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The American roulette - as the name suggests, was created only after the queen of the random games behind the ocean. The Americans immediately fell in love with this game, and casinos, seeing this huge potential, decided to slightly modify the rules of the game. A second field was added - "00", which was characterized by the same principles as "0", i.e. increased the so -called Casino's advantage over the player, which results in RTP at 94.74%.

PlayTech is one of the largest industry giants that is given in virtually all possible Igaming sectors. Premium American Roulette game is one of several variations on roulette from this supplier. gambling It is characterized by a very pleasant graphic design and (which may seem strange) with the simplicity of the game. Every effort has been made to make the fun as simple as possible, removing all unnecessary buttons and information from the screen. Thanks to this Premium American Roulette Casino already shows only a table with plants, tokens and two buttons responsible for operating the game. This minimalism works perfectly, thanks to which the fun is very pleasant and calm.

The whole gameplay takes place using specially designed algorithms. Therefore, in vain to look for a dealer here, counting down the time to put up a plant or interaction with other people. The player decides everything here, and the program is responsible for all issues related to the drawing of results and calculating the rate and winnings. This is a very convenient solution that gives the user absolute freedom of conducting the game. It is also worth noting that there are no queues - any number of people can play with one application.

The application works according to HTML5 online technology. Thanks to this, it is universal and works on all devices - computers, tablets, smartphones. Premium American Roulette online starts automatically and straight from the page, then detects the type of device and adapts to it. In addition, you can play in the premium American Roulette version for free on our website and for money in Internet casinos. The creators give freedom and it is only up to the player whether and when he intends to go to play for money.

Cechy Premium Roulette American

Despite the fact that the game is characterized by a very accessible appearance, it is actually an advanced software that simulates the most extensive casino game. The American American premium American Roulette is primarily characterized by a slightly changed table and a wheel for roulette. An additional field is given by a slight shift of victory to the casino, but in fact it has virtually no meaning - especially if someone launches premium American Roulette online to just have fun. And this is certain in the case of this variation.

The software has been refined in every respect. The creators made sure that everything was imitated by a real game table. The beautiful visual setting and the minimalist interface make you really mistaken and assume that you play a real American roulette.

The plant is set by selecting the token at the bottom of the screen and clicking the fields on which you want to put them. The process is easy and intuitive - it allows you to feel as if you are in a real casino. The minimum value of the plant is 1 (the smallest coin), while the maximum is 5 for a single field and 30 for external plants. As mentioned earlier, the creators focused on minimalism in the case of this application. Therefore, in vain to look for the premium american roulette additional options such as automatic gameplay or gameplay statistics. Instead, only the necessary options were decided. Therefore, immediately after placing the first tokeon on the table, there will be three buttons.

Spin Approves the plant and triggers the roulette draw.
New Bets Cancelles all plants on the table.
Clear Recently laid tokens.

In addition, in the upper right corner there are four icons that are responsible for the game settings (sound, full screen). A table for premium American plants Gambling roulette looks standard. The user can put tokens in specific fields (00, 0, 1-36) or external types that are responsible for:

  • colors (black or red),
  • type of number (even or odd),
  • halves (1-18 or 19-36),
  • dozen (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36),
  • Horizontal numbers lines.

Getting to know all these possibilities will definitely take a few moments, so it is always recommended to first try the premium American Roulette without a deposit.

Premium Roulette American Roulette How to play?

The game is very accessible when it comes to service. After all, each company has its own original interface, so at the beginning an example game scheme will always be useful:

  1. Launch of premium American Roulette online games.
  2. Choosing a chip and putting it on a specific table field with plants. The game automatically counts in the sum of the plant and displays this value in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Clicking the Spin button will confirm the current plant and start the automatic draw draw.
  4. After drawing, the game will verify the bet and pay any awards.

Then just repeat the 2-4 steps and change the plant at your own discretion. That's all - a game that seems complicated, in fact is very accessible and everyone will certainly learn the game after a few parts. That is why it is so important to first try the premium American Roulette demo, get to know everything and only then think about playing seriously.

This is particularly important because the roulette has been adapted to all market standards and you can use popular and proven strategies developed by experts at stationary casinos. The most frequently chosen strategy strategy on the roulette table includes:

  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • Lab coins
  • D'Alembert.

However, it is worth experimenting, because so far several dozen systems have been developed that operate on different terms. This is an extremely satisfying fun that gives unlimited potential to learn new ways of playing.

In this way, you can minimize the casino's advantage over the player and achieve optimal results while playing seriously. Just follow the rules of the game appointed by real experts who carefully analyzed each possible plant.


Despite the fact that American roulette is not so popular players as French or European, real stalkers are still reaching for it. In this variation, this is something that makes winning even more satisfaction. This is probably due to the slightly higher risk of hitting the field with zero. Therefore, if someone is looking for a reliable, well -developed production offering fun at roulette on American principles, they should check the premium American Roulette and find out that sometimes it is worth taking a blind eye to the "00" field and just have fun. After all, in the whole sector of random games, it is all about having fun - winning is only a nice result of this fun.