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Three -dimensional roulette wheel, a simple interface and principles guiding the European roulette variety are what premium Roulette European proposes online gambling game. It is a production created by the popular Playtech, i.e. one of the major developers on the market, which has been operating since 2000.

Is it casino game for free Played in Single Player mode, where computer software performs the dealer. This has its advantages, because the player has any amount of time to make a decision regarding the value of the bets in the next rounds of the game. Another advantages are easy access, the game option for free and no need to undergo registration. The player uses a computer or pulls the phone out of his pocket and starts playing free in Premium Roulette European Demo through our website. You just need to have access to the network and a web browser.

Cechy Premium Roulette European

On the game screen you can find a multitude of information that is planned in a very reasonable way. Among the technical and functional aspects of Premium Roulette European Casino Pay attention to:

  • High table limits of 0.1 to 10,000 euros.
  • The sub-limits of individual types of plants.
  • History window, where recently drawn numbers are displayed.
  • Coverage meter, which determines the level of numbers on the platform board percentage.
  • Double board of the plants. The first of them allows you to erect internal and external plants, and the second special plants.
  • Aesthetic and three -dimensional roulette wheel.
  • Po przejściu do ustawień (koło zębate -> Settings) można aktywować tryb turbo. Wtedy to wyniki są określane natychmiastowo.

As Premium Roulette European Roulette is based on the rules of the European version free roulette, this RTP level is about 97%.

Premium Roulette European - how to play?

As you can guess, the goal in the premium Roulette game is to select a number on which the ball will stop in motion by a virtual dealer. However, you can use various strategies and types of plants. After starting the game, you need to choose the value of the token. A tool panel on the left side of the screen is available. Then clicks to the selected place of the plant board to put the token. The ball in motion goes by by clicking the spin button. For faster maneuvering, you can also use the buttons:

  • Double (doubles the number of tokens on the board),
  • Clear Bets (removes all tokens from the board),
  • Undo (the recently set up token goes back),
  • Rebet (puts the same plant as in the previous round),
  • Double & Spin (starts the next round of the game with twice as large as before),
  • Rebet & Spin (starts the next round of the game with the same bet as before).

For the Risky Riskies in Premium Roulette European, the game is intended for internal factories consisting in putting the tokens on a specific number or lines separating numbers. Although the likelihood of accurate betting of internal plants is not high, you can win the biggest winnings on them.

Internal plants PAYCHECK How to set up a token Example of numbers bet Department limit [Euro]
Straight Up (jeden numer) 35:1 Clicking on any number. 29 100
Split (two numbers) 17:1 Clicking on a line separating two numbers. 26 + 29 200
Street (three numbers) 11:1 Clicking on the bottom edge of the lowest number in a given row. 10 + 11 + 12 300
Corner (four numbers) 8:1 Clicking the corner crossing the lines of four numbers. 17 + 18 + 20 + 21 400
Line (six numbers) 5:1 Clicking on a point separating two different street plants. 31 + 32+ 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 600

A reasonable (less risky) choice in Premium Roulette European Gambling game is to use external plants. They pay smaller prizes, but the chance of success in their case can be even nearly 50%.

External plants PAYCHECK How to set up a token Department limit [Euro]
Column (columns) 2:1 Choosing one of three items defined as 2 is 1. 1000
DOZEN (Rows) Click 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.
1-18/ 19-36 (low or high numbers) 1:1 Selecting a position marked as 1 -18 or 19 -36.
Red/ Black (kolory) Clicking the field marked with black or red.
Even/ Odd (even or odd) Selecting Even or Odd

To erect special plants in Premium Roulette European no deposit, first click the oval field, located near the of the game wheel with the beard board. Then an additional board for placing plants will be released.

Special plants Specificity
Neighbors Include plants in the range of 3 to 11 adjacent numbers.
Neighbors of zero In this case, a plant is put on numbers adjacent to zero.
Tiers This is a plant covering up to 33% of the table. It is put on numbers on the opposite part of the wheel.
Orphaned The word "Orphelins" in French means "orphans." Numbers that have not been included in Tiers and Voisins du Zero are planned in this plant.

The general principle of the value of winnings in special plants is in line with the proportions. For example, Orphelins contains fewer numbers than Tiers, so the chance of success is lower, while potential higher prizes. Like any gambling game, Premium Roulette European Online is based on a random factor. There is no way to predict a number that will be drawn in a moment. However, it is advisable to remember a few issues to maintain more control over the course of the game:

  • A small mathematical advantage of the casino makes it better not to charge with the amount of rates.
  • In this game from PlayTech you can use strategies practiced in ground roulette. For example, you can use Paroli or Martingale.
  • An effective (though not 100%) method of minimizing risk is to choose high/ low numbers, black or red or even, or odd.
  • You should not suggest data showing previously drawn numbers so as not to succumb to the so -called gamble paradox. The results in individual rounds of games are not related in any way.

At the very beginning you must play Premium Roulette European for free, which is possible on our portal. Free gameplay is the best way to catch experience and training. In addition, in this game it is worth getting acquainted with the instructions prepared by the manufacturer. For this purpose, click the gear and then select Help.


Premium Roulette European Internet game is a successful digital version of "Satan's game". It can be said that it is characterized by everything that can be expected from the digital version of roulette. A wide range of plants, a few useful functions, or a nice three -dimensional game wheel encourage you to play.