Webmoney is an online platform founded in Russia in Russia that allows you to make payments in USD. The impulse for its launch was the financial crisis on the Russian market, which resulted in a sudden increase in the number of transactions based on American currency.

Currently, this service is owned by WM Transfer LTD and offers users from all over Europe, and even the world of electronic financial transactions based on many different currencies, not only in USD. The scale of its popularity can be demonstrated by the fact that as many as 34% of users in Russia use the services of this broker, in 2018 the number of active accounts exceeded 36 million, and in 2014 the total value of all transactions completed using WebMoney exceeded USD 17 billion.

An interesting solution is that in addition to setting up a standard account on this broker, the company even encourages you to apply for a WM Visa or MasterCard payment card, which significantly improves the use of all functions and services offered by Webmoney. In addition, you can choose the main currency of your account, which means that all payments received or made in other currencies will first be converted by the system before their implementation.

The best online casinos offering payments using WebMoney

A certain downside that this method is associated with is that in many countries it cannot be used for casino payments. Another limitation is that the rules for providing WebMoney services do not allow payments to be made to any services providing free gambling games, which includes, among others, online casinos and bookmakers. However, payments from casinos to Webmoney account are allowed. Fortunately, some casinos do not pay attention to this record by offering the possibilities of both paying and paying money through this Russian payment service.

And if you would like to find out what the best casinos are and Game machines, which allow you to use this payment method, you will have a fairly difficult task. Looking at all counting casinos to find the best is a very time -consuming occupation. We did a lot of work for you and prepared you a set of the best casinos in our opinion with Webmoney support. Here they are:

  • collect casino
  • Euro Palace Casino
  • Cadoola Casino
  • Betat Casino
  • Slotty Vegas Casino
  • Vegas Winner Casino
  • Red Ping Casino
  • Buran Casino
  • Bob casino
  • Play Fortuna Casino

Of course, as always in the case of such combinations, the order on the list is completely random and you should not be guided by it.

Webmoney: bonuses and other options

At the moment, no internet casino offers any bonuses or promotions when making payments via this website. This is probably due to the fact that no form of cooperation between online casinos and Webmoney can officially occur, so we can rather not expect a change in the near future.

Online casinos payments using WebMoney

Payment of online casinos using WebMoney is very easy. In most casinos, you should simply order the willingness to pay money by indicating this Russian broker to this purpose and providing your account data. It is worth remembering, however, that in order to receive money, you need to have an account of at least 2 (Formal Passport) and WM Keep Standard service, otherwise the transfer of funds will not be possible.

However, this should not be a problem, as an account at level 1 (Alias Passport) is absolutely basic, with a minimum level of security dedicated only to occasional payments without having to think about security, so probably none of the lovers casino games He won't even think about him.

Webmoney: Advantages and disadvantages

As you probably already managed to know, the system on which the technological solution was based on is quite complicated. But how does this translate into practice? Well, the easiest way will probably be presented by combining the most important advantages and disadvantages of this solution. Here they are.

Advantages of Webmoney:

  • Very high level of security of both transactions and user data.
  • A large number of various types of protecting the entire system used.
  • The arbitration system to avoid the danger of impersonating clients by third parties.
  • Service of many different currencies from around the world.
  • Full internationality. This means that you can use Webmoney without being a Russian. What's more, you have access to full functionality from anywhere in the world.
  • One person can have many different accounts, which is a rather unique solution compared to the competition.

And what disadvantages are this solution?

  • A high level of security can sometimes noticeably hinder the comfort of use - but these are very rare cases.
  • Not the best user interface deviates slightly from market standards. It requires devoting a certain amount of time to mastering it, but once you do it, you will certainly consider him extremely comfortable and refined.
  • The product developed in Russia with a view to the Russian market in mind. This means that functionality is adapted primarily to Russian realities, and only then other aspects are taken into account. Of course, this is not a significant problem from our point of view, but you should just remember that.

How to choose a casino with webmoney payment support?

Choosing a casino that allows you to use the services offered by Webmoney is not such a simple task it seems to be. The biggest difficulty will simply be to get a list of casinos in which you will find this method on the list of available payment options. To make your task easier, you can, for example, use the list we propose.

If you do not find your favorite casino on it, try to review the list of other casinos run by the same companies - it can be assumed that since one of the casinos belonging to a given enterprise supports payments using WebMoney, other ownership of his property should also share such an option . However, this does not have to be the rule.

Once you have a prepared list, it remains only to thoroughly analyze the offer in terms of what is really interested and finally make the final decision.

Webmoney: Summary

And how do we rate Webmoney? We think that this is quite a reasonably thought out solution. At first glance, it can be a bit complicated (all these levels of accounts, wallets and many other disturbing sounds), but it is worth spending a few or several minutes to carefully read the full functionality offered by this Russian broker. The whole system is perfectly designed, very safe (the company boasts that it has never had any gaps in the security system), and above all present on the market for 20 years (at the time of writing these words), which means that the service has been perfect Tested and her reputation is difficult to undermine.