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Money Mad Monkey is a game exploring the relatively well -worn motif of getting money, but this time Microgaming came to the topic in a slightly different way - in this game the malicious monkey took all the money, and you must find some way to pick it up.

Opis gry Money Mad Monkey

As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the manufacturer of the game is Microgaming, so you can expect technical solutions standard for this manufacturer.

It is no different in this case, which means that we have 5 drums, 20 withdrawals and a full set of all kinds of bonuses and bonuses, such as Wilda, Scatters, free Money Mad Monkey games, additional games, increasing the multiplier and so on.

The game is characterized by a nice and refined graphic design, which may not stand out significantly above the competition, but it is pleasant to the eye and does not contain any annoying elements. In this respect, Microgaming should be praised, because it is clear that the creators of the game have put a lot of work into refining the graphic interface of the single -armed game Money Mad Monkey.

Among the standard for the game of symbol slot machines we will find, among others, game cards, such as Joker, King, Lady, AS, AS, or Ten, but players will most look for the symbol of banana and panoramas of the city, gold barrels and banknote file, which are associated with more specific Profit - banana is Wild, while the other three symbols are scatters. So you don't have to write what benefits they bring.

Maximum wins in Money Mad Monkey

According to the information we obtained from first -hand, the maximum win of this game for online slot machines is 10,000 coins, assuming that the player's bet is 1 euros. You can naturally raise the plant to a maximum of 20 euros, but then the available multipliers decrease, but the chance of getting them is growing.

Without going into details here, it looks like that if it is really difficult to hit the maximum win, playing at maximum rates there is a much greater chance of getting a multiplier in the form of e.g. 100, 200 or 500, which means quite specific winnings.

It seems to us a quite sensible move, especially since after fifteen minutes of playing at the 5 euro plant we hit the X100 multiplier - so it looks like microgaming claims are based on real solutions in the game.

Special features

When it comes to discussing the characteristics of special slot machines, we are always a bit confused in this place, because there is practically never a question that would be the first to wait in a queue to describe. This simply means that games of this type of slot machines practically never have options that would significantly differently different from the canon's online slot machines.

In the game Money Mad Monkey Online, the only interesting curiosity are three scatter symbols, of which only one gives free spins - specifically a file of money. You can get thanks to it up to 20 free spins with a multiplier X2 or 5 with a multiplier X8!

Overall rating

So how do you evaluate the game Money Mad Monkey? We don't have much dilemmas here, we put up three stars. Is this a poor rating? No, average. It is simply a standard, classic type game Online gambling machines, which does not stand out with anything special, but also has no significant defects or deficiencies - that's why it received a perfectly average rating.

If you would like to see for yourself if you like this game, play it on our website - we share the game Money Mad Monkey for free, so you don't have to register or download anything on a disk.

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