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Power Stars is a slot game from the Novomatic manufacturer. This is one of the fruits with a classic appearance. However, don't let your seemingly boring topics confuse you. Playing in Power Stars we will definitely not be bored! We can play as many as 10 winning lines, we can also change the number of victorious lines available to us.

An interesting fact is that you can't find many fruit, where we either have no way to change the winning lines, or just one is only one. So, as you can see, Power Stars immediately has an advantage over the competition.

Play today on our website completely free and without registration in the Power Stars machine. Try this colorful fruit, and you will not be disappointed!

Power Stars Slot - Details of the game

Power Stars is an online slot with 5 drums and 3 rows available to the player. As mentioned earlier, we can play up to 10 lines.

Graphics are a secondary matter here. As you know, fruit is not games that take us into colorful lands full of various effects. We also cannot expect amazing results. When drawing a winning combination, the symbols light up with an animated flame. This is actually the maximum that we can expect from the graphic design.

Power Stars navigation is incredibly banal. On the right we have a Spin button, which, if we want to perform automatic spins, we must hold down the broken for a few seconds. After entering the menu, we determine the number of lines and the height of the plant placed on a single line. We also have Max Bet options, which allows us to bet the maximum plant. After clicking Paytable, symbols appear to us along with potential winnings.

How to win in Power Stars?

Of course, players do not turn on the Power Stars slot game just to browse the menu. So it's time to describe symbols and what values follow them. Let's assume that we bet all lines for exactly 0.01 loan.

  • 5 happy seven in the winning line means winning 10 loans!
  • 5 bells in the winning line are winning 5 loans
  • 5 watermelons or grapes in the winning line gives us 2 loans
  • 5 orange or plums in the winning line means a win for us of 1.5 loans
  • 5 cherries or lemons in the winning line is winning 1 loan
  • We also have a star symbol, which is a substitute for all symbols!

Now we know what winnings we can gain after drawing specific symbols. So what should you do to win as much as possible? Playing as many victorious lines as possible seems to be good tactics, while remembering our financial limitations. Play with us and check this game! Do it for free, without registration and transferring recharging your balance. Playing with us for completely free, you don't have to be afraid of losing, you can play endlessly!

Colorful world of fruit

RTP in this game according to various sources is 95.54%. This is not a stunning result. A very small amount of bonuses does not work in favor of this game. We are dealing here with additional revolutions every time we draw the star symbol. Certainly in terms of bonuses Power Stars is not at a global level. The advantage of this game is definitely simplicity. Everyone, even a beginner player, will be able to find themselves in the menu of this game and start the game without any problem. Try this fruit today. Who knows, maybe this fruit will steal your heart? Play with us completely free, without registration and paying money. Try to draw a winning line, we are waiting for you!

Power Stars Details of the Game

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