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Oasis Poker was created by a well -known manufacturer gambling games - Evoplay. This is a classic edition of poker, where the player races against computer systems. On our website you can play Oasis Poker for free without registration or logging in. The demo version, which is available on our website, also works on mobile devices.

Technical specifications oasis poker

Oasis Internet poker This is a variety of classical poker where the computer is the opponent. The minimum rate you can play is 0.10 of the loan, while the maximum is 500 loans. During the game, the plants are bet on tokens that have a variety of value. Choosing from a specific denomination to the right at the bottom of the screen, a plant goes to the "ante" field.

In the game we also have the option to quickly repeat the plants under the "Rebet" button. Besides, mechanisms, casino game It is a standard reflection of a typical table poker from ground casinos.

Oasis Poker - how to play?

Oasis Poker is a relatively simple game in its mechanics. The player at the beginning chooses the height of the plant, placing the selected number of tokens of a certain height in the "ante" field. Once he finds that the plant is the height as he wants, then a click button with the inscription "Deal". Then the cards are given to him to the game to him and the dealer. One dealer card is open and the player sees all the cards he has received. At this stage of the game, the player has three options to choose from:

  • “Call” - adding a rate of 2 x ante height and checking what the dealer has in his arms.
  • “Fold” - Subject to the game, the player loses his "ante".
  • “Draw” - Player a few for cards from his hand, which he would like to replace. You can replace from one to five cards, for each of them the player pays an additional "ante" height. For example, the player bet on "Ante" 10 loans, and wants to replace 3 cards, so it will cost him 3 x 10, or 30 loans.

You can only use the "draw" option during a given game. After using this opportunity, the player will have only "fold" or "call" to choose from. After selecting the "call" option, Krupier shows his cards and the game resolves. Here's what the variants can be and what is happening then:

  • The crunch has no arrangement - The player is paid "Ante" 1: 1 and the "Call" plant is returned.
  • The dealer has a lower system than the player - The player is paid "Ante" 1: 1, and "Call" according to the multiplier depending on the system the player had.
  • The dealer and player have a draw of systems - "Ante" and "Call" are returned.
  • The dealer has a higher arrangement than the player - The player loses the rates from "Ante" and "Call".

Payments can be checked by clicking the "PayTable" button in the upper left corner on the game screen. In the table below we present "call" multipliers for individual Oasis Poker online games.

System name "Call" multiplier
Royal poker 100:1
poker 50:1
trains 20:1
Full 7:1
Color 5:1
Straight 4:1
Troika 3:1
Two couples 2:1
For 1:1
Others (AS+King) 1:1

When you play Oasis Poker Casino, it is worth remembering that the lowest arrangement, thanks to which the dealer enters the game is AS and King. On the Internet we will find many forums devoted to poker game strategies, and we will also meet with calculators that calculate the likelihood of obtaining a specific system based on cards that we have and a visible dealer card. A favorable for someone who is just learning to play poker will be to use this type of help, because thanks to this it is easy to learn to recognize when what decision will be the most profitable.

If you are a beginner player, we recommend that you use Oasis Poker Demo on our website before you start playing for real money, where you can practice various types of strategies before playing in the casino.

The principle that will certainly allow the player to protect himself from losses at the beginning of the game is to carefully exchange his cards with the "draw" option. Oasis Poker game has it that we pay there for each card that we want to replace the "ante" height, so when replacing more cards, it just doesn't pay off. It is worth using the "draw" option only if we have more than 3 cards on our hands, which together form a system or are almost a system, then we have high chances that by mentioning it will create a system that will be well paid and the exchange of cards will pay back and It will still be a .

Oasis Poker online game is a reflection of a classic table poker, so playing it can be used boldly from all poker strategies that are used normally playing in casino ground.

Oasis Poker - Summary

This game due to the fact that it is almost identical to the classic poker is affordable for players who have a poker played. However, it is also very good for beginner players, because the game somehow leads the person stage after the stage using the backlit buttons - the player sees his possibilities, so it will be easy for him to learn the rules of poker. Oasis Poker without a deposit is a great option for both someone who wants to learn to play and for an experienced person who would like to practice new strategies.


Can you play Oasis Poker for free?

Yes, on our website there is a free poker. Not any deposit, registration or logging in - by clicking the link you can immediately play this game.

Are there bonuses in Oasis Poker online?

No, this game is a classic poker, it has no bonus options, and the player only wins if he defeats the dealer with his arrangement.

Can I win real money by playing Oasis Poker?

If you play Oasis Poker at the online casino, where you submit a cash deposit and play for the money paid, then yes, you can win real money. By playing the DEMO Oasis Poker option, you play for virtual money, which you unfortunately do not win, they only serve to learn to play or practice strategy.

Do you have to download Oasis Poker to be able to play?

No, Oasis Poker works great in a web browser, both on mobile devices and computers, so there is no need to download the application to be able to play.