using Visa

Speaking of the best casinos in which you can make cash transactions with Visa credit cards or payment, then you should just consider the best online casinos in the entire industry, without paying attention to supported payment methods - because simply every literally casino (except for individual exceptions From the rules we mentioned above) he supports this payment method. Of course, you may have your own specific criteria for quality assessment and online casinos offers, but you can use the list below to facilitate.

In our opinion, in our opinion, online casinos offering credit card payments of this American company include, among others:

  • Mr Green
  • Maria Casino
  • Royal panda
  • Energy Casino
  • Unibet casino
  • BitStarz Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Optibet Casino
  • Leovegas
  • Bet365 Casino

Just remember that first of all you should not be guided by the order on the above list, and secondly it is only our suggestion - of course you can have a completely different opinion about which casino is the best.

Visa: bonuses and other options

If you pay with any payment or credit card, the only bonus options that can be found are offered by casinos themselves. These will be classic welcome bonuses or from the top -up (commonly known as reload or recharge bonuses). In general, you can receive, for example, double payment to your online casino account to a specific amount or an additional bonus of 50% of the amount paid at subsequent payments ordered by credit card or Visa payment card.

The bonus values given are, of course, examples, each casino can offer different bonus values - however, 100% from the first payment and 50% from the next are the most common solutions in the online gambling industry.

Online casinos payments via VISA

Visa credit and payment cards are perfect for the needs of transferring funds from online casinos, for example large wins. If you paid money into the casino with your card, then you don't have to do anything more, just order a request to pay funds and wait for the right amount to be posted on your account. However, if you haven't used your casino card before, you will simply have to provide her number and your data as a holder and confirm the transaction. This is a very simple way, and at the same time safe and sure.

Visa: Advantages and disadvantages

And what advantages and disadvantages are the use of Visa payment and credit cards? We have combined all the most important aspects for you below.

Let's start with the advantages first:

  • Payment and credit cards are extremely widespread in the world. You can pay them literally everywhere, wherever you find yourself. Also on the Internet. The same is true with online casinos. You provide the number on your card, the month of its validity and then the CVV2 code (also printed on the card) to confirm the transaction. And that's all you don't have to worry about.
  • Instant implementation of the transaction. All operations performed using payment and credit cards are literally performed in the blink of an eye. You don't have to wait a few hours or even days until the transfer is made by the bank. Visa ensures that each transaction will go to the recipient in a maximum of a few seconds.
  • Safe and proven technology for many decades, in addition, served by the largest companies and financial institutions in the industry. There is simply nothing to fear here.

And what disadvantages have payments with Visa?

  • The need to carry cards with you or save the CVV2 number and code somewhere. The latter option is a potential threat to security, because the information written in this way can be intercepted by third parties. So avoid taking notes containing such confidential data. As a result, you will have to carry the card always with you in your wallet.

How to choose a casino with VISA payment support?

The issue of choosing an internet casino that supports payments using Visa credit and payment cards is not really a serious problem. It is enough to review the offer of casinos you are interested in at an angle gaming machines, live casinos, casino games table, bonuses and promotional campaigns for players, the appearance of the casino site, mobile application and other aspects important to you. You can not pay attention to financial matters, and specifically, you may not pay attention to the 100% casino chosen by you will offer VISA card payments. This is due to the enormous popularity of this method in every industry, not just online gambling.

Visa: Summary

There is no denying that the payment method we described in this review is one of the two next to Mastercard the most widespread and popular in the industry. So if you think it is a solution suitable for you, you don't have to hesitate - you'll certainly be satisfied with the results. The greatest strength of Visa cards is simply their universality. Each casino in the industry offers this payment method, which is unbelievably expanding the range of the possibilities of your favorite hobby available for you, which is online gambling.

Remember only about the most basic safety rules for payment cards (not related to online casinos), and everything will be fine!