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The PAI GOW table game is a very popular variety of seven -yard poker. Players love her for her slow pace, during which they can think over the right choice of cards and feeling the challenge that the gameplay poses before them.

Pai Gow comes from Chinese Domino and for those who know the rules of the five -card poker is extremely easy to master. New players can take a little more time, but the rules are so understandable that several games should be enough to understand the basics.

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Pai Gow - Details of the game

Pai Gow graphics resembles many others online poker games, in which we play against the crunch. We have a table in front of us, decks of cards and a place where cards will be distributed for us and for the dealer.

The difference appears when we look at additional markings on the table. In the middle there is a standard BET field, where our plant will appear. Right next to each other, lines signed HigHest and 2nd Highast are drawn.

These markings are not for no reason. Because playing in a seven -yard poker Pai Gow has a certain interesting twist - instead of one hand, we play for two. We get 7 cards during the game. Five of them are to arrange the highest system (according to the principles of a five -card poker), while we need to separate two cards to create a high hand.

Our goal is, of course, to beat the dealer in both hands, then we win the hand. When one of our hand is lower and the other is higher, the hand will be understood as a draw. If both hands are lower than the dealer, the casino wins.

We spread the cards by name: the highest hand and the second high hand. This means that five cards must always give a result higher than two cards. And while couples are welcome in the other hand, we cannot, for example, give a pair of aces there, because they will surpass your hand with five cards.

In the deck of 52 cards there is also a joker, understood as the AS card.

The highest plant that we can put on the table is a token by 100, the lowest is 1.

How to win in Pai Gow?

casino game Pai Gow may seem complicated, but fortunately it is set to quickly find even inexperienced players. The gameplay blocks us if we want to put a high -value card in the other hand. This makes us quickly start recognizing what we can put and what we don't.

What rule should be guided by?

  • The first hand is the most important. It is in the highest hand that we try to arrange the highest poker hand. If we can arrange a strite, losing a pair that could be placed in the hands of the weaker, it is better to put on a strite.
  • The second hand must be weaker. It's best to add pairs to it (they will always pierce a single high card). If we do not have a couple - or we cannot do it, because one of the cards we need for poker systems - we try to give two and the highest cards, which the dealer will not be able to pierce.


Experienced poker players have a good chance of winning in Pai GOW. The game is under low risk - but only if the player knows what he is doing. Otherwise, the player will lose every hand with the crucifier.

A big of the game is its calm course. It consists in thinking about the available cards, rethinking the strategy. The downside is that inexperienced players may feel lost at the beginning and lose money by the cards that should give them victory.

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